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  3. Собственно некоторые меня уже знают, примерно с 2018 года работаю в L2Up Так как здесь сидят часто новички, буду писать для них подробно и простыми словами Ниже приведу не большой список из того чем занимаюсь: Работа с ДП/Web: Установка сайта/форума: StressWeb/IPB/Xenforo/Mmoweb/GHTWEB/SphereWeb и других веб обвязок Проекты и сборки под ключ от х1 до х100'000 с дополнениями (Сделаем за вас всю работу и сопроводим на всех этапах от Открытия до Переоткрытия сервера) Установка сборки и нужного софта на Windows/Linux системы Любые работы с Датапаком (Редактирование сборки под ваши хотелки ) Услуги администрирования вашего проекта Услуги сапорта: Помогает вам следить за соц.сетями и форумом (будет заниматься человек с команды) Устранение багов/недоработок и прочего Апдейтеры для вашего сервера Оптимизация Оборудования и сборки под открытия, настройка безопасности (сервер-веб) Работа по клиент части. (Изменить Splash Screen,Loading Screen,создать пак с иконками для вашего сервера и т.д) Установке любого (NPC, Weapon, Armor, Тату, Крылья, Шлема и т.д) Услуги рекламы: Добавление на анонсы (L2oops / L2op / L2pick / l2hop) дешевле чем на прямую ! Оживление форума sms рассылки на номера донатеров Спам по форумам конкурентов Спам в игре у конкурентов (обход блокировок) Реклама в телеграм (В самых крупных телеграм пабликах с тематикой Lineage2) Создание беседок ВК (1000+ игроков) Cпам рассылки вк Если вы не нашли то что вам нужно, возможно я просто забыл написать об этом, по этому пишите мне по контактам ниже: telegram:
  4. Спасибо... Вчера нашел это.. Где добавлять минимум и максимум заточки? Чтоб не больше +15 например было
  5. general.ini # Показывать "data/html/servnews.htm" когда персонаж заходит в игру? # По умолчанию: False ShowServerNews = False
  6. Всем привет. Нужна помощь по окну. При создании нового чара, выбивает окно с инфой. Где редактировать его, я нашел, а отключение не могу найти.
  7. Starting today, both branches of the emulator are switching to support Java version 21! Dear customers, be careful when updating! A link to the current jdk version is attached below in topic! Начиная с сегодняшнего дня обе ветки эмулятора переходят на поддержку 21 Java версии! Уважаемые клиенты, при обновлении будьте внимательны! Ссылка на актуальную jdk версию прилагается ниже в теме! Download JDK 21.0.2
  8. Hello ! Can you please advise me how to do it in the settings in multicell, when I want to change to another tier, so that a weapon that is ++ or +0 can be changed and I got next tier+0, Must in config? In multisell I try change <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <list maintainEnchantment="true" xmlns:ns0="" ns0:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../../../xsd/multisell.xsd"> to false, but didint work .
  9. The feature work fast, clean and its OP! i recommend it!
  10. Drop Database - Salvation (140p) Overview New interface window for the salvation client that show npc info without server interaction. Features: View NPC model; View NPC drop and spoil lists; View quests related to NPC and quests start locations; View NPC stats with passive skills; View NPC location on map; Search in npc list by npc/item/quest names or ids; GM can see NPC id and location vector. Teleport directly to NPC and quest start locations. Summon NPC and items by double click on them. This functions is not available for common players. Window works over MonsterBook_client.dat file as data source. Without any dll and flash components. Pack contains: Unreal script source code and xdat window. Server side script for dat file generator. Small instruction how to integrate window. All needed tools to integrate it to your sources(l2cilentdat, xdateditor, salvation interface compiler). It requires that you understand what you are doing. I'm not going to do anything for you. Price: 150 $ Contact me via Discrod: @Projack Screenshots Video demonstration
  11. Greetings forum users! A Telegram bot for conducting contests and automatically awarding prizes to characters is available for sale. Out of the box, it supports the following builds: Paun-Team, L2jEternity, Lucera2. Any other build can be added upon client request for free. Brief bot functionality: Multilingual support: ru, eng, ua Daily and scheduled contests with images Convenient prize and contest configuration Participation bonuses Automatic removal of contests after a specified time Channel subscription verification. Price: $70 Contact: A few screenshots below ======================================== Приветствую пользователей форума! Продается телеграм бот для проведения конкурсов и автоматической выдачи призов на персонажа. Из коробки поддерживаются сборка: Paun-Team, L2jEternity, Lucera2. Любая другая сборка добавляется по запросу клиента бесплатно. Краткий функционал бота: Мультиязычность: ru, eng, ua Ежедневные и запланированные конкурсы с картинкой Удобная настройка призов и конкурсов Бонус за участие Автоматическое удаление конкурсов через заданное время Проверка подписки на каналы. цена: 70$ связь: Немного скриншотов ниже
  12. - Vampiric check maxhp from target after all calc - Fixed geo doors by report - Add itemHandler "Nobless" by request - Auto check default lang from client (if server valid this lang) - Block restore buffs for servitors at events - Added support for block transfroms at fun zones - Typo changes with char regens (fixed dublicate send packets) - Fixed triggers if char get reflect damage & char isInvul - Fixed pk status if kill player with cursed weapon - Effect invisible with param for healblock (by request) - Fixed work bonusExp & bonusSp - Small changes with disconnect system delay - Block community if char in Petrification status - Fixed special bypasses for beleth enter - Start checking quests to block bypass substitution - Department of objects storage - Removed range restriction at valakas movie - Add switch config for show raids at community by ids - Sub triggers add to owner servitor too - Quests 137-143 rework to static system - Corpse Life Drain can use to servitors (like l2off) - Fixed drop protection when char relog - Fixed Dark Cloud Mansion (unlimit spawns) - Fixed feeding golems at CrystalCaverns - Community buffer buttons (at scheme by request) - Epic bosses status (with sleep status) - Fixed epic announce - Improve of epic statistics - Changes for instances support * added hwids limit support * added premium check support * added request items list support * added reward items list support - Miss spawn for Carnamakos - Special bypasses update by instances support too - Fixed 311 quest by report - Fixed NewbieGuide system by report - Vip points diff support - Custom rewards support like by ID - Fixed use shots if hittime not standart - Removed double check skills configs - Rework community check combat state for bypasses - Added max level for players - Added drop info for custom items for campions - Fixed augment skills for oly - Some add checks for quests - Add miss C grade coupons for all classes after 2th class change - Fixed spawn coords by report - Fixed Corpse Burst by report - Fixed correct print champion chances drop - Champions custom drop with penalty calc - External herbs support at Dragon Valley, Lair of Antharas & SOA (like l2off) - Add time support for resurrect skills ("resurrectTime") - Change bypass for class master clan lvl up (duplicates regular) - Academy Circlet added miss skill - Add support Energy Abundance Effect at Dragon Valley (like l2off) - Players can craft at combat status (like l2off) - Some change Dragon Valley spawn - Correct use items count by click - Fixed bypassed by report - Check all proff quests by reward - Any work qirh quests by report - Miss dialodue - Added hide main IP support for proxy - Fixed 60 quest (return adena for each available mark) - Fixed some toggles work (sometime removed with any effects) - Fixed quest _171_ActsOfEvil (reward & drop npcs id) - In Sea of spores can use teleport (like l2off) - Fixed get damage for area at skill Corpse Burst - Fixed skill Fatal Counter (use shots) - Added miss C coupons for Bounty Hunter (after change 2th class) - Fixed invate party with same hwids (miss check party leader) - Debuff immune fixed by report - Added epic movies configs - Fixed Experienced Adventurer's Treasure Sack (by report) - Fixed baby pets for use skills - Fixed hellbound kill mobs (by Holy Water) - Miss check transformation conditions - Geoengine updated * improved calculations from failures * water check updated * doors check updated - Some fixes by reports - Fixed check conditions for party (bug with invite delay) - Rework 275 quest - Added miss beleth htmls - Added group chance modifier for premium account - Added custom support for rnd min max amount items per group - Npc html (clipping line breaks) - Added custom targets by order - Added drop info for groups (by list without pages) by order - Fixed effects time at dual by report - Fixed check doors for pets by report - Add confirm dialogue to some services (by order) - Block to use unlock or transform skills when char at silence - Add config for auto combine talismans - Fix teleport to tent if tw is end - Trade package small edits - Removed additional checks on cb teleport - Opening dialog when entering the game if char is sitting on an off-trade buffs - Added miss pve params for phys skills - New gm commands - Added custom messages for zones (by order) - Dimensional rift (fix double spawn) - Added effect CallClan (by order) - Quests transfer to static reward by order (270,278,289,309) - Running mobs in DV and LOA binding to the geo square - Clan skills in CB fixed dialogue for last skill learn - Fixed pole auto attack for no-flagged from another flagged player - When selecting pet owner in tagret, and pressing attack button, pet must run to owner - Removed ability set pet names as well as nickname of player - Fixed (If you pick up herb on hp or mana, will regenerate servant) - Clan res should not reset pets Mass Resurrection id 1254 (if owner dead) - cmd .party added ability to search for group topic (bypass <topic>) - In .cfg, time for no-carrier is fixed by config limit - Zone revalidation fixed when exit from game (for fan zones) - Fixed freeze when client is crush during teleportation (if the char uses no-carrier) - Fixed pets regen at community buff - Add param for effect TargetCancel (for aggro mobs block) - Delete config TeleportWatchdogTimeout (not needed) - Rework search targets for autofarm (for reduce load) - Change recycling pools for autofarm - Geo edits so that you can't go up when searching path (through textures) - Fixed RestorationRandom when unpacking non-stackable items - Fixed boost of stats from Olf's T-shirt with relogs - Changes on moving for chars with a collapsed client with 0 fps - Next cast block when changing sub - Correct work for cancel (for skills that have several effects) - Fixed double effects with Hurricane (when enchant skill) - Added custom support for items (required and rewards) - Added support checkSlots for items (capsule) - Processing DayNightSpawnManager (support for any raids) - Fixed npe when checking night spawn - Add ability to buy more premium time (not for online types of premium, only with same premium id) - Added a support for viewing quests in which NPCs participate - Added skills info for npcs via shift - Rework REQUEST_ID (images were not uploaded in community under proxy login) - Grouping premium accounts to extend time - Added config for reconfiguring debuffs only in pve - Added config for lvl diff block for epaulette drop - Rework support InventoryUpdate for correct work (without ItemList use) - Fixed localization parse by report - Rework calculations effects time by java time (without game controller) - Removed task for toggles - Fixed AOE skills on sieges - Added reward after change class at grand masters - 662 quest transfer to static reward by request - Fixed double listener at Kamaels - Fixed pets when break cast to owner - Processing casting speed calculations - Fixed 10275 quest - Fixed event Rabbits - Added service for transfer att and elementals - Rework castle sieges system - Support for enable all world events from gm panel even if they are disabled - Fixed npc type (for dialogue) - Fixed spawn Dead Leopard's Carcass - Add custom param for Pailaka - Devil's Legacy - 607 quest rework to static reward - Fixed correct work attach char protection with no-carrier - Blocklist rework support - Fixed drop info for no-rate groups - Fixed remove nobless from summons - Added check for double spawn at rift - Fixed pole attacks - Added check for rename service (added check forbidden names) - Change main class service (added support for remove sublass skills & restore books) - Fixed spawn at Tanor Canyon - Fixed skill Master Recharge - Fixed wrong doors coords - Some change formula for calculating debuffs time from resists - Fixed aggro mobs after stun - Fixed move calc with speed for follow attack (for range) - Fixed friend update list (when remove friend) - Fixed premium buff slots after relog - Added custom oly points every day - Added gm support for remove items from players (like ALT + G) - Support enable/disable relations at fun zones - Add custom support for multisells (check equip items) - Emudev - old support remove - Fixed AOE skills at fun zones - Steal Divinity - block use for npc and summons - Vagabond of the Ruins - added miss minions - Change formula for blow skills - Fixed some pet skills (not increase damage with ss) - Edits of melee attacks if char is in root - Change search for objects by region (priority for current region in which char is located) - Fixed start 309 quest - Some changes of AI guards - Block getting exp for premium pets - Fixed stats boost for buff crafter on servitor - Fixed transfer of att bonus from owner to summon - New support for autofarm (block attack of champs or raids) - Add support hwid & ip check for intances and rift - FOG chance to summon mobs after death is taken out in xml - Added support random amount rewards for effect RestorationRandom - Add support to remove skins for visual mode - Fix wards attack with summon - Configs of rewards for losing on oly - Grouping buffs in community by type so that you can use duplicates - Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery added miss params - Quest Into the World fixed reward - Rework bubble skills - Rework AGGREMOVE skills (like l2off) - Added support for load npcinctance types from scripts - Fixed work skill 902 & 39 - Added att black list support for items - Some item skills fixed - Fixed summon skills attack (check pvp status for some skills)
  13. успешно?)
  14. Привет. Немного о себе: У меня есть ютуб канал по настройке и запуску игровых серверов. Сам имею свой игровой сервер (правда интерлюд). И ещё несколько партнёрских проектов. На данный момент ищу новые связи для сотрудничества. С интерлюдом у меня уже всё стабильно отработано. Не хватает хай фая. Ко мне частенько приходят люди которые хотят запустить себе игровой сервер хай фай. Но так как у меня нету нормальной сборки, отправляю их на поиски. В результате тупо теряю клиентов. Вот один из моих подписчиков на канале посоветовал ваш проект. (он является вашим клиентом) Хочу пообщаться с разработчиком данного ядра, для обсуждения деталей сотрудничества. Если таковое вам конечно интересно.
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