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  1. - Sync & fixed problem with spaces at htmls - Community services without premium by config - Replace space at the end of quest htmls - Fixed mail list (problem with open mails) - Fixed ss damage visual effect - Fixed tick debuffs print at target - Raids changes - Fixed abnormals - Sync with add support by abnormalEffect for all npcs * example <set name="abnormalEffect" value="FIVE_STARS;POISON" /> - Fixed auction html print - Fixed sell at private store - Fixed zaken barrels at new client - Added hide accessory support - Wasd complete - Full sync with HF5 branch
  2. - Added new options for summon farm type (magic type for summons & option for block summon melee attacks) need update autofarm - Fixed quest by report - New option for sellbuffs (by request) - Added support for Rune Jewelry Box - Talisman & Pablo's Box (thx Edo Satria) - Fixed auction error by report - Change to correct Angry Bunny items support - Expansion configs for custom rates - Added param for premium (rewards modifier) - Miss agathion skills (thx fa) - Fixed teleports at firt if change room - Added custom skills support for custom visual service - Added disable full check for ingredients for multisells - Fixed limit check at fun zones (was wrong limit param) - Fixed problem with drop items from inventory (sometimes was hide) - Remove all configs from rift and transfer support to xml (by request) - Rework htmls cache system - Solo kamaloka rewards transfer to xml - Fixed check class id for Arena buffer at colliseum - Fixed block use toggle skills if player sit - Fixed disable fake death if player use toggle skill - Check and correct all toggle skills by use mp - Fixed attack conditions by mobs (if fake attack npcs) - Added you support reward for class master (by order) - Added pvp,pk & ally info for char at community main page (by request) - Add option for not removed skills <set name="isBlockRemove" val="true" /> - Full rework toggle skills support & sync with regen (like l2off) - Sync phys & magic atk speeds and run & walk speeds - Fixed npe at CatsEyeBandit AI - Next sync with npcs stats - Npe at login, if host IP crush - Added fail pathfinders for mobs (to check before teleport to target) - Change calc achivements (mobs & byId) for groups - Add separate calc stats for raids - Add configs for auto summon buffs at community (by order) - Some changes at water movement - Fixed sticking during attack - Check raids spawn locs by report - Add new gm cmd for tele to raid by ID - Regroup acp in one task - Correction chance for blow skills with miss params - Check critical damage calc - Some configs change defaul status - Darkness Energy Drain must not activate flag - Adjusting escape of archer mobs - Smoother mobs pathfinding before teleporting to target - Transformations cant be dispel by alt+click - Cursed players check autoattack conditions - Fixed end attack berofe next cast skills - Correct mobs positions why finish moving - Added support for dragon valley migration - Fixed problem with strider skills use - Added new params for champion mobs - Added new params reflectMagicSkillDam and reflectPhysSkillDam (can use by %) - Chances modifiers for raids & champions - Fixed correct work .relog (was crit) - Online rewards added sql support for save info - Rework events autotimes to cron format - Added "enchantBonus" for skills support - Added OnRaidPointListener - Fixed correct work Four Sepulchers - Colision for some npcs by report - Added support for classic shift-click - Added adena chance modifier for champions - Fixed achivement rewards - Working with thread load - Group respawn tasks & playes sava data pools - Miss spawn & wrong empty instaces time - Miss capsuled items - Added block global aggro without pathfinder for some npcs - Added color config "switch" by request - Group follow tasks - Added param for champion lethal immune - Add dropinfo by groups "bypass -h group" - Autofarm lock - Events items correct work - Miss auto spawn reg fortress npcs - Regroup calc java time for all server - Added new type zone for sell buffs - Some rework tasks for event Leprechaun - Fixed 348 & 501 quest (removed ru messages in code) - Fixed 607 quest by null error - Update to jdk17 (start adapt code) - Fixed 709 quest for correct work - Removed update of raid points indatabase when killing rb to reduce load - Check auto follow char if cant see target - Fixed problem with attack by mobs if char run away - Correct parse skills descr from datapack - Better wasd - Fixed some problem with antisignet summons at pvp zones - Added param for block custom skills at oly (beta test) - If cubic remove debuff check trigger too - Add vote by l2jbrasil & l2top.co - Added config for summon owner attack - Added custom reward for oly win & lose - Added announce by oly battles - Added option for mass punishment (write at name section -> ALL) - Fixed npe by reports - Fixed problem with loot if party leader at peace zone - Expanded pathfind if player is hiding near columns - 654 transfer to static system - 653 transfer to static system
  3. New options! - update design - added separation types for summon (fighter & mage types) - added option for disable melee summon attackes
  4. AUTO-FARM 2.0 | АВТО-ФАРМ 2.0 Mod supports 5 modes: * Physical mode (for fighter classes) * Archer mode (for fighter classes) * Mage mode (for mage classes) * Support mode (for all classes) * Summon mode (for all summoners) General Functions: 1. Add player skills from the shotcuts panel 2. Addendum/Deleting used skills 3. Assist in party by targeting the leader (for all modes) 4. Use skills at random from the list (for each type of skills individually) 5. Reuse skills with a delay (configured in the configs) 6. Control the disstance from the starting point of the farm (so as not to run away far) 7. Run away from close-range attacks of monsters 8. Setting the target search distance 9. Block target if it is already being attacked by another player. 10. Enable/Disable close-range attacks on the assistant (for healer mode) 11. Enable/Disable mana recovery to the leader (for healer mode) 12. Enable/Disable use of summon skills (for summoner mode) 13. System usage limit by HWID or IP (configured in configs) 14. Enable/Disable system for premium players only 15. Free test mode for players (configurable in the configs) 16. Available mode for calculating the remaining time when the farm is enable 17. Auto save all farm configured skills Works by voice command .autofarm This system is currently being tested on live projects. Features will expand! We are not trying to make a full-fledged bot for the server. This service is designed for a more comfortable game System is paid for! for verification and testing, you can use our test server. Base price 70 euro! (can be changed depending on extension of functionality) Система поддерживает 5 видов режимов: * Режим войнов (для ДДшников) * Режим лучников * Режим магов * Режим хиллеров * Режим самонеров Общие функции: 1. Добавлять навыки игрока с панели шоткатов 2. Добавление/Удаление используемых навыков 3. Ассист в пати по таргету лидера (для всех режимов) 4. Использовать скилы по рандому из списка (для каждого типа скилов индивидуально) 5. Использовать повторно скилы с задержкой (настраивается в конфигах) 6. Контролировать дисстанцию от начальной точки фарма (чтобы не убегать далеко) 7. Отбегать при ближних атаках монстров 8. Настройка дистанции поиска целей 9. Запрет на цель, если ее уже атакует другой игрок. 10. Включение/Отключение ближних атак по ассисту (для режима хилеров) 11. Включение/Отключение восстановления маны лидеру (для режима хилеров) 12. Включение/Отключение использования скилов саммонов (для режима самонеров) 13. Лимит использования системы по HWID или IP (настраивается в конфигах) 14. Включение/Отключение системы только для премиум игроков 15. Пробный бесплатный режим для игроков (настраивается в конфигах) 16. Режим расчета оставшегося времени только при включенном фарме 17. Авто сохранение всех настроенных скилов фарма Работает по голосовой команде .autofarm Данная система в настоящее время тестируется на лайф проектах. Функции будут расширяться! Мы не пытаемся сделать полноценного бота для сервера. Этот сервис предназначен для более комфортной игры Система на платной основе! для проверки и тестирования вы можете использовать наш тестовый сервер. Базовая цена 70евро! (может быть изменена в зависимости от расширения функционала)
  5. - broochs & skills and agathions support - daily rewards support - fixed karma info - fixed problem with transfrom char info - correct learning skills after change proff etc... - fixed GM hide abnormal when enter to world - add pledge missions support - fixed problem with transformation (char position when cast transform skill) - add configs for change world size - fixed problem with spaces at htmls - full sync with HF5 2294 rev
  6. - full rework logs system & clean up - trove support removed - fixed problem with enable visual shield (with arrows) - added confirm dialogue for buy olf shirt service at community - add param for block buffer at fight events - add miss AI for pagan mobs - miss settings for enchant logs - additional fake online modifier (by request) - all augmentation settings transfer to xml (by order) - add time zone support https://l2jeternity.com/index.php?/topic/223-time-zones/ - fixed jail time from seconds to minutes - clean up methods & re-group global variables - fixed problem with spoiled dead mobs for autofarm players (players stuck) - full rework aggro system & calc new calc top damager (with check paty or cc damage) - all 3th class quests transfer to static system - some rework multisell support https://l2jeternity.com/index.php?/topic/109-multisells-advanced-feature/ - auction info rework like l2off (by report) - fixed add karma if killer summon - full rework multilang support (now server can use any langs) - some change xml support for world events - regroup autofarm settings - some clean up methods - fixed problem with empty pers name (only was problem with new pets) - fixed critical problem with boats!!! (can be crush server) - rework manor support - WASD correct work - new param for block skill learn items by types (by order) - add pages support for individual buffs - remove attach buff types from core (now can create any buttons with any types) - full clean up & rework listener system - fixed Olf's T-shirt add pDef when enchanting - fixed skill Touch of Death - add config for custom save Enchant(for block items by id) - separate bonus from runes for raid bosses drop "raidDropMultiplier" - add param for augment all items (by order) - add some new listener methods - rnd damage from skills transfer to config - oly info by order - add payment options for offline mod - regroup global tasks - correct calc chance Steal Divinity - update daily reward service (need update script) - add new listener support - add new param "autoLoot" for skills support - fixed account ban support - added support SGUARD - add task management managers (to reduce load) - fixed correct restore hp mp cp (after load all skills & effects) - removed minion instance type - recalc check summon and pet skills without db - block enchant items at community if item not enchantable - block findparty service if player have ban chat - fixed problem with autofarm (when char have Petrification effect) - added white IP list for login server by request - next npcs tasks optimization - passive fakes tasks optimization - cleaning of unnecessary tables - rift change support to xml parse - some change Sel Mahums AI - remove check game & login protocol session (not important) - fixed htmls at 2 and 33 queset by report - some rework double session support - 19 & 24 update by report - add config for TW wards limit by order - add config for disable illegal actions logs by request - 63 quest transfer to static system - 64 quest transfer to static system - 254 quest transfer to static system
  7. добрый день, а смысл? Сейчас все более менее адекватные проекты стараются перейти на более новые протоколы клиентов. Или делают "ремастед". Поэтому опускать сервер до штатного ИТ клиента не вижу смысла. Тот же 140 протокол сальвейшена куда лучше для раскачки, но чтобы сделать все по ИТ хроникам, много работы... как в принципе и под ХФ
  8. * Server: - Gm view char info correct - combine support like Salvation - added raids info at world map - final chnages for auto-fish - phime shop support - fixed visual cubic remove - fixed problem with remove steal effect when char use dismont - fixed update abnormal effects state when they remove at npcs - problem with evolve pets - correct print abnormal effects - add effect list at GM menu for check and use - add max level for char (by order) - fixed work clan warehouse - fixed clan subpledge skill list - fixed summon info at party - fixed problem with transform visual info - sync with HF 2262 rev * Client: - raid info at minimap support like HF5 - location info at minimap support like HF5
  9. - Fixed correct check skills by "SkillsCheck" (was problem with enchant skills) - Regroup & cleanup methods by death class - Block reload scripts (can add only new not-load scripts) because java cant unload scripts from cache - Check invul mobs for autofarm players - Clean double sessions if char kick by enter game - Transfer calc raids respawn to decay method (to reduce load on database) - Some rework GemDragons AI - Add miss check for offline traders double sessions (for voice) - Small changes for clan section by report - Community buffer set price transfer to xml - Change calc effects chance limits ( now firts calc with min chance -> next use balancer value -> next calc with max limit ) - Fixed calc chance for debuff skills without skillType - Add check for use skills if char at transformation - Fixed doble use scroll of resurrections (at distance) - Added custom time for sell buffs (by order) - Fixed auto-announce correct read "-1" repeat param (at gm menu) - Add check run speed limits at water - Community buttons without sticking - Added configs for marking regions - Add new custom options for passive spoil * example support for skills <add order="0x10" stat="passiveSpoil" val="1" /> - Added miss premium shots support by report - Added support for increase mobs and raids stats - Added spawn and respawn multipliers (only for mobs) - Some regroup check avaliable skill list for autofarm (need update script too!) - Add delay for mobs calc defence chance - Add drop limit per group for champions - Fixed calc bonus for stats adenaMultiplier and etc... - Fixed heal cubic (was non-stop summon heal) - Fixed problem with Spoil enchant chances - Correct link for quest reward by report - Levels support change from byte to int (for custom support) - Correct target update if target-char use transform or mount - Fix problem with currect Hp for mobs (if mob was champion) - Update java version to jdk 15 - Rework and check 652 quest by report - Add resist support for champions (by request) - Add custom support for armors augmentation (by request) - Life stones support transfer to xml - If enable config GuardAttackAggroMob npc check target not by all region!(reduced radius) - If enable config AlwaysTeleportHome mobs will use teleport only if distance more 1000 from spawn location - Block community teleport if char isInStoreMode - Change some check for multisell augmentation (can use for jewerly & armor) - some change regen support - Remove rnd multiplier for magic damage - Add custom param for skills (now can group custom skills for autofarm types) * example <set name="farmAttackType" val="true" /> <set name="farmChanceType" val="true" /> <set name="ffarmSelfType" val="true" /> <set name="farmHealType" val="true" /> - Rework preview support for dressme (now can see items animation and add support for preview hairs) - Add config for acssess level for new players(by request) - Check null session key at login connect - Add config for equip cloaks without sets - Add npc AI configs - Rework punishment support - Group spawns cache in one group (from db & xml) - Krateis cube full rework - Added lock actions for active autofarm - Fixed dead pets target for players - Added confirm dialogue for augment service at community - Add config for block community for flagget players (by request) - If admin use ban by IP or hwid -> search other player with same hwid or IP - 103 quest transfer to static system - 228 quest transfer to static system - 308 quest transfer to static system - 360 quest transfer to static system
  10. Starting today, both branches of the emulator are switching to support Java version 15! Dear customers, be careful when updating! A link to the current jdk version is attached below in topic! Начиная с сегодняшнего дня обе ветки эмулятора переходят на поддержку 15 Java версии! Уважаемые клиенты, при обновлении будьте внимательны! Ссылка на актуальную jdk версию прилагается ниже в теме! Download JDK 15.0.1 x64
  11. We are ready to offer you the most favorable conditions for the purchase of our products. For your convenience, there are 2 options to choose from: 1. Expanded option: 300€ Server emulator Geodata Custom Community Board Help with server setup Access private svn with updates Technical support 2. Option (all inclusive): 400€ Server emulator Geodata Custom Community Board Autofarm Help with server setup Access private svn with updates Technical support Source code of scripts Bonuses and Loyalty Additionally you get a discount on the services of our team* Prompt correction of critical problems**, if they are of course the same . We answer your questions , ask them in this section. Honesty, openness and respect . Before purchasing the emulator we provide a test server for potential buyers . For all your questions, you can contact in ICQ - 397086629 or Skype * After purchasing any version of the Assembly. **Problem resolution time may take up to 48 hours . Information is current at the time of publication. Latest update 14.10.2021 Мы готовы предложить вам самые выгодные условия приобретения нашей продукции. Для вашего удобства, доступно 2 варианта на выбор: 1. Стандартный вариант: 300€ Эмулятор сервера ГеоДата Кастомная комьюнити Помощь в настройке сервера Доступ к закрытому svn с обновлениями Техническая поддержка 2. Всё включено: 400€ Эмулятор сервера ГеоДата Кастомная комьюнити Авто-фарм Помощь в настройке сервера Доступ к закрытому svn с обновлениями Техническая поддержка Исходный код скриптов Бонусы и Лояльность: Смотреть все бонусы и акции Дополнительно получаете скидку на услуги нашей команды* Оперативное исправления критических проблем**, если они будут конечно же. Отвечаем на интересующие вас вопросы, задавайте их в этом разделе. Честность, открытость и уважительное отношение. До покупки эмулятора мы предоставляем тестовый сервер для потенциальных покупателей. По всем интересующим вас вопросам, вы можете обращаться в ICQ - 397086629 или в Skype *После приобретения любого варианта сборки. **Может потребоваться дополнительное время на тестирование/проверку/воссоздание ошибки. Информация актуальна на момент публикации. Последнее обновление 14.10.2021
  12. - Check attack distance when char run by geopath to mobs - Fixed siege clanhalls print register clans info (by report) - New event types support like pvp zones (Solo & Team) - Add hero status & skills support for event rewards - Add hide char info support for events - Fixed CPU loads by passive fake players - Add miss icons for some skills by report - Add config for give hero skills by donate - Rework pvp color system by request - Add support for auto backup db - Add delay for fakes by request - Group custom GM spawn config - Fixed error for server list if use more 1 server - Add new custom support for instances by request - Re-group formulas configs & add resist and prof limits - Added description for skills at xml (example support at clan community) - Fixed items whitch have param "enchanted" - Fixed problem with summons use skills (for autofarm) - Add check for use self mp restore (like body to mind for autofarm) - Fixed problem with change color name ot title by gm (by report) - Some change calc chance for trigger skills - Add new option for fight events (use custom item at events for balance) - Added miss calc chance for balancer - Correct print info by debug char status - Rework magic fail formula - Rework clan section for custom community - Reverse config for vertical regions (to improve the connectivity of regions and reduce load) - Add depth configs for neighboring regions - Next extensions of layout of community clans section - Some change shutdown for more fast - Block ress for chars if leave from event (when timer run) - Correct check cache for load images for community clan icons - Correct Dragon Valley mobs skills (was miss some params)
  13. First chronology will be compressed, since most of the work was carried out in packages * Server: - All main server and client packages have been updated - Multiprotocol support is implemented simultaneously for 273 and 140 - Added glow of armor sets when enchanted - Synchronized skills enchanting - Updated the design of game buttons in dialogs - Adaptation of all services and community for Salvation - Added party-marker (server+client interface) - Added effects support KnockBack & PullBack - Partial adaptation of auto-fishing system - Full synchronization with 2239 HF5 rev. * Client: - Erthrea race selection is cut out - Synthesis buttons and brooches in inventory are cut out - Expanded amount of slots for enchanting skills from 6 to 9 - Correct display of icons when selecting routes when enchanting - Added party-marker button - Correct display of destruction bosses by version HF5 - Models of some teleporters in towns have been changed
  14. Long-awaited update for clans section design!
  15. New Community Design Press release of the new community design! Only for our customers. Trial version! it will be updated and refined. To buy, please contact our contacts! Новый дизайн комьюнити Пресс-релиз нового дизайна комьюнити! Только для наших клиентов. Пробная версия! которая будет обновляться и корректироваться. Для приобретения, обращайтесь по нашим контактам! Do not adapt to other emulators! / Не адаптируем под другие эмуляторы!
  16. - Song of Silence fixed for block phys skills - Added config for block community at pvp zones (by request) - Fixed from with exit from chamber of delusion - Fixed wrogn ticks count calc with resists if resist more 100 - Fixed null errors by TW - Remove wrong spawn Lucky Pigs - Fixed correct work for skill Bleeding Gash (ID 6777) - Block use acp when cast signet skills - Full rework punishment support (remove old punishment handlers) - Fixed problem with Harvesting (was pproblem with inventory update) - Fixed problem with mobs auto-attack stance - Add configs for limit players at siege (by order) - Correct loading configs fot hwids siege - Fixed problem with update char info after remove augmentation (by report) - Fixed update visual info when equip talismans - Fixed effect time in some skills by report - Full rework abnormal effects support & group - Added delay for some packets - Added miss support tor "DEATH" traits - Fixed excludedSkills for Korean Style - Added custom param for online rewards - Fixed block print TW msg info if player play at event - Fixed correct work macro with items if use nextAction - Work custom shortcuts at 11 and 12 pages (by report for custom interface) - Correct enchant jewels at donate shop by report - Added 3 class visual at npcs for config AltGameSkillLearn - Fixed problem with teleport when oly battle end - Add config for check debuff time with resists - Add rewards support for online rewards for all items id ( < 0 unclude) - Some changes in gm nemu - Fixed problem with debuff time < 0 - if item noRate -> his dropGroup will noRate too - Added config for buy max skill level at clan service - Added config static price for levelup service - Added config for no-rate groups (by order) - Quest 606 & 612 transfer to static sytem - Pre announce raids support (by order) - Added configs for clan members limit - Added config for clan levelup service - Added config for oly pause battles at sieges - Auto clean servification variables if subclass remove by community service - Added vote npc support (can create new npc with type -> VoteManager) - Added pts geo loader support - Effect TargetCancel now full work like L2Off - Block running by keyboard if char have fear - Next target action correct work at oly - Fixed freeze delay when kill raids - Block update hatelist if mob invul - Added check for fakes name use (when char create) - Added resurrect function for autofarm - Increased skills amount for autofarm - Correct check for double sessions (by report) - Added miss item for self player res & rework support for any items (group with xml support) - Transfer correction vote delay to xml - Check stats for skills and items by report - New options for autofarm (decription at our forum)
  17. New options! 1. Expanded the management of skills amount. 2. Added auto resurrection support in party (check all alive party members) 3. Added delay for return to keep location if have no targets & delay for disable autofarm if char die in party. # Max skills amount per type FarmMaxSkills = 14 # If char have items, he can res dead party member. RessurectionItemList = 737,3936 # If char die in party will delay for try resurrect, before autofarm will disable. # If enable keep location will delay before char return to location if targets empty. WaitDelayTime = 60
  18. It's getting close! The first stage is a multiprotocol for HF5! In future, a decision will be made on the earnings of a separate branch. Follow the news!
  19. - Add new online rewards mod - Add new params for drop items from one group (add spoil and raids) - Add params for drop items from one group for premium templates - Fixed bug with drop rewards from treasure chects (if low player apply damage) - Add params for dressme (for block enchant and augment effect -> need for hero weapons for safe hero effects) - Clenup code for charcter effectlist - Add new param for custom char (for check request item) + localization support - Check null for olympiad zones - Fixed double bypasses for some quests - Sellbuff title restore after server restart - Add remove premium support for gm - Skills level changed for more correct - Add itemConsumeCount for items support - Last Lesser Giant Olkuth have no minions - Null error for close connections - Disable restore traders for gm kick cmd - Add miss Latana skills - Miss power for Wrath skill - Correc info for 113 quest lvl diff - Reco bonus system settings in configs (by order) - cal char online time (in real time) - Fixed problem hide name for chars with cursed weapons - Traders not check by disconnect settings & configs - SagaOfTheDominator change coords for spawn quest npcs (was wrong) - Add Konoriks mass debuff - Academy service fixed double mails - Premium parse amounts change to long format - Premium pets add check to valid casts - Added miss check for zones (can be null) - Fixed noble info at char shift_click (by report) - _10295_SevenSignsSolinasTomb correct re-enter in instance with check all statuses (by report) - Rework pets heal skills support (transfer percents to xml) - Check sync pet level if player change subclass - onDeath support rework - New corrects config for rates - Correct calculation of winner by damage at oly - Fixed cast task if player cancel target - Fixed Hide remove by AOE skills - Fixed autofarm stick if mob remove at attack - Pets task error by report - quest Id 7 & 8 fixed for correct work - Correct Sailren work - Add reload support for epics (like GM reload scripts) was problem with dublicate bosses - Problem with geodata junction (by report) - Gate Chant cant use in combat status - Target Cancel effect try break cast (dont abort cast!) - Rework & group classmaster for community and general to xml format - Add pcPoints, fame and reputation for promocode support - Add enchant, augment, elementals & durability for initialEquipment support - Fixed problem with banned race at regions restart points support - Added miss RelationChanged for summons at sieges - Acp blocking if char is in heal block or stun - Reflect damage at last hit before target dead not active - Fixed Silpeed's Wing & Silpeed's Blessing print reuse time - Some changes for rnd calc drop items - Add miss skills for summon premium pets (Super the Cats) - Fixed ZombieGatekeeper AI null error (by report) - at BeastFarm can be tamed max 7 animals (like L2OFF) - Turek orcs AI rework - Added modifiers for noble stones (by order) - Added config for save enchant skills if char delevel (by order) - Correct Bleed enchant type with restore hp - Change logining format - Rework to xml and add miss for skills support character expPercentlost system - Rework double session system - Transfer pvp reward to xml - Add level limit support for pvp reward (at fun zones) - Add miss support for block potions at fight events - Fixed problem with respawn at FunPvp zones(now it teleports to nearest town) - Add party reward support for pvp - Fixed problem with pawn beleth clones after beleth death - Added debug for multisell check price - Drop protection from raids 5 min - add Active Anti-Cheat support for server - Correct spoil chances for Parasitic Leech - Fixed reflection reduce for premium players - Regroup Confirm Dialog support - Add Confirm Dialog for offline system - Fixed block max enchanting (was bug - took the item) - SOA spawn random minions every respawn (like l2OFF) - Correct drop for event MonsterAttack (and for other too -> by kill reward) - Some rework certification support in community (add block skills support) - Check to learn skills with overloaded inventory - Add scheme voice support buff (.buff <shemeName>) - Block maxAmountPerGroup configs for equip items for mobs (will standart max amount -> 1) - Add miss save status for some world events - Fixed problem with reset reuse skills at Korean Style event - Changed drop amounts support (before update on life server, check your values locally) - Rework to static system: * _112_WalkOfFate * _122_OminousNews * _174_SupplyCheck * _281_HeadForTheHills * _333_BlackLionHunt * _642_APowerfulPrimevalCreature * _643_RiseandFalloftheElrokiTribe * _663_SeductiveWhispers
  20. - Add new gm cmd //refresh_skills - Add skills save support for autofarm - Block dublicate logs for oly if battles end - Correct mp consume for Signet effects - Some rework refresh free autofarm time mechanism - New xml param for LOA raids (by order) - Full rework regions size - Rework support all zones (unlinked from regions) - Add contition for check valid target when char cast ward - Spell Turning add chance to effect - Check correct enchant time for some skills (was problem) - Some skills correct by reports - New skillType for Block Shield and Block Wind Walk (for correct work) - Correct revalidate zones - Add check conditions for ressurections at TW - Add isNoSummonFriendZone for FunPvp zones - Full remove old revalidate and check zones support (full rework) - Simplified siege zones conditions by new zones support - Debuffs time new calc with resists - Orfen msgs block to spam - Correct timeleft for debuffs - Change check players ip support (check ip address by client side) - Add param for boss zones (for enable tp) - Diff types for blockbuff effects for correct work - Separate column for save oly points of previous period - Charm of Courage check only siege zone (not by reg status) - Update auto pledge class for clan members when clan level up (needed a relog) - Negate effects calculating the chance separately from the regular configs - Replacement of debuffs only if there are have abnormalTypes - Fixed oly battle damage info (now write received damage) - Heroes battles stats calculated immediately when compiling list of heroes - Fixed null errors with zones - Add new params for premium templates (modifiers for min and max amount types) - Emulation of l2off bug on "no reuse macro" - Custom stats params for zones (by order) - Correct last time for FishingChampion by report - Castle teleport add time left before tp support (by order) - Steal Divinity cant steal debuffs - New bypass for multisells in community (with redirect bypass support) - Mass add skills for npcs (like custom drop system) - Add custom param "drainPercent" for calc custom drain heal (for all damage skills) example: <for> <add order="0x40" stat="drainPercent" val="0.5" /> </for> - Block acp with flag equip - Academy service (fixed online time info and reduce adena update) - Full rework login & game communication support - Added miss items for Merchant of Mammon - Rework flood protection system (added support for check any client packets) - Update mmocore support - Login server rework settings - Wrong skill in Hellblade (thx กิตติศักดิ์) - Add replace info support for community (read more at forum) - Custom param for fish shots - Fix for correct work quest Good Work's Reward - Separation of pk and karma services - Add info by offline traders list (for GM) - Fixed achivement update info after get reward - Add middle check to canSeeTarget with geo by cast (like L2Off) - Add config for block visual skins at oly - Add param for menu for disable visual skins - ss auto use (check like l2off) - Added VisualSkin effect support for skills - 66 quest rework to static system - 312 quest rework to static system - 376 quest rework to static system - 377 quest rework to static system - 605 quest rework to static system - 611 quest rework to static system - 241 quest rework to static system - 242 quest rework to static system - 246 quest rework to static system - 247 quest rework to static system - 373 quest rework to static system - 336 quest rework to static system - 382 quest rework to static system - 631 quest rework to static system - 648 quest rework to static system - 417 quest rework to static system
  21. Added support for auto save all farm configured skills!
  22. - Add config for block drop modifier (by order) - Add support for new autofarm v2.0 - Fixed quest _224_TestOfSagittarius - Add premium buff time support for community buffer - Balancer update interface && simplified settings - Block give exp in command channel (only calc in party) - Block calc drop modifiers for noRate items - Fix auction correct table by report - Custom drop fix correct types support by report - GM hide rework & small changes for regions - Fixed Over-hit skill - Check decay system - Fixed attack after sleep end - Underground colliseum added full support (like l2off) - Some changes with switch status of regions (now with delay) - Check invul status for KoreanStyle event - Players can write pm to fake players (by order) - Add gm function give item for all players with check (hwid/ip) - Add players limit support for fun zones (hwid/ip) - Block party invite for fakes - Check for correct work CrystalCaverns (by report) - Add check pvp by hwids - Add search academy mod for community - Add kamael race for balancer & some changes by order - Add config AutoLearnSkillsMaxLevel (by order) - Add configs for nevit sytem (by order) - Add config for ItemAuction Announce (by order) - Fixed skill Switch by report - Spawn mammon with check heading (thx Rediska) - Moster race update by report (now full settings work) - Update support for emu interface - Fixed problem with some running npcs (by report) - Add configs for mail expiration (by order) - Add config for min player level who can use the offline trade (by order) - Fixed skill Power Break (enchant time) - Add timeLimit support for multisells - Rework 288 and 423 quests to static system - Add check for reward at funpvp zones (check party and hwids) - Fixed work servitor skills with type AREA_SUMMON - Attach fakes move to geo & autofarm - Check correct Geo positions with geoIndex - Add passive fakes support - Add hwid ban section to gm panel - Fix for create rnd level fakes by level limit zones - 639 quest rework by statis system (by report) - Sieges by cron wrong calc extra 7 days (by report) - Was problem with premium pets (try cast buffs if pet die) fixed! - Skills with target type PARTY_NOTME and CORPSE_CLAN not need target for use - Change oly calc period to cron format
  23. Added: # Service is free only for premium players? AutoFarmIsFreeForPremium = False # If true, time decrease will only occur when the farm is active. AutoFarmOnlineType = False
  24. - rec bonus time enabled even if the bonus is 0 (like l2off) - login thread must not stop (problems with ddos) - packets substitution problem with item-mall - check correct info for NevitSystem for new players! - upgrade nevit points when you lower your vitality level - correct reuse agathion buff skills - added individual template for char names (at cb rename service) - fixed pvp status with pole attack (if flagged player was hit) - added range check for some quests with cc or party reward - check skills range (for skills with Signet effects) - added miss params for chance cc leader (if deader was disconnect) - fixed correct transfer att form item to item (at rare service) - add support for premium acc from items: <set name="handler" val="Premium" /> <set name="premiumId" val="1" /> <!-- premiumId from xml --> - some changes for premium gift (by report) - typo changes by order (hide info) - add IllegalPlayerAction for wrong actions (at transforms) - add configs for fake enchanters - complete reworking of drop formula calculation!!! - add support for skillId 2914 Equipment Set Pack - skills Checking System rework for correct work (only class skills are checked) - world events transfer to cron format date calc - fixed print item name info at promo codes - added lvl check for use promo codes - add Illegal Action for use wrong pet skills - add open url support for Smart Guard - fixed calc drop amount chance if item have 100% chance at x1 rates - added configs for Infinite Beast Shot - oly battles in cron format by order - fixed minions dissapier by report if leader die - check 20_10 square & miss spawn - getRandomDamageMultiplier only for hits (not for skills) - servitor share remove if player trasformed - rework 113 quest by report - update tradelist for stackable items (by report) - players remove fakedeath only by offensive skills - reflect damage cant add if player is invul - reconfiguration of bypass switching on/off in community - remove reg for player at fight event (if event failed to start) - added //admin_teleport support - if player have premium status -> summon will have premium status too (need for calc buffs time or drop calc) - fixed updates items in manufacture shop - more correct check distance for pole attacks - add drop reload support - rework show drop & spoil info for gm (can use without target) - _230_TestOfSummoner rework & update by report - add forbiddenList for custom drop support - add ultimate defence for mobs support (like l2off) - 902 quest fixed by report - correct collision for some raids - fixed buff at Fantasy Isle (Fantasy Isle Magic) - add new param for skill ignoreInvincible (can allow skills if char is invul state) * <set name="ignoreInvincible" val="true" /> - fixed chain heal (add caster to list) - fixed kamael change class and grand masters (by report) - add miss spawn - rework minions spawn for SOA (add rnd spawn in xml) - fixed null errors by reports