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  4. Rebith 3.0 - Rebirths are created according to templates (unlimited) - Creation of any number of branches for learning skills - The ability to limit the choice of the right or left branch in the process of learning skills or both - Сonvenient formation of required items and awards - Most convenient xml support for the mod - Перерождения создаются по шаблонам (неограниченно) - Создание любого количества веток изучения скилов - Возможность ограничения выбора правой или левой ветки в процессе изучения скилов или же обоих - удобное формирование требуемых предметов и наград - максимально удобная xml поддержка мода Price / Стоимость - 5000 (rubles)
  5. From January 1, 2023, all our active repositories will be moved to gitlab and current svn hosting will cease to exist. In this regard, all cutomers need to contact me to clarify and confirm their accounts. Subscriptions of all unconfirmed accounts will be suspended without right to restore. Also, starting from the new year, pricing policy in all directions will be transferred to a fixed price in rubles! С 1 января 2023 года все наши активные репозитории будут перемещены на gitlab и текущий хостинг svn прекратит свое существование. В связи с этим всем клиентам необходимо со мной связаться для уточнения и подтверждения своих аккаунтов. Подписки всех не подтвержденных учетных записей будут приостановлены без права на восстановление. Так же начиная с нового года ценовая политика по всем направлениям будет переведена на фиксированную цену в рублях!
  6. - Fixed some dialogues (thx Projack) - Some buffer buttons transfer from core - Added hide options for replace char info at all htmls - Added debuffs limit by config - Added abnormalType ID support for packets - PartySpelled skills info fixed - Fixed summon double info (if remove summon whyle casting) - Hp status updating for all around mobs (when use mass attack) - Friend update list when add new friend - Crystallize add info pre-rewards - Fixed autoshots at oly for 140 protocol - CharmOfCourage icon update (was problem at salvation client) - Added new stats for resists ABSORB_DAMAGE_DEFENCE("absorbDamDefence"), ABSORB_MANA_DAMAGE_DEFENCE("absorbManaDamDefence"), ABSORB_MAGIC_DAMAGE_DEFENCE("absorbMagicDamDefence") - Some changes at pledge packets for update info - Trade items update fixed (visual bug) - Added beatyshop support - Subclass change support at userinfo panel - Attach daily rewards -> to bestiary button - Miss subs update info if add or change sub at community - Fixed correct work party marker - Add dynamic respawn scale, configuraion and example - Add buy olympiad points community board service - Full sync with HF5 branch
  7. - Added debuffs limit by config - Rework xml support for dressme & visualme - Fixed quests 118 & 123 (thx projact) - 713 & 715 quests typo fix - All pets skills by l2off (sync to part 5) thx projact - Check move line at water (without sticking) - Falling changes - Kamaloka guards at towns cant be killed - Update core for - Fixed hairs preview at visual service - Remove effects when char exit from zone (added for effect zones) - Final fix for mobs (problem stuck to the walls) - Some change QueenAntNurse AI - Players can get trigger skills by summon hit (at reflect damage like l2off) - Check event status for attack players (if event not in instance) - Miss active skill at siege golem - Added rift param for custom chance enter to boss room - Community clan & teleport buttons transfer support to htmls - Added new cmd -> _bbslang <lang> <html> for community - Add Vervato with ressurection option - Added clan variables support - Added timestamp when use items at acp - Added enchantadd & enchantmul (custom support for all stat params) - Added new options for fun pvp zone - Rework CompassZone support - Rework premium bonus types at core - Some changes at pledge packets for update info - Fixed repead quests 164,217,219 by report - Fixed remove karma (problem is in the sequence of actions) - Skill Shoulder Charge effect fixed - Skill Power Break fixed (only debuff use) - Calc reward for quest Containing the Attribute Power - Champions custom support for add skills & check valid npcId by list - Add fake traders support - Premium services without prem status (at custom community) - Block check actions for autofarm if player run by geopath - Added check ressurect siege condition for fort sieges - Clan services can use clan members who have all privileges - Small change for premium page replace info - Block add new bonuses to old if char buy double premium - 645 quest rework - Check use toggle skills if char in anchor - Add params for control levels & proffs for fight events register - Add support for block all stats from excluded skills at fight events - Add config for tele support for summon to owner - Add mass extractable items with ctrl (only for ExtractableItems type) - Correct sequence of sending packets during teleportation - If mob in group party and clan buffs apply for all group - Some change AI for check mobs buffs - Check abnormal types for autofarm buffs - Add config for pets recharge - Add announce support for punishments - Rework 334 quest to static reward by report - Four sepulchers fixed spawn & small changes at mobs AI - Add listener for check remove or not sertification skills when sub change at community - Add supports for armor sets with more one chest - Check zero position for drop items - Small changes for walking mobs AI - Change aggro support for freya AIs & block spawn mobs at instance if instance empty - Correct drop info for custom drop at champion mobs - Configs for correct chances of debuffs by npcs accounting statsMod - Rework limits for players & summons (now can add all stats for like oly and any) - Full regroup and increase options for reload gm system - Fixed elcadia use skills - Block check TW quests from any zones (not from sieges) - Block sellbuffs at siege zones - Null errors by reports - Dynamic distribution of threads on all cores - Add config for sellbuffs (use at peace zones by request) - Added rebirth check for enter instances support - Npcs remove Invul status -> change to Undying - Fixed get vote rewards for uft8 name players - Added support for mmotop votes count (by sms vote) - Rework check dual dagger conditions (now check from 923 skill) NEED CLIENT SIDE for all races! - Area skills check can-see target by geo from first target (like l2off) - Simulation cast dont break skills (like l2off) - Fixed problem with summons spawn position (now check by geo) - Rework world events check status without db - Added support for excluded Classes at fight events - Add print rewards info at class master
  8. Monsters Book (Emu-Dev Converter) * Скрипт парсит реальные статы ваших мобов с активного сервера * По возможности учитывается регион обитания монстров (если они есть в мире на текущий момент) * Парсит ваш актуальный дроп и спойл с текущими рейтами сервера * Большой спект подгона камеры по отображению мобов по коллизиям (возможны мелкие недочеты) * Парсит весь список предметов сервера цена 5000р.
  9. Кто-то делал мерж, есть у кого готовый скрипт?
  10. Do you need telegram bot example like discord bot in share section? I'm not interested, but if I see your positive reaction, I'll do it.
  11. - Armor sets support skills by pieces amount - Friend info correct - Fixed black route icon if skill enchant to max level - Shortcut enchant level fixed too - Added support for infinity arrows (core part) - Added enchant support for extractable items (and add support for fame and other minus ID items by reward) - Manufacture correct work with client - Hide skill animation (miss at 140 packet support) - Small changes at clan packets - Added CmdLineLogin support - Added chance multisells support - full sync with changelogs ->
  12. - Fixed correct check timestamp (if char unequip item when reuse approaching zero) - CHARGEDAM skill have static damage (thx MTJ) - Change ai configs format - Rework gem dragon & drakos guardian minions support - Fixed skills by reports - Add check geo with WASD - Block learn certification skills if at community not in donate mode - Unsummon pets if cher use fly transform - Summons cant attack hide players - Correct calc spoil chance (was problem with high chance) - block use acp if char invisible - add support for rune items (now can use active skills) * <set name="activeRune" val="true" /> - Change pole attacks - Add cb tele new support by order - Some changes with check z coords when moving - Ui support rework - Fixed npe by reports - Experimental java settings for optimization - Check day zaken double spawn - Added miss check for active reflection for char enter (party or cc members) - Rework autofarm check active windows (now check from double session manager) - Add option for increase farm time if char already buy time - Rework check free farm time - Block use fear to raid - Check correct item skills if debuffs cant use for players - Rework pole multiplier by request - Correct mana consumption of talismans for use of skills - Added mobs images for community (thx by customer) - Fixed check schemes amount for create at community buffer - Test rework validation char when falling (test rework!) - Rework show droplist by groups with pages - Fixed autoenchant when item broke (was wisual bug) - Rework zones support for sell buffs & trade - Top damager typo check - No trade zones restore by request - Npe with weapon skills by report - Block unstuck if char fearing or silence - Added new service for change main class from sub class (html support only for custom community) - Update html info if autofarm end or disable - Changed Backstab to calc chance not only when behind target (like l2off) - Added party limit by config - Miss param at packet for correct check AA hwid - Added new bypass fot by premium [_bbspremiumOnlyBuy <ID>] by request - Fixed miss backstab correct front chance - Regroup player tasks general tasks - Check geo at water moving (test) - Added valid to use potions at sellbuffs or craft mode - Changed decode hwid format for AA - Added support for limit learn skills for multiproff by order - Rework check talismans at inventory for combinetalismans cmd - Added suppot for kamalokas (if you solo type or solo-party type player can use dialogue with npcs) - Fixed sticking nextattack actions after use skills (if you use little min hit time at configs) - Custom inventory support by order - Autofarm menu when char dead (only if farm was active) - If char dead at instance was wrong time limit info - Added param for event for block/not block buffs - Config for use community at combat state - Added invul effect for GM player - Event buttons transfer to localization (by request) - Fixed double items from Restoration effect - Added more correct support for check item skills - Enchant skills custom items support - Typo check tw for oly config - Add l2s geodata support for loader - Reduce use memory with loaded geo - Fixed unsummon problem (with re-summon & wrong pet window info) - Next attack action after use skill (check target to auto attackable) - Correct target type for skill (Sublime Self-Sacrifice) - Calc step by step pathfinding for all mobs - Added limit for crit damage modifier (by request) - Fixed Newbie Guide bypasses by report - Added event LoversJubilee (thx Projack) - Fixed quest 024 by report - Corpse mobs animations block - Unstuck fixed to cancel - Added around attacks (from all weapons) custom support - Added effect handlers load from dp - Block use skills to doors (if door not auto-attackable) - If mob attacked player and player target null -> set auto target - 025 quest fixed dialogues - Added skill time rate params BUFF_RATE("buffRate"), DEBUFF_RATE("debuffRate") - 716 quest correct work - Added support exp & sp for multisells - Added custom redirect for npcs shift-click bypass - Fixed 714 quest - Added check skills conditions for toggles - Fixed check valid active skill for autofarm (if char do relog) - Fixed correct work 708 quest - Fixed skills * Spirit of the Cat * Spirit of the Demon * Spirit of the Unicorn - Fixed ban chat by config types - Fixed some dialogues (thx Projack) - Rework clan level up support to xml format - Some buffer buttons transfer from core - Added hide options for replace char info at all htmls (at community)
  13. Ready-made pack of 84 suits and 75 cloaks Pack includes client and server part for our server! suits - cloaks - PRICE - 250 EURO
  14. тех работы на свн это единичные случаи, в 90% это или я забыл оплатить его или я его оплатил но инфа об оплате не дошла до хостера, потому что из-за проблем с вэбмани для частных лиц все делается ручными переводами без какой-либо автоматизации.
  15. Отбой, глюк какой то был.
  16. СВН недоступен.
  17. - Sync & fixed problem with spaces at htmls - Community services without premium by config - Replace space at the end of quest htmls - Fixed mail list (problem with open mails) - Fixed ss damage visual effect - Fixed tick debuffs print at target - Raids changes - Fixed abnormals - Sync with add support by abnormalEffect for all npcs * example <set name="abnormalEffect" value="FIVE_STARS;POISON" /> - Fixed auction html print - Fixed sell at private store - Fixed zaken barrels at new client - Added hide accessory support - Wasd complete - Full sync with HF5 branch
  18. - Added new options for summon farm type (magic type for summons & option for block summon melee attacks) need update autofarm - Fixed quest by report - New option for sellbuffs (by request) - Added support for Rune Jewelry Box - Talisman & Pablo's Box (thx Edo Satria) - Fixed auction error by report - Change to correct Angry Bunny items support - Expansion configs for custom rates - Added param for premium (rewards modifier) - Miss agathion skills (thx fa) - Fixed teleports at firt if change room - Added custom skills support for custom visual service - Added disable full check for ingredients for multisells - Fixed limit check at fun zones (was wrong limit param) - Fixed problem with drop items from inventory (sometimes was hide) - Remove all configs from rift and transfer support to xml (by request) - Rework htmls cache system - Solo kamaloka rewards transfer to xml - Fixed check class id for Arena buffer at colliseum - Fixed block use toggle skills if player sit - Fixed disable fake death if player use toggle skill - Check and correct all toggle skills by use mp - Fixed attack conditions by mobs (if fake attack npcs) - Added you support reward for class master (by order) - Added pvp,pk & ally info for char at community main page (by request) - Add option for not removed skills <set name="isBlockRemove" val="true" /> - Full rework toggle skills support & sync with regen (like l2off) - Sync phys & magic atk speeds and run & walk speeds - Fixed npe at CatsEyeBandit AI - Next sync with npcs stats - Npe at login, if host IP crush - Added fail pathfinders for mobs (to check before teleport to target) - Change calc achivements (mobs & byId) for groups - Add separate calc stats for raids - Add configs for auto summon buffs at community (by order) - Some changes at water movement - Fixed sticking during attack - Check raids spawn locs by report - Add new gm cmd for tele to raid by ID - Regroup acp in one task - Correction chance for blow skills with miss params - Check critical damage calc - Some configs change defaul status - Darkness Energy Drain must not activate flag - Adjusting escape of archer mobs - Smoother mobs pathfinding before teleporting to target - Transformations cant be dispel by alt+click - Cursed players check autoattack conditions - Fixed end attack berofe next cast skills - Correct mobs positions why finish moving - Added support for dragon valley migration - Fixed problem with strider skills use - Added new params for champion mobs - Added new params reflectMagicSkillDam and reflectPhysSkillDam (can use by %) - Chances modifiers for raids & champions - Fixed correct work .relog (was crit) - Online rewards added sql support for save info - Rework events autotimes to cron format - Added "enchantBonus" for skills support - Added OnRaidPointListener - Fixed correct work Four Sepulchers - Colision for some npcs by report - Added support for classic shift-click - Added adena chance modifier for champions - Fixed achivement rewards - Working with thread load - Group respawn tasks & playes sava data pools - Miss spawn & wrong empty instaces time - Miss capsuled items - Added block global aggro without pathfinder for some npcs - Added color config "switch" by request - Group follow tasks - Added param for champion lethal immune - Add dropinfo by groups "bypass -h group" - Autofarm lock - Events items correct work - Miss auto spawn reg fortress npcs - Regroup calc java time for all server - Added new type zone for sell buffs - Some rework tasks for event Leprechaun - Fixed 348 & 501 quest (removed ru messages in code) - Fixed 607 quest by null error - Update to jdk17 (start adapt code) - Fixed 709 quest for correct work - Removed update of raid points indatabase when killing rb to reduce load - Check auto follow char if cant see target - Fixed problem with attack by mobs if char run away - Correct parse skills descr from datapack - Better wasd - Fixed some problem with antisignet summons at pvp zones - Added param for block custom skills at oly (beta test) - If cubic remove debuff check trigger too - Add vote by l2jbrasil & - Added config for summon owner attack - Added custom reward for oly win & lose - Added announce by oly battles - Added option for mass punishment (write at name section -> ALL) - Fixed npe by reports - Fixed problem with loot if party leader at peace zone - Expanded pathfind if player is hiding near columns - 654 transfer to static system - 653 transfer to static system
  19. This mod is not included in the package with server and is purchased separately! Cost of this mod : 30 euro Rebirth - this is an additional system to enhance the character. In short what it looks like . Available to characters 85 LVL You can set the number of rebirths (in config) Can set the required items for rebirth (in config) List of skills that character can learn (skills can be added to config) Link to download page Данный мод не входит в комплекцию со сборкой и покупается отдельно! Стоимость данного мода: 30 евро Перерождение - это дополнительная система для усиления персонажа. В кратце как это выглядит. Доступно персонажам 85 лвл Можно установить количество перерождений (в конфиге) Можно установить требуемые предметы для перерождения (в конфиге) Список скилов которые персонаж может развивать (скилы можно дописать в конфиге) Ссылка на страницу загрузки Screenshots | Скриншоты:
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