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  1. - rec bonus time enabled even if the bonus is 0 (like l2off) - login thread must not stop (problems with ddos) - packets substitution problem with item-mall - check correct info for NevitSystem for new players! - upgrade nevit points when you lower your vitality level - correct reuse agathion buff skills - added individual template for char names (at cb rename service) - fixed pvp status with pole attack (if flagged player was hit) - added range check for some quests with cc or party reward - check skills range (for skills with Signet effects) - added miss params for chance cc leader (if deader was disconnect) - fixed correct transfer att form item to item (at rare service) - add support for premium acc from items: <set name="handler" val="Premium" /> <set name="premiumId" val="1" /> <!-- premiumId from xml --> - some changes for premium gift (by report) - typo changes by order (hide info) - add IllegalPlayerAction for wrong actions (at transforms) - add configs for fake enchanters - complete reworking of drop formula calculation!!! - add support for skillId 2914 Equipment Set Pack - skills Checking System rework for correct work (only class skills are checked) - world events transfer to cron format date calc - fixed print item name info at promo codes - added lvl check for use promo codes - add Illegal Action for use wrong pet skills - add open url support for Smart Guard - fixed calc drop amount chance if item have 100% chance at x1 rates - added configs for Infinite Beast Shot - oly battles in cron format by order - fixed minions dissapier by report if leader die - check 20_10 square & miss spawn - getRandomDamageMultiplier only for hits (not for skills) - servitor share remove if player trasformed - rework 113 quest by report - update tradelist for stackable items (by report) - players remove fakedeath only by offensive skills - reflect damage cant add if player is invul - reconfiguration of bypass switching on/off in community - remove reg for player at fight event (if event failed to start) - added //admin_teleport support - if player have premium status -> summon will have premium status too (need for calc buffs time or drop calc) - fixed updates items in manufacture shop - more correct check distance for pole attacks - add drop reload support - rework show drop & spoil info for gm (can use without target) - _230_TestOfSummoner rework & update by report - add forbiddenList for custom drop support - add ultimate defence for mobs support (like l2off) - 902 quest fixed by report - correct collision for some raids - fixed buff at Fantasy Isle (Fantasy Isle Magic) - add new param for skill ignoreInvincible (can allow skills if char is invul state) * <set name="ignoreInvincible" val="true" /> - fixed chain heal (add caster to list) - fixed kamael change class and grand masters (by report) - add miss spawn - rework minions spawn for SOA (add rnd spawn in xml) - fixed null errors by reports
  2. Starting with 2092 revision, system for calculating chances and amount of drops for rating was completely changed. System is unique and has no analogues! Before adding on a life project, you should first test and study the innovations in configurations! Now chance and amount of items in the drop and increase rates are linked to each other. At low chances, items will not increase in quantity! A lot of work has been done to optimize and reduce load when calculating drop. The information via shift+click fully corresponds to the real data on the drop. Example of calculating the drop at mid rates for a monster: x1 - drop rate x25 - drop rate x25 - drop rate & premium drop rate 30% Rates are set without enabling additional modifiers!
  3. This mod is not included in the package with server and is purchased separately! Visual Service for players [EN] Buying skins Save and use skins under any armor Enabling/Disabling buy via community Attach skins to items (add skin if click to item) Данный мод не входит в комплекцию со сборкой и покупается отдельно! Система Визуализации для игроков [RU] Покупка скинов. Сохранение скинов и использование под любой броней/оружием. Включение/Выключение покупки через комьюнити Возможность привязки к предметам. (при использовании предмета чар получает скин)
  4. - Refresh points when oly set new period - Add telemode 2 for gm without check geo - Add config to valid end cast if cant see target (like as scryde) - Add param for pvp points at funpvp zones - Correct goddard siege zones (some of zones fell into town) - Extension of protection from pk (by order) - Blocked confirm dlg for levelup service (if part of service disabled) - Check decrease enchant skills (if enable DecreaseSkill -> check by magicLevel) - Fixed door attacks by magic skills at tw - Fixed print info for freya hard timer (if use custom settings) - Wondrous Cubics reuse every day at 6:30 (like l2off) - Add miss support for itemId 21106-21107 - Block check bot questions if char at autofarming - Typo changes for instances which use custom params - Update pledgeClass for char if become nobless or hero (not need relog!) - Check offline or sellbuff status if use ban for char! - If possible players can heal team without ctrl at fight events - Add promocodes services - Fixed teleport bookmarks (by report must use skill 2588) - Skill Poison of Death (4082) rework like L2off (with increased damage after an hour) - Type fixed 101 quest - Add custom hero aura support for skills * can add <add order="0x10" stat="heroAura" val="1" /> <!-- will enable hero aura --> - Fixed region for kamael village - Add miss quest item params - Fix start quest _641_AttackSailren - Fix problem with the display of statistics for the Oly (for soulhoods) - Fixed _281_HeadForTheHills quest by report - Check update datas for oly when start next period (was problem with db request) - Fixed flying clan air ship at Gracia (promlem with moving) - Add param to lose buffs at events - If enable DropEpauletteForRegisterPlayers now will check summons by owner too - Fixed summons max and currect hp & mp if remove buffs
  5. - Fixed problem use toggle skills if char in attack mode (was problem with cancel attack) - Fixed problem with Dance of Purification (was use 2 buff slots if use scheme buff) - Rework no-store zones support & add param to check private stores only in peace zones (global for sell buffs too) - Сhange mysql connector to 8.0 (check params to serverTimezone in configs) - Fiery Demon Blood use item one by one - Add param to check hwid for strix and smart guard - Community buffer clean up and some change xml support - Fixed abnormal type for Chant of Blood Awakening - Some changes in revalidate zones methods - Fixed Relax use mp amount - Add new cmd .relog or .restart - New param for community buffer (to check request items) - Fix for working skill Air Blade - Check char ban status for restore offline traders - Online multiply config change to double formate - Flood check for enchanting - Small changes for char zones update - Param for community buffer check all items or one of list - Fixed for working quest _053_LinnaeusSpecialBait - Add new support for instances entery check party-cc overall type - Add new custom special bypass teleport support - Add new param for block skill mastery for skills <set name="blockSkillMastery" val="true" /> - Banish Seraph correct chance - Fixed working skill Seal of Mirage - Correct level for forgotten skills - Clan notice check formatte - Pc poins add block if char in offline trade - If char leave from fighte event him instance refresh - Add config for hide BuySellUIClose packet - Add xml support for hitCancelTime for skills (default 500 for all if have no this param in skills) - Add new ai for Drakos Guardian - Hide effect info in npc preview if effect not have display param - Check some items to quest type - Monastery of Silence fix empty time to close instance & fixed tele coords in instance for quest _10294_SevenSignToTheMonastery - Effect RebalanceHP can use used for summons - Chaos players can tele to ch or cs if clan is castle owner - All clan delay configs change support to hours param - Add for items type quest by report - Some changes for skill Blazing Boost - Fixed respawn at tw for clan outpost - Add paralyze effect when to char send anti bot question & add task (if char won't answer after task end will kick) - Rework cast break formula - Fixed unblock teleport in Vanhalter zone (if players kill boss) - Add configs for break skills - Add xml params support for some monsters AIs in dragon valley - Auto-Restart change to cron format - Epics respawn change to cron format - Add cron respawn support for general respawn system in xml - Castles & tw sieges change to cron format - If char was kick by admin and he was in offline mode -> offlien status will remove - Remove check clan status when create cc - Correct chance for skill Turn Undead - Fixed Paralysis 6840 ID - Fixed remove spawn from db (if spawn load from db) if press button delete at npcinfo htm - Rework effect menu in gm panel - Check some effects time - Check valid geo loc for gm tele mode - Check validateCapacity for rb autoloot - Party & cc ranking beta version [.rank cmd] - Add custom msg for wrong time enter to Zaken - Add config for shield block modifier - Add config for disable apc if potions over in inventory - Add config for block relog at olympiad - Add config for time delay after oly battle - Add premium bonus support for party calc - Recalc drop & spoil rates (more correct now) - Add additional drop amount modifier - Fixed correct print info for drop chance for raids & epics - Add params for attack stance for magic skills - Add delay param for spawn raids from dragon vortexes - Check cancel time in some skills - Block skillmastery in community buffer - Add new AI for PrisonGuard - Some rework effect Invincible - Block attack stance from mobs if char invul - Fixed problem with hide players - Add configs for receive hero status at monument of heroes - Rework select arenas at oly (now generate random) - Add config for hit before battle begins - Add config for buy premium if player already have premium - Rework calc skillmastery (more correct) - Block attack buffer at oly battle - Fixed fear (if effect in attacking mode) - Rework geo pathfind with region height - Add reenter instance support with party, cc check - Auto attack stance not start if hit miss - Admin cmd premium for clan - Fixed problem with cast buff skills if char was in attacking status - Add recovery items system - Check invul status for chars at events - Fixed switch summons to follow status (was problem when summon attack mobs) - Area skills fixed damage for friends (spoil bomb example) - macro replace symbols , & ; - typo changes for Beleth - Check quests 125 and 126 (was problem with bypasses) - Fixed html link for 10290 quest by report - Changes for oly end params - Rework lvlup & delevel services - Add param for freya hard (time limit for 2 stage) - Add new custom mode for add limit damage for monsters or raids - Add custom enchant support for armor sets (by enchant level) - Add custom support for hennas (can add skills in henna) - Add new vote site playl2.net support - Fixed doorman at Devastated Castle - Fixed problem with activate trigger skills by magic hit (if was param to min damage)
  6. General configs: # Enable system? AllowAutoFarm = True # If enable only premium players can use service. AutoFarmOnlyForPremium = False # Service is free? AutoFarmIsFree = False # Price list. Format [<hours>,<itemId>:<amount>] AutoFarmPriceList = 1,4037:10;3,4037:15;6,4037:20;12,4037:35;24,4037:50 # Enable free trial option for players AllowFarmFreeTime = True # Reset the trial period every day? AllowRefreshFarmTime = True # Free Period time [in hours] FarmFreeTime = 3 # If true, limits are calculated by the hwid. If false by ip. AllowCheckHwidLimits = False # Active limit auto farms FarmActiveLimits = 6 # Price for limit extension. # When server is restarted, extension reset to zero! FarmExpendLimitPrice = 4037,1 # Default settings for attack skills AttackSkillChance = 100 AttackSkillPercent = 5 # Default settings for chance skills ChanceSkillChance = 100 ChanceSkillPercent = 5 # Default settings for self skills SelfSkillChance = 100 SelfSkillPercent = 5 # Default settings for heal skills HealSkillChance = 100 HealSkillPercent = 30 # Default settings for summon attack skills SummonAttackSkillChance = 100 SummonAttackSkillPercent = 5 # Default settings for summon self skills SummonSelfSkillChance = 100 SummonSelfSkillPercent = 5 # Default settings for summon heal skills SummonHealSkillChance = 100 SummonHealSkillPercent = 30 # Default shortcut to check skills. ShortCutPage = 10 # Default and max distance for search mpbs. SearchDistance = 2000 # Default auto farm type. [0 Fighter] [1 Archer] [2 Mage] [3 Support] [4 Summon] AutoFarmType = 0 # Default interval task. AutoFarmIntervalTask = 700 # Skills Extra Delay [in seconds]. SkillsExtraDelay = 5 # Keep Location Delay [in seconds]. KeepLocationDelay = 10 # Run Close Up Delay [in seconds]. RunCloseUpDelay = 2 # Run Close Up distance. RunCloseUpDistance = 100
  7. AUTO-FARM 2.0 | АВТО-ФАРМ 2.0 Mod supports 5 modes: * Physical mode (for fighter classes) * Archer mode (for fighter classes) * Mage mode (for mage classes) * Support mode (for all classes) * Summon mode (for all summoners) General Functions: 1. Add player skills from the shotcuts panel 2. Addendum/Deleting used skills 3. Assist in party by targeting the leader (for all modes) 4. Use skills at random from the list (for each type of skills individually) 5. Reuse skills with a delay (configured in the configs) 6. Control the disstance from the starting point of the farm (so as not to run away far) 7. Run away from close-range attacks of monsters 8. Setting the target search distance 9. Block target if it is already being attacked by another player. 10. Enable/Disable close-range attacks on the assistant (for healer mode) 11. Enable/Disable mana recovery to the leader (for healer mode) 12. Enable/Disable use of summon skills (for summoner mode) 13. System usage limit by HWID or IP (configured in configs) 14. Enable/Disable system for premium players only 15. Free test mode for players (configurable in the configs) Works by voice command .autofarm This system is currently being tested on live projects. Features will expand! We are not trying to make a full-fledged bot for the server. This service is designed for a more comfortable game System is paid for! for verification and testing, you can use our test server. Base price 70 euro! (can be changed depending on extension of functionality) Система поддерживает 5 видов режимов: * Режим войнов (для ДДшников) * Режим лучников * Режим магов * Режим хиллеров * Режим самонеров Общие функции: 1. Добавлять навыки игрока с панели шоткатов 2. Добавление/Удаление используемых навыков 3. Ассист в пати по таргету лидера (для всех режимов) 4. Использовать скилы по рандому из списка (для каждого типа скилов индивидуально) 5. Использовать повторно скилы с задержкой (настраивается в конфигах) 6. Контролировать дисстанцию от начальной точки фарма (чтобы не убегать далеко) 7. Отбегать при ближних атаках монстров 8. Настройка дистанции поиска целей 9. Запрет на цель, если ее уже атакует другой игрок. 10. Включение/Отключение ближних атак по ассисту (для режима хилеров) 11. Включение/Отключение восстановления маны лидеру (для режима хилеров) 12. Включение/Отключение использования скилов саммонов (для режима самонеров) 13. Лимит использования системы по HWID или IP (настраивается в конфигах) 14. Включение/Отключение системы только для премиум игроков 15. Пробный бесплатный режим для игроков (настраивается в конфигах) Работает по голосовой команде .autofarm Данная система в настоящее время тестируется на лайф проектах. Функции будут расширяться! Мы не пытаемся сделать полноценного бота для сервера. Этот сервис предназначен для более комфортной игры Система на платной основе! для проверки и тестирования вы можете использовать наш тестовый сервер. Базовая цена 70евро! (может быть изменена в зависимости от расширения функционала)
  8. Last updates this year! - Add quickly adding a drop system to npcs - Add Seed of Destruction Defence Stage support - Add new oly param for print opponents info - Add new oly param for confirmDlg msg - Remove double chance for SA lvl up - Rework global ai support for mobs (if region not active - mobs with global AI enable) - Achivements event full rework! - Announce for epics and raids when killing HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  9. NEW YEAR'S SALE from December 25, 2020 to January 5, 2021 inclusive we give a discount when buying an emulator - 30% on all tariffs Ready to buy? Then contact us ICQ: 397086629 • Skype - Write НОВОГОДНЯЯ РАСПРОДАЖА с 25 декабря 2020 по 5 января 2021 включительно дарим скидку при покупке эмулятора - 30% на все тарифы. Готовы купить? Тогда свяжись с нами ICQ: 397086629 • Skype - Написать
  10. - Correct target size for skill Focus Attack - Fixed problem with craft if chance was more 100% - Add check to Antharas enter (check portal stone at all party or cc members) - Check summon attacks if oly round end - Rework community teleport save points system (attach by id not by coords) - Some change for beleth (was errors) - Add param for clan lvl default if create - Some change pagan zone AIs - Add params for community buffer and tp - Add delay remove flag for char if leave from fun pvp zone - Requiem not need select target for cast - Fixed freeze mage classes when raid die and char was in casting status - Fixed miss hp bonus from enchanting belts - Add param for pvp flag delay in fun zones - Add param for block save tp at sieges (by order) - HotSpring correct z coords for fish zones - Fixed null errors in 102 and 716 quests - General tp from npcs block only to town if town castle in siege (not all territory) - Rework treasure chests spawn (like l2off & rnd spawn zones) - Add new param for epaulette drop (only for reg attackers at sieges) - Fix bypasses for 511 quest - Add new param for epic drops - Fixed correct request equip if chat in attacking status - Check beleth to double spawn - Check tp status to rune town (chars can use tp in rune Temple and from primeval island if rune siege is active) - 423 quest change chance for spawn quest npc - Knoriks add miss debuffs (add to AI too) - Re-calc chance for debuffs & add soe configs to correct - Final changes for calc debuff chances (block all if resist >=100%) - Some changes for check client z positions sync - Fixed correct work for skill Lure - Add miss warden spawn - Correct Hex enchant params - Fixed effect HpByLevel (was blocked) - Add expand inventory service - Add expand warehouse service - Add expand store buy service - Add expand store sell service - Add expand dwarf craft book service - Add expand common craft book sell service - Check skillId 6827 - Custom param for block transformations at siege - Effects info by shift+click for players (only to mobs or raids) - Check conditions for use with ctrl for some skills - Add new configs for npcLvlmod and for aggro-hate modifiers - Backstab recalc - Add min skills support for Cancel and Steal skills (without min param at skill -> calc min=0 & max support) - Add protection for respawn at fight events - Add lethal immunity support at xml & check all npcs like L2OFF - Add block skills support for funpvp zones - Fixed kamael subs to add wrong classes - Fixed limit multisells (transfer to long max value) - Add time limit hero support (for items): <set name="handler" val="TempHero" /> <set name="timeLimit" val="120" /> - Fixed sometimes there are problems with stun - Furnace can be targetable - Correct overlay of effects that are attached to weapon - Fixed print party info for clan info (for rank) - Default new clan member have 6 grade rank (main clan) - Correct move info for pets (if pet hungry) - Add new block broadcast filter if it finds a forbidden words - Add logs for community services - Fixed disable trigger effects if use CancelBySlot or CancelProbability effects - Rework Stun effect - Add param for offline trade(not kick offline char and can play with any char at account) - Add param for lvl mod for summons - Add auto announce for raids and epics by config list - Rework events rewards support - Some changes for offline traders (remove login session) - Add lvl diff for mobs for world events drop items - Fixed miss calc drop chance for world events drop items - Fixed to block negative lvl if lvlup by addExp - Override conditions locatization by order - Cancel must remove max effects size by skill params (separation with Steal Divinity formula) - Add personal settings support(see more info in personal.ini) - Rework SquashEvent (calc Squash types like L2Off) - Add save location and return players to his prev loc after events - Add announce for restart server at 90 60 and 30 min - Fixed fake death (player was not standup after hits) - Dead players cant take drops in party - Add disconect correct time support in menu - Wrong target area in Spoil Bomb trigger skill - Fixed null error for canRevive funPvp zones - Rework 128 quest & instance support - Rework pailakas instances & quests - Correct print info for heroes and nobless count at community clan info - Old Dwarven Ghost double spawn check and check to remove if Tully spawn - Fixed check for auto restart (was problem at sunday -> system add + 1 week for next restart) - Change week and weeks oly period (now end at sunday) - Fixed refresh oly info in gm menu - Add support for a few days in epic fixed respawn configs - Add new configs for rates (block sweep by itemId, fixed adena rate and drop by valid list) - Add quest _693_DefeatingDragonkinRemnants - Add support Seed of Destruction (Chamblain's Mounted Troop) instance - Add support Seed of Destruction (Soldier's Mounted Troop) instance - Add support Seed of Destruction (Warrior's Mounted Troop) instance - Add support Seed of Destruction (Great Warrior's Mounted Troop) instance - Add new AI for Gem Dragon
  11. - Add check to clean up baium zone (problem if in zone event is running) - Acp check to players dead status - Miss event name for localization for fight event engine - Miss Freya spawn at solo instance - Add config for fight events (enable confirm dialogue) - Check to register sevensings (can players after 1 proffs) - Rework 192 quest - Move controller updates (checking path always, correct path in water zones at max z pos) - Fixed errors by reports - Reflection names with en support - Some squares spawn groups (by Kate) - Double npcs spawn fixed in castle - Advanced options in admin panel to check online - Correct walking for players by Darion Bridge (without stuck) - Correct walking for players -> to ship <- from ship (without stuck) - Hide Territory war announce if have war can't be started - Check CS reg time if server will reload and registration is already over - Naia Lock cant move - Fixed save Song of Purification buff time (was stolen buff slot) - If mobs cant run -> change intention to ACTIVE from MOVING (check by Knoriks clips) - Add miss spawn for Tully 6 and 8 floor - Add weekly trader service - Correct enchant time for Soul Shock - Fixed check kamael Trap with targetType -> One - Temporary alignment option when players fall under geo - Auto restart server with check by days - Add delay 2 min when mob can try to spawn position (if cant will be tele) - Kamael soul bottle don't stop running - Add miss Newbie Guide id for use multisell - Not deep zones with water dont slow down running and not enable breath - If email with items is not accepted, items are returned to your inventory - Check to null world region - Fixed unlimit time for cubics - Rework 726 & 727 quests to static reward & rework instances for them - Rework 511 and 512 quests & instances - Fixed fly skills correct valid location (was problem if use potions) - Recommendations system full update to HF5 - Fixed skill Fatal Counter - Change calculation and size for World regions - Some change admin npc info - Add calc rune exp and sp in party - Simple bypass for community buffer for individual buffs (by order) - Add option to switch movement by geo - Rework support for Olympiad zones - If char becomes noobless, he is immediately given 10 oly points - Add miss htmls for doormen - Fixed null error in checkDoCastConditions - Some change Leprechaun event support - Rework 195 quest to static reward - Rework instance for 195 quest (add hide aggro support & check points & AI) - Fixed auto attack for fly skill (check autoAttackable target status) - Remove deadlock support - Fixed errors by minions respawn by report - Fixed crit if relog client at oly - Fixed errors by LizardmanSummoner AI - Fixed errors by TullyWorkshop null errors - Fixed null errors for quest _716_PathToBecomingALordRune - Auto add buffs to scheme if char create new scheme buffs - Clean up unused code - Hide some logs - Add custom bypass for community buffer for pages - Fixed print info for castle status in community ranking (Shuttgart was hidden) - Add check to reg to fortress sieges in TW progress & check castles sieges - Auto immediately save respawn time for all epics (if he's dead) - Close login server error if connect was with bad decrypt info (close client connection) - Check 3rd class to reg to olympiad (like L2Off) - Party duel is instance battle - Rework some instances - Miss change instance support for 10292 quest - Fix null error at PetFeedTask - Recalc SOA drop - Separating settings for loginserver - Separate DatabaseFactory for loginserver - Add & transfer some configs for loginserver - Correct bypasses for 20 quest - Add config to check IPv4Filter if need - Disable getLevelMod calc stats for mobs - Block invite msg to event if char dead (can be problem with ressurection) - Block acp if char isCombatFlagEquipped - If item block use by condition char does not have to stay on the run - Add fightevents block items support in xml: <cond> <player isInFightEvent="true" /> </cond> - Dead altar guards cant attack pk players :) - Add custom msg for global chat info for low level - Fixed skill Requiem - Fixed skill Dust Storm - Fixed spawn static object for rune throne - Fixed mid victory at siege (clans were losing auto-attackable status) - Add config for beleth to enter without command channel - Add support to destroy instance if command channel remove - Remove skill 8239 if char leave from instance - Fixed problem with remove active transformation when char rebuff more skills - Fixed check full inventory for stackable items and herbs - Check auto generate territory wars battle time - Punishment system group to one system (add attempts & individual logs for each char) - Add new bypass _bbsurl:%link% by StrixGuard support - Check stats for all pets (like L2OFF) - Add new support for epics (attach respawn by days) - Fixed gaps under geo with fly skills - Rework VanHaler & pagan zone (like L2OFF) - Check to cleanup sellbuffs (problem with dublicate skills) - Add configs to community tp and buffer(free use by char level) - Add service for cleanup instances reuse time (_bbsservice:reloadRef <id> <itemId> <itemAmount> <0 for all 1 for premium>) - Add check to preview dressme delay (players can spam packet) - Chamber of delusion instances rework & add chance to tp to boss room - Check time for skill Discord - Fixed wrong html link for quest 10277_MutatedKaneusDion - If castle siege start check all clans on fort registering (if have reg to fort remove from reg list) - 196 quest & instance rework - Rework color services (add days support & config) - Add rename clan service - Check change nobless prepare duel - Check lvlup service if exp off - Add date/time info to punish logs
  12. ICQ - 397086629 или Skype
  13. Приветствую, пиши по контактам в скайпе или аське обсудим
  14. - fix null error in PcStatus by report - some change Baium AI - add configs for exchange's talismans - full check 25_19 spawn square - null errors by report for auto attack state after finish cast - rework demon prince and ranku instances - add new AI for SOI instances - full rework SOI instances - typo correct dialogues for BlackJudge - small parameter for dressme (for custom support) - correct check to take 422 quest - add params for hide beleth cameras - add penalty services - new config for block shift click mobs - full localization fight events engine - rework and update part instances by new support
  15. - Add miss spawn warpgate for Anakim and Lilith teleport - Add miss spawn for catacombs - Add miss html dialogues for some npcs - Add param for fight events check by lvl (now can participation all classes) - Add param for transfrom skill for Race event (by order) - Fix Warp and Shadow Step can be used while movement disable - Check for calc max exp and sp at party (exclude negative value) - Check for npc skills (skills all mobs like L2Off) - Some rework instances core support - Start working with group spawns by squares - Update stats for all npcs and guards likw l2Off (not for mobs!for mobs was parsed earlier) - Full rework knownlist support for world regions (global update) - Add miss chance calc for rewardlist at world events - New AI for Bloody Karik & hide params - Add miss time for Shiny Lit Platform skill - Add param for mobs in SOA (can see hide players) - Fix wards cant move - Add teleport support for Aerial Cleft from Kecerius Base (like l2Off) - full rework spawn for Spawn of Screams [full rework 22_16 square] (group spawn & check z coords) - Correct save and reset info for itemId 13021 (title color) - Check dressme sets info not only when equip sets (was not correct) - Check correct time for Fear enchant lvl - Check null error for DragonValley zone - Fix html links for quests _458_PerfectForm & _691_MatrasSuspiciousRequest - Fix errors by attackable status by report - Some changes for fly skills - Add check validation winner for olympiad - Add balancer rate for calc skills chance (miss) - Fix dressme (can use for no-grade items & add check valid for kamael equip) - Add param for GiftOfVitality reset time - Cleanup broadcastInfo methods - Add param for drop item list (if drop disable by config) - Check announce distance for npcs messages (need add distance after region update) - Add lakfi rewards xml support - Acp rework to extended format (individual % setting & choice potions) - Add soul potions support for Kamael in acp panel - Correct drop from Chests (thx l2idle) - Fix itemConsume for itemId 17018 - Expanding functionality for sellbuffs & fix problem with client crit error (choice currency) - Add hairs support for dressme & can group with acessories shields and cloaks in armor types - Add param for min char lvl for shout (by order) List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system: * _287_FiguringItOut * _694_BreakThroughTheHallOfSuffering * _695_DefendTheHallOfSuffering * _696_ConquertheHallofErosion * _697_DefendtheHallofErosion
  16. - Add miss spawn for Tully floor 3 - Some change spawn system support (now can add several npcId in one territory) - Cleanup unused tables - Signet effects correct working! - Event hitman - advanced settings (several orders support) - Add raidpoints info to ranking & fix errors by reports - Fix problem with freya check quest for all players in instance - Add miss ConsumeBody effect in skills - Add support auto reloads scripts by admin cmd - Correct faction check for DragonGuards AI - Rework to new pvp rewards system and for capture and defence rewards too - Add game points settings by admin panel - Some change zone range spawn -> to check z coords by GEO - Add item use lock - Fix offline trade for PACKAGE SELL type - Change spawn by debug (fixed all bugget spawn points) - Ability to set the buff time for community buffs (separately) - Integration of the VIP service - New LOA spawn with banned zones support (direct by LordWinter) - Fix correct check PC points at multisell - Fix skills with SIGNET_CASTTIME types (dont attack peace players) - Correct chances for Wondrous Cubic skill - Add xml support for Crystal Scrolls - Add param for oly check hwid - Support for territory spawn info to npcs (admin shift + click) - Community close after tp to raid - Add support for restore effects with custom time - Add check for community add tp (block at epic raid zones and other some) - Custom effect time for summons too - Some changes for SignetMDam effects - Add custom configs for augment items - Rework all world events support (now all params in xml) - Add config for community heal (to enable cmd outside peace zones) - Fix correct check oly config to week period - Add config to enable new oly period by admin cmd - Add cmd to reload all events params - Rework crit formula for blow skills - Fix check restore summons after relog - Add miss minions for DragonKnights in LOA (+ rework ai) - Group spawn zones for dragon valley - Add configs for base stats reset if protection run - Reconfiguration of configs (and transfer old scripts to dp) - Change calc rnd npc position at spawn zones (definition z point) - Full rework minions support - New ai for QueenAntNurse - Check geo by teleports - Rework collision checks - Correct crit rate for all npcs - Fix problem with pets name (was auto create default name) - Mobs attack pet if pet attacker. (not pets owner!) - Fix bypass for blacksmith in aden - Some changes for doors packets (changing for frintezza) - Servitors auto use herbs with owner - Resurrection like l2off for sieges - Known objects change distance if a lot of objects - New configs for sieges - Add check for mass resurrections at sieges - Transfer of spawn chests for noobless from quest to bosses - Restore buffs after finish DUEL - Block Achievement voice cmd if event disable - Heal and buffs cant use for combat chars (without ctrl) - Block actions for aggro skills only for lockTarget - Rework quest for noobless - Update aggro skills - sysmsg 287 print when player start cast to artefact - Block save points in community at siege zones - Fix problem shift click mobs if mob have no spawn loc - Correct check area skills if char in duel - Debuffs cant use for party or clan with ctrl - Trigger skills cant to cancel - Some change mechanism to remove visible objects - ConsumeBody can used only for dead mobs - Realization PcBangPoint effect for auto get poins from respective items - Add support for custom summon friend skills - Invincible effect block all heal mpHeal and cpHeal effects - Cancel cant use for party players - Add some check for group heal skills - Vengeance not add icon for targets - Toggle skills cant steals - If char use mass resurrect not need select target - Add param for vitality from raids - Next changes for aura skills and aggro - Fix bypass for quest _227_TestOfTheReformer - Rework quest _229_TestOfWitchcraft - Add logs viewer system - Cleance remove anchor and triggers stoped! - Correct restore buffs time after steal - Add config for attributte pvp items - Final changes for area skills check - Steal divinity used only for flaget targets - Additional configs for teleports in the community - Rework quest _233_TestOfWarspirit - Fixed problem of quests for 3 professions - Additional parameters for skills in skill reflected(not all skills can be reflected) - Expanded functions of fun pvp zones - Support for enchant items in multisells - Check for itemId 21726 (if event disable cnat use) - Add support for augmentations and attributtes for multisell ingredients - Add miss buylist - Macroses transfer in xml support - Fixed walking mobs - Add +5 Knoriks in LOA - Add new AI for Gordon - Add new params for zaken instances (burn candle delay) - Some change formulas for debuffs - Fix to correct attack range if char in transform - Can summon pet if pet feed 0 - Some change in quest _246_PossessorOfAPreciousSoul_3 - Fix totems conditions - Vortex skills are not debuffs - Fix problem with autoloot herbs (for mage classes) - Add calc LethalHit for skills with type "AGGDAMAGE" - Rework quest _220_TestimonyOfGlory by report - Add check to block tp by tw chars with flag - Charm of Courage correct working - Drop conditions for 219_TestimonyOfFate quest - Correct zone spawn for raid Fenril Hound Freki - Getting started with move controller (eliminate gaps under geo) - Add new zone type (without check geo at this zones) - Reflect skills final changes - Check rewards for first proff quests - Fix castle quests for conferment territory - Advanced setting for pcBang points system (for premium players) - Fix multisell info for fame ingredient - Kamaloka bosses block lethal attacks - Community augments now use standart checks for crystalType and other - Fix route for gracia airship - Some changes for summons ai - Servitor Share rework effect - Pride of Kamael fixed add stats https://l2db.info/high-five/skills/1444 - Check null errors for fake players - Separate pool manager for fakes - Check summon attack at oly wait by owner List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system * _183_RelicExploration * _184_NikolasCooperationContract * _185_NikolasCooperationConsideration * _186_ContractExecution * _187_NikolasHeart * _188_SealRemoval * _189_ContractCompletion * _190_LostDream * _191_VainConclusion * _252_ItSmellsDelicious * _311_ExpulsionOfEvilSpirits * _403_PathToRogue
  17. - Add config for command channel (forgives requirements) - New custom community (https://l2jeternity.com/index.php?/topic/94-new-community-%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D1%8B%D0%B9-%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%BC%D1%8C%D1%8E%D0%BD%D0%B8%D1%82%D0%B8/) - Some changes for event Leprechaun (can use Monster template for event npc) - cmd teletocl (block tp at epic zones and instances) - Add new admin cmd for auto create spawn npc point in txt (in /data/stats/npcs/spawns/dumps/) - Add Clan Damage Info for epic bosses - Add Static XP & SP rate by levels - Check add miss skills in 23200-23299.xml - Add twitch auto reward system! - Add teleports to raid bosses service (in community) - Auto restart login if it cant connect to game server - Add facebook system (need test) - Fix quest for frintezza cloak - Remove unhave items from dressme mod - Merge page navigation for all services where it is used - Logs of incorrect bypasses are hidden (available only for admin) - Division requests for restore info to be provided - Mmocore reworking - Unification StatsSet - char variables remove old support (duplicate) - Add config for SecondAuth system (to make it easier to create passwords) - Transfer all Elpy event settings to dp (in xml formate) - Fix clips of when summons action is canceled - Salvation not replace by Noobless Bless - Full reworking server packets opcodes (reading opcodes from a list) - Correct links for ban char buttons - Complete changes with minions (had problems with fast respawn) - Add interval task for CharInfo and UserInfo packets - Full remove javolution support from source - Rework clan & ally crests cache support - Fix aggro to add debuff if skill enchanted - Add params support for instances (transfer freya & zaken configs to this system) - Fix all errors by reports List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system * _603_DaimontheWhiteEyedPart1 * _604_DaimonTheWhiteEyedPart2 * _609_MagicalPowerOfWaterPart1 * _610_MagicalPowerOfWaterPart2 * _615_MagicalPowerOfFirePart1 * _616_MagicalPowerOfFirePart2
  18. Dear customers, starting from today, subsequent revisions of the emulator are released with a binding! To start the server correctly, you will need a license key that will be issued to you when you access it. In trial version, the server will only work locally and with online restrictions. Change lic key is free, and only under your username! Уважаемые клиенты начиная с сегодняшнего дня, последующие ревизии эмулятора выпускаются с привязкой! Для корректного запуска сервера вам потребуется ключ лицензии, который вам будет выдан при обращении. В триал версии сервер будет работать только локально и с ограничением по онлайну. Пере-привязка осуществляется бесплатно, и только под вашим логином!
  19. New Community Design Press release of the new community design! Only for our customers. Trial version! it will be updated and refined. To buy, please contact our contacts! Новый дизайн комьюнити Пресс-релиз нового дизайна комьюнити! Только для наших клиентов. Пробная версия! которая будет обновляться и корректироваться. Для приобретения, обращайтесь по нашим контактам! Do not adapt to other emulators! / Не адаптируем под другие эмуляторы!
  20. - Add configs for freya guards by order - Add Level Limit zones support (Ant Queen for example) - Add auto enchanting service - Fix bow and crossbow distance attacks - TonZone auto reward update to new api - Fix correct working skill Letter Collector's Gift - Fix errors with RecoBonus effects - Auto-learn skills some change - Fix auto resurrection at events if char leave event zone - Add check to block use tp service in instances - Add check limit for basestats calc - Add new param for items isEventRestricted for check on active events - Add custom rate for Seal Stones and for premium too - Fix correct working rune items (problem with char stats) - Add new custom param for full dress items (costume) - check event restricted items before start events - Add miss npcId at newbie npc multisell - Correct calc damage for Curse Death Link - Fantasy Isle miss dialogues for some npcs - Underground Coliseum Helper add html support - Fix pvp info check at killer in tvt event - Fix problem with double pAtk stats - Add check for spawn summons (if auto restore) - Check to remove minions mobs - Rework Lakfi-Lakfi system - Correct check player level for open chests - Add diff levels to active lethal skills - Add personal premium type (only for one character not for all account) - Check buffs type without line register - Drop info with check champions (correct print info) - Fix for events if cant attack player not freeze - Add aggro info for all - Fix skill Corpse Life Drain - Move controller (search pathfinder distance transfer to configs) - Correct skills for Batur mobs (thx Kate) - Correct re-add debuffs & add config to change system (like L2OFF) - Change totems time (thx Grand) - Fix visual problem at manage selllist (not remove from inventory) - Some reworking pailaka 73 - Fix some null errors in scripts - TW teleport fix for flag - Fix errors with DeadLockDetector (sync remove effects with owner summon) - Check all Pole weapons add miss attack params - Fix auto get holy pomanders (now not need re-login) - If at event summon do kill, point add to his owner - Correct fly ai for Pterosaur - Final change for pets now correct to check attack and skills - Party recall and param to menu to block auto recall - Add voice cmd to check premium in party - Change decay system & configs - Fix to change siege time for tw (in admin panel) - Check Mucrokian drops - Fix error for search mob info in community (problem with search chest) - Fix problem with Freya trigger skill - Fix use Outpost Demolition to base - Calc damage and aggro without AIRegister (calc by core not by script) - Fix visual bug when changing kamael weapons (simplification skill work) - Add chance for Lavasaurus spawn in FOG (was 100%) - Fix problem with pets looting in party - Reduce chance of spawn for npc 32759 - Fix htmls at 625 quest - Add support for premiums in community teleport - Add static respawn for all epics (attach to time hours) - Add miss packet when char created (auto selected) - Dragon valley Partrollers some changed - Add images for epics - Reworking community buffer: * Reworking interface for schemes * Add config to block buffer outside peace zones * Add config to use buffer outside peace zones for premium players * Can set level of buffs separately for premium players - Reworking spawn in LOA - Add config (limit time buffs) for premium players - Add config (buffs amount) for premium players List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system * _187_NikolasHeart * _238_SuccesFailureOfBusiness * _251_NoSecrets * _290_ThreatRemoval * _362_BardsMandolin * _617_GatherTheFlames * _624_TheFinestIngredientsPart1 * _625_TheFinestIngredientsPart2 * _688_DefeatTheElrokianRaiders * _902_ReclaimOurEra
  21. - Minor changes in Four Goblets - Unification drop and spoil for community and shift info - Add param to check players lvl when try to get vote reward - Add some support for capsule items (thx Kate) - Add param to disable check geo for skills (transfer from core support) - Fix Oly reg info in html (miss calc in core) - Minor changes in 337 quest - Fix bad link to html in 726 quest - Correct icons for raid hats - Fix htm for some npcs - Fix double login sessions to enter into game - Add new gm cmd for recall all players (//recall_players) - Fix link htmls for 421 quest - Fix spawn Latana - New voice FindParty system - Add miss skills icons for multiproff mod - Changes for 7 sign quests (transform problem and guards in instance) - Rework calc Pole attack targets - Add custom hwid system for quests - Antharas quest typo fix - Rework offline trader system (now data is saved as soon as player has become offline trader) - Sellbuffs offline system reworked same way - Typo fix htmls (thx GrandV) - Add price modifier for sale items - Remove Client packet queue tuning support - Add param for Epidos spores amount - Add config for Attribute chance rate - Attach community multisells - Premium Pets full check (add miss skills for some pets) - Check time limit for pets items - Fake death 70% chance like L2OFF (thx GrandV) - Check to correct work quest _10295_SevenSignsSolinasTomb - Add custom item broker (search and print info private stores) - Add custom param for magic skill damage (magicSkillPower) - Add alternative community teleport support by id from xml - Full rework premium system: * xml template support for premiums * regular premiums and online type premiums * premium gifts * exp bonuses * sp bonuses * siegeGuard bonuses * adena bonuses * drop bonuses * raids drop bonuses * quest reward bonuses * quests drop bonuses * fishing bonuses * elemental stones bonuses * spoil bonuses * weight limit bonuses * craft bonuses * masterWork craft bonuses * echant scrolls + echant att bonuses * fame bonuses * instances reduce bonuses - Fix for correct working Fear skills type - Fix preblem with doors at Oly (promlem with calc geoIndex) - Fix print info for chanhall payments - Change instance grouping (new type SOLO_PARTY) - Typo fix Achievements by report List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system * _10501_ZakenEmbroideredSoulCloak * _10502_FreyaEmbroideredSoulCloak * _10503_FrintezzaEmbroideredSoulCloak * _627_HeartInSearchOfPower * _634_InSearchOfFragmentsOfDimension
  22. - Fix old bypasses (for oly) - Sellbuffs complete change design - Change olympiad formate info (fix weekly calc update time) - New olympiad info in admim panel - Add config to check attacking char status for move - Halisha change status if you instantly killed Halisha (custom param) - Fix calc for dropMultiplier stats (was wrong) - Add new param for spoil "spoilMultiplier" - Сlose null check to Orfen - Some change configs for premium accounts - Add new params for augmentiton service (alternative operating system) - Rework fake players (now no lags) - Some changes with antibrute protection for login server - Add missins skills for pets (thx Tangra) - Remove double spawn minions for raid Akata - Fix collision radius and height for some Raids by report! - Add miss raids by report - Fix critical error when spoil list at npc is empty - Fix for raids spawn by report - Check null inventory - Reduced radius for minions - Fix lowering skill level for multiproff mod - Add config for tab limit when saving teleports (in community) - Fix for correct list info bosses in community (not all displayed) - Fix problem with doors (apply geo) - Fix problem with Valakas change status after restart if status not 0 - Remove BossZone support for Valakas and Antharas - Guards in GeoCollision can attack players and players can attack guards! (close geo problem to see target) - If tutorial disabled players can see dialogues with start npcs - Events support for new Antharas zone - Add config for disable items from drop - Mini edits with Antharas (problem if raid have status 1) - Attach of players movements by geo (falls problems under geo at movement) - Correct coords for community teleport for toi 10 floor - Add changes for mobs for geo check - Fix problem with recommendations reset - Fix null error with slaves on hellbound - Block movement of monsters if there is a very large z coords difference with target (clear aggro) - Fix drop on the ground (lowered z coords) - Add EpicBoss stats info in community (map info not working) - Add config for certification (min level for use) - Fix errors with quest _716_PathToBecomingALordRune - Rework spawn for all mobs in 23_14 square - Fix bridge for Darion (cant movement) - Fix errors for 509 quest - Add debug for spawn (print bugget spawn) - Fixed global problem mobs in spawn - Fixed lethal strikes (not give exp after kill mobs) - Сhanges for freya mobs (problem with spawn when logging in instance) - Fix errors with AnomicFoundry AI - Null errors with Queen ANT ai - Fix double remove items from resurrections scrolls - Fix timer update in Nevit system - Fix magic attack by doors - Heal potions dont use buff slots - Fix skill Day of Doom - Add check valid class by commnuty class master List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system * _636_TruthBeyond * _637_ThroughOnceMore
  23. - Add config for checking the validity of drop groups (can to disable and calc without standard parameters) - Fix with attack mob clips - Fix null errors for Primeval Island AIs - Fix for correct spawn elpy (epidos room) - Fix errors when beleth die - Updating forts (add support of control room mechanisms) - Fix attack himself for Kamael skills - Rework restoration and updating of skills for char - Toggle buffs are not disabled when using transformations - Fix errors when trying to buff Pet (in its absence in community buffer) - In ru dialogs edit the selection of a character or pet in accordance with the selected localization - Rework calculation of random spawn points by zones for (Frintezza and SOD instances) - Minor edits door packages - Fix problem with StealBuffs effect - Add param randomEffects for cancel effect - Add new configs for Zaken (to check game time) - Some changes for Frintezza (fix problem if Halisha die stage did not switch) - Fix null erros for 455 quest and some others - DeathPenalty not added on events - Fix problem with reviveRequest - Fix null errors for 508 510 and 144 quests - Fix errors with restore summon buffs - Add config for min hittime of cast! (now can be done mages cast without remain time) - Fix eror when unset variables - Add param for offline traders (to check for dualbox) - Change part of sellbuffs design (other later) - Fix error with target reconsider rapam in AI - Check to use community buffer and teleport services - Add all mobs to search pathfinder with geo (fixed problem in loa running mobs) - Fix error with AirshipGuard ai - Switching to a different database connection driver (leaving from c3p0-0.9.5-pre6) - Fix error to inventory update to check energy agathions - Fix to set setTarget if char dead - Remove old itemaname in sys msg (for trial multilang support) - Global reworking Cancel skills (principle of calculation) - Manipulation of distance calculations to doors - Remove calc instanceId from locations support - If used soe or bsoe instance change to default! - List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system: * _065_CertifiedSoulBreaker * _109_InSearchOfTheNest * _146_TheZeroHour * _457_LostAndFound * _628_HuntGoldenRam
  24. - Added configs for setting time of castle sieges - Added config for setting time of territory was siege - Added new effect for outposts (rework support) - Rework mechanics of loading server scripts (Now all server scripts auto loading, server auto searches for all scripts in dp) - Fixed dialog display (in DE village) - Rework full community structure support, placed in a separate type of handlers (now can create community scripts in dp) - Fixed commnuity bypasses to speed up queries - Added xml support for binding community bypasses to NPCs - Added char binding to IP and HWID (with kick delay support) - Added limit configuration [CON,DEX,STR,INT,WIN,MEN] (required for pvp servers) - Rework config for difference in level between attacker and mob (ability to block getting EXP and SP) - Added icons for some skills for sell buffs (acc to report) - Start rework for all instance zones (to new xml support): * Added channel limit for simultaneous entry to one zone * Added setting up entry levels * Added setting min and max amount of players for zone * Added support coordinates of entrance * Added support coordinates of exit * Added reenter time support * Added gradation of zones by type * Added support for reward * Added support for required items for entry (at party leader or cc or at all) * Added support for required quest for entry * Added support for spawn (by points and by zones) * Added admin support to reload instance templates - Fixed null errors in AI mobs at Baylor - Fixed null errors for 382 quest - Attach doors spawn to geo (in instances too) - Added checks to packages to avoid dupe attempts - Added support for spawning doors at pvp events (auto opens all doors that will be added) - Fixed double teleportation after the end of the event - Corrected Artifact spawn in Rune Castle - Simplify checks when trying to cast skill an artifact - Fixed errors when attack of doors some skills - Fixed errors at the end of clanhall sieges - Added config for max amount of items to buy at a time via multisell - Global rework of all kamalokas support: * Adapting to new instance support * Implementing kamalokas for PC points * Added drop support of kamaloka essence for premium players * Added teleporter spawn support after kill raid * Added config of entrance to Rim kamaloka (not only for premium) * Added config of kamaloka essence drop (not only for premium) * Added support for Extra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka items (for all kamaloka types, like L2OFF) - Other instance zones adapted to new xml support: * Tiat Instance * All Zaken instances * Frintezza instance * All Freya instances - List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system: * _10295_SevenSignsSolinasTomb * _10296_SevenSignsPoweroftheSeal * _904_DragonTrophyAntharas * _907_DragonTrophyValakas
  25. According to our announcements, all prices for tariff plans will change from February 1! We have globally revised the concept of the server and simplified process of loading scripts for convenience of our clients. Now you don't need to specify the path to your script, server automatically listens for the datapack and searches for scripts in it. In the near future all the functionality of community and much more will be transfer into scripts! This will allow our customers to fully customize or edit everything for their needs on the latest tariff. As of today it is possible to buy the emulator in an automated mode through our forum. Once a month the current revision will be updated in the files section! Price is slightly inflated due to taxes, purchase through the developer remains according to the tariff plan. The mods section will expand when you purchase any of the mods, just unpack the archive to your server, after reading the instructions and start server. You will not need to make any changes to the server core! Follow our changes and news