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Found 20 results

  1. - Add miss spawn warpgate for Anakim and Lilith teleport - Add miss spawn for catacombs - Add miss html dialogues for some npcs - Add param for fight events check by lvl (now can participation all classes) - Add param for transfrom skill for Race event (by order) - Fix Warp and Shadow Step can be used while movement disable - Check for calc max exp and sp at party (exclude negative value) - Check for npc skills (skills all mobs like L2Off) - Some rework instances core support - Start working with group spawns by squares - Update stats for all npcs and guards likw l2Off (not for mobs!for mobs was parsed earlier) - Full rework knownlist support for world regions (global update) - Add miss chance calc for rewardlist at world events - New AI for Bloody Karik & hide params - Add miss time for Shiny Lit Platform skill - Add param for mobs in SOA (can see hide players) - Fix wards cant move - Add teleport support for Aerial Cleft from Kecerius Base (like l2Off) - full rework spawn for Spawn of Screams [full rework 22_16 square] (group spawn & check z coords) - Correct save and reset info for itemId 13021 (title color) - Check dressme sets info not only when equip sets (was not correct) - Check correct time for Fear enchant lvl - Check null error for DragonValley zone - Fix html links for quests _458_PerfectForm & _691_MatrasSuspiciousRequest - Fix errors by attackable status by report - Some changes for fly skills - Add check validation winner for olympiad - Add balancer rate for calc skills chance (miss) - Fix dressme (can use for no-grade items & add check valid for kamael equip) - Add param for GiftOfVitality reset time - Cleanup broadcastInfo methods - Add param for drop item list (if drop disable by config) - Check announce distance for npcs messages (need add distance after region update) - Add lakfi rewards xml support - Acp rework to extended format (individual % setting & choice potions) - Add soul potions support for Kamael in acp panel - Correct drop from Chests (thx l2idle) - Fix itemConsume for itemId 17018 - Expanding functionality for sellbuffs & fix problem with client crit error (choice currency) - Add hairs support for dressme & can group with acessories shields and cloaks in armor types - Add param for min char lvl for shout (by order) List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system: * _287_FiguringItOut * _694_BreakThroughTheHallOfSuffering * _695_DefendTheHallOfSuffering * _696_ConquertheHallofErosion * _697_DefendtheHallofErosion
  2. - Add miss spawn for Tully floor 3 - Some change spawn system support (now can add several npcId in one territory) - Cleanup unused tables - Signet effects correct working! - Event hitman - advanced settings (several orders support) - Add raidpoints info to ranking & fix errors by reports - Fix problem with freya check quest for all players in instance - Add miss ConsumeBody effect in skills - Add support auto reloads scripts by admin cmd - Correct faction check for DragonGuards AI - Rework to new pvp rewards system and for capture and defence rewards too - Add game points settings by admin panel - Some change zone range spawn -> to check z coords by GEO - Add item use lock - Fix offline trade for PACKAGE SELL type - Change spawn by debug (fixed all bugget spawn points) - Ability to set the buff time for community buffs (separately) - Integration of the VIP service - New LOA spawn with banned zones support (direct by LordWinter) - Fix correct check PC points at multisell - Fix skills with SIGNET_CASTTIME types (dont attack peace players) - Correct chances for Wondrous Cubic skill - Add xml support for Crystal Scrolls - Add param for oly check hwid - Support for territory spawn info to npcs (admin shift + click) - Community close after tp to raid - Add support for restore effects with custom time - Add check for community add tp (block at epic raid zones and other some) - Custom effect time for summons too - Some changes for SignetMDam effects - Add custom configs for augment items - Rework all world events support (now all params in xml) - Add config for community heal (to enable cmd outside peace zones) - Fix correct check oly config to week period - Add config to enable new oly period by admin cmd - Add cmd to reload all events params - Rework crit formula for blow skills - Fix check restore summons after relog - Add miss minions for DragonKnights in LOA (+ rework ai) - Group spawn zones for dragon valley - Add configs for base stats reset if protection run - Reconfiguration of configs (and transfer old scripts to dp) - Change calc rnd npc position at spawn zones (definition z point) - Full rework minions support - New ai for QueenAntNurse - Check geo by teleports - Rework collision checks - Correct crit rate for all npcs - Fix problem with pets name (was auto create default name) - Mobs attack pet if pet attacker. (not pets owner!) - Fix bypass for blacksmith in aden - Some changes for doors packets (changing for frintezza) - Servitors auto use herbs with owner - Resurrection like l2off for sieges - Known objects change distance if a lot of objects - New configs for sieges - Add check for mass resurrections at sieges - Transfer of spawn chests for noobless from quest to bosses - Restore buffs after finish DUEL - Block Achievement voice cmd if event disable - Heal and buffs cant use for combat chars (without ctrl) - Block actions for aggro skills only for lockTarget - Rework quest for noobless - Update aggro skills - sysmsg 287 print when player start cast to artefact - Block save points in community at siege zones - Fix problem shift click mobs if mob have no spawn loc - Correct check area skills if char in duel - Debuffs cant use for party or clan with ctrl - Trigger skills cant to cancel - Some change mechanism to remove visible objects - ConsumeBody can used only for dead mobs - Realization PcBangPoint effect for auto get poins from respective items - Add support for custom summon friend skills - Invincible effect block all heal mpHeal and cpHeal effects - Cancel cant use for party players - Add some check for group heal skills - Vengeance not add icon for targets - Toggle skills cant steals - If char use mass resurrect not need select target - Add param for vitality from raids - Next changes for aura skills and aggro - Fix bypass for quest _227_TestOfTheReformer - Rework quest _229_TestOfWitchcraft - Add logs viewer system - Cleance remove anchor and triggers stoped! - Correct restore buffs time after steal - Add config for attributte pvp items - Final changes for area skills check - Steal divinity used only for flaget targets - Additional configs for teleports in the community - Rework quest _233_TestOfWarspirit - Fixed problem of quests for 3 professions - Additional parameters for skills in skill reflected(not all skills can be reflected) - Expanded functions of fun pvp zones - Support for enchant items in multisells - Check for itemId 21726 (if event disable cnat use) - Add support for augmentations and attributtes for multisell ingredients - Add miss buylist - Macroses transfer in xml support - Fixed walking mobs - Add +5 Knoriks in LOA - Add new AI for Gordon - Add new params for zaken instances (burn candle delay) - Some change formulas for debuffs - Fix to correct attack range if char in transform - Can summon pet if pet feed 0 - Some change in quest _246_PossessorOfAPreciousSoul_3 - Fix totems conditions - Vortex skills are not debuffs - Fix problem with autoloot herbs (for mage classes) - Add calc LethalHit for skills with type "AGGDAMAGE" - Rework quest _220_TestimonyOfGlory by report - Add check to block tp by tw chars with flag - Charm of Courage correct working - Drop conditions for 219_TestimonyOfFate quest - Correct zone spawn for raid Fenril Hound Freki - Getting started with move controller (eliminate gaps under geo) - Add new zone type (without check geo at this zones) - Reflect skills final changes - Check rewards for first proff quests - Fix castle quests for conferment territory - Advanced setting for pcBang points system (for premium players) - Fix multisell info for fame ingredient - Kamaloka bosses block lethal attacks - Community augments now use standart checks for crystalType and other - Fix route for gracia airship - Some changes for summons ai - Servitor Share rework effect - Pride of Kamael fixed add stats - Check null errors for fake players - Separate pool manager for fakes - Check summon attack at oly wait by owner List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system * _183_RelicExploration * _184_NikolasCooperationContract * _185_NikolasCooperationConsideration * _186_ContractExecution * _187_NikolasHeart * _188_SealRemoval * _189_ContractCompletion * _190_LostDream * _191_VainConclusion * _252_ItSmellsDelicious * _311_ExpulsionOfEvilSpirits * _403_PathToRogue
  3. - Add config for command channel (forgives requirements) - New custom community ( - Some changes for event Leprechaun (can use Monster template for event npc) - cmd teletocl (block tp at epic zones and instances) - Add new admin cmd for auto create spawn npc point in txt (in /data/stats/npcs/spawns/dumps/) - Add Clan Damage Info for epic bosses - Add Static XP & SP rate by levels - Check add miss skills in 23200-23299.xml - Add twitch auto reward system! - Add teleports to raid bosses service (in community) - Auto restart login if it cant connect to game server - Add facebook system (need test) - Fix quest for frintezza cloak - Remove unhave items from dressme mod - Merge page navigation for all services where it is used - Logs of incorrect bypasses are hidden (available only for admin) - Division requests for restore info to be provided - Mmocore reworking - Unification StatsSet - char variables remove old support (duplicate) - Add config for SecondAuth system (to make it easier to create passwords) - Transfer all Elpy event settings to dp (in xml formate) - Fix clips of when summons action is canceled - Salvation not replace by Noobless Bless - Full reworking server packets opcodes (reading opcodes from a list) - Correct links for ban char buttons - Complete changes with minions (had problems with fast respawn) - Add interval task for CharInfo and UserInfo packets - Full remove javolution support from source - Rework clan & ally crests cache support - Fix aggro to add debuff if skill enchanted - Add params support for instances (transfer freya & zaken configs to this system) - Fix all errors by reports List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system * _603_DaimontheWhiteEyedPart1 * _604_DaimonTheWhiteEyedPart2 * _609_MagicalPowerOfWaterPart1 * _610_MagicalPowerOfWaterPart2 * _615_MagicalPowerOfFirePart1 * _616_MagicalPowerOfFirePart2
  4. - Add configs for freya guards by order - Add Level Limit zones support (Ant Queen for example) - Add auto enchanting service - Fix bow and crossbow distance attacks - TonZone auto reward update to new api - Fix correct working skill Letter Collector's Gift - Fix errors with RecoBonus effects - Auto-learn skills some change - Fix auto resurrection at events if char leave event zone - Add check to block use tp service in instances - Add check limit for basestats calc - Add new param for items isEventRestricted for check on active events - Add custom rate for Seal Stones and for premium too - Fix correct working rune items (problem with char stats) - Add new custom param for full dress items (costume) - check event restricted items before start events - Add miss npcId at newbie npc multisell - Correct calc damage for Curse Death Link - Fantasy Isle miss dialogues for some npcs - Underground Coliseum Helper add html support - Fix pvp info check at killer in tvt event - Fix problem with double pAtk stats - Add check for spawn summons (if auto restore) - Check to remove minions mobs - Rework Lakfi-Lakfi system - Correct check player level for open chests - Add diff levels to active lethal skills - Add personal premium type (only for one character not for all account) - Check buffs type without line register - Drop info with check champions (correct print info) - Fix for events if cant attack player not freeze - Add aggro info for all - Fix skill Corpse Life Drain - Move controller (search pathfinder distance transfer to configs) - Correct skills for Batur mobs (thx Kate) - Correct re-add debuffs & add config to change system (like L2OFF) - Change totems time (thx Grand) - Fix visual problem at manage selllist (not remove from inventory) - Some reworking pailaka 73 - Fix some null errors in scripts - TW teleport fix for flag - Fix errors with DeadLockDetector (sync remove effects with owner summon) - Check all Pole weapons add miss attack params - Fix auto get holy pomanders (now not need re-login) - If at event summon do kill, point add to his owner - Correct fly ai for Pterosaur - Final change for pets now correct to check attack and skills - Party recall and param to menu to block auto recall - Add voice cmd to check premium in party - Change decay system & configs - Fix to change siege time for tw (in admin panel) - Check Mucrokian drops - Fix error for search mob info in community (problem with search chest) - Fix problem with Freya trigger skill - Fix use Outpost Demolition to base - Calc damage and aggro without AIRegister (calc by core not by script) - Fix visual bug when changing kamael weapons (simplification skill work) - Add chance for Lavasaurus spawn in FOG (was 100%) - Fix problem with pets looting in party - Reduce chance of spawn for npc 32759 - Fix htmls at 625 quest - Add support for premiums in community teleport - Add static respawn for all epics (attach to time hours) - Add miss packet when char created (auto selected) - Dragon valley Partrollers some changed - Add images for epics - Reworking community buffer: * Reworking interface for schemes * Add config to block buffer outside peace zones * Add config to use buffer outside peace zones for premium players * Can set level of buffs separately for premium players - Reworking spawn in LOA - Add config (limit time buffs) for premium players - Add config (buffs amount) for premium players List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system * _187_NikolasHeart * _238_SuccesFailureOfBusiness * _251_NoSecrets * _290_ThreatRemoval * _362_BardsMandolin * _617_GatherTheFlames * _624_TheFinestIngredientsPart1 * _625_TheFinestIngredientsPart2 * _688_DefeatTheElrokianRaiders * _902_ReclaimOurEra
  5. - Minor changes in Four Goblets - Unification drop and spoil for community and shift info - Add param to check players lvl when try to get vote reward - Add some support for capsule items (thx Kate) - Add param to disable check geo for skills (transfer from core support) - Fix Oly reg info in html (miss calc in core) - Minor changes in 337 quest - Fix bad link to html in 726 quest - Correct icons for raid hats - Fix htm for some npcs - Fix double login sessions to enter into game - Add new gm cmd for recall all players (//recall_players) - Fix link htmls for 421 quest - Fix spawn Latana - New voice FindParty system - Add miss skills icons for multiproff mod - Changes for 7 sign quests (transform problem and guards in instance) - Rework calc Pole attack targets - Add custom hwid system for quests - Antharas quest typo fix - Rework offline trader system (now data is saved as soon as player has become offline trader) - Sellbuffs offline system reworked same way - Typo fix htmls (thx GrandV) - Add price modifier for sale items - Remove Client packet queue tuning support - Add param for Epidos spores amount - Add config for Attribute chance rate - Attach community multisells - Premium Pets full check (add miss skills for some pets) - Check time limit for pets items - Fake death 70% chance like L2OFF (thx GrandV) - Check to correct work quest _10295_SevenSignsSolinasTomb - Add custom item broker (search and print info private stores) - Add custom param for magic skill damage (magicSkillPower) - Add alternative community teleport support by id from xml - Full rework premium system: * xml template support for premiums * regular premiums and online type premiums * premium gifts * exp bonuses * sp bonuses * siegeGuard bonuses * adena bonuses * drop bonuses * raids drop bonuses * quest reward bonuses * quests drop bonuses * fishing bonuses * elemental stones bonuses * spoil bonuses * weight limit bonuses * craft bonuses * masterWork craft bonuses * echant scrolls + echant att bonuses * fame bonuses * instances reduce bonuses - Fix for correct working Fear skills type - Fix preblem with doors at Oly (promlem with calc geoIndex) - Fix print info for chanhall payments - Change instance grouping (new type SOLO_PARTY) - Typo fix Achievements by report List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system * _10501_ZakenEmbroideredSoulCloak * _10502_FreyaEmbroideredSoulCloak * _10503_FrintezzaEmbroideredSoulCloak * _627_HeartInSearchOfPower * _634_InSearchOfFragmentsOfDimension
  6. - Fix old bypasses (for oly) - Sellbuffs complete change design - Change olympiad formate info (fix weekly calc update time) - New olympiad info in admim panel - Add config to check attacking char status for move - Halisha change status if you instantly killed Halisha (custom param) - Fix calc for dropMultiplier stats (was wrong) - Add new param for spoil "spoilMultiplier" - Сlose null check to Orfen - Some change configs for premium accounts - Add new params for augmentiton service (alternative operating system) - Rework fake players (now no lags) - Some changes with antibrute protection for login server - Add missins skills for pets (thx Tangra) - Remove double spawn minions for raid Akata - Fix collision radius and height for some Raids by report! - Add miss raids by report - Fix critical error when spoil list at npc is empty - Fix for raids spawn by report - Check null inventory - Reduced radius for minions - Fix lowering skill level for multiproff mod - Add config for tab limit when saving teleports (in community) - Fix for correct list info bosses in community (not all displayed) - Fix problem with doors (apply geo) - Fix problem with Valakas change status after restart if status not 0 - Remove BossZone support for Valakas and Antharas - Guards in GeoCollision can attack players and players can attack guards! (close geo problem to see target) - If tutorial disabled players can see dialogues with start npcs - Events support for new Antharas zone - Add config for disable items from drop - Mini edits with Antharas (problem if raid have status 1) - Attach of players movements by geo (falls problems under geo at movement) - Correct coords for community teleport for toi 10 floor - Add changes for mobs for geo check - Fix problem with recommendations reset - Fix null error with slaves on hellbound - Block movement of monsters if there is a very large z coords difference with target (clear aggro) - Fix drop on the ground (lowered z coords) - Add EpicBoss stats info in community (map info not working) - Add config for certification (min level for use) - Fix errors with quest _716_PathToBecomingALordRune - Rework spawn for all mobs in 23_14 square - Fix bridge for Darion (cant movement) - Fix errors for 509 quest - Add debug for spawn (print bugget spawn) - Fixed global problem mobs in spawn - Fixed lethal strikes (not give exp after kill mobs) - Сhanges for freya mobs (problem with spawn when logging in instance) - Fix errors with AnomicFoundry AI - Null errors with Queen ANT ai - Fix double remove items from resurrections scrolls - Fix timer update in Nevit system - Fix magic attack by doors - Heal potions dont use buff slots - Fix skill Day of Doom - Add check valid class by commnuty class master List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system * _636_TruthBeyond * _637_ThroughOnceMore
  7. - Add config for checking the validity of drop groups (can to disable and calc without standard parameters) - Fix with attack mob clips - Fix null errors for Primeval Island AIs - Fix for correct spawn elpy (epidos room) - Fix errors when beleth die - Updating forts (add support of control room mechanisms) - Fix attack himself for Kamael skills - Rework restoration and updating of skills for char - Toggle buffs are not disabled when using transformations - Fix errors when trying to buff Pet (in its absence in community buffer) - In ru dialogs edit the selection of a character or pet in accordance with the selected localization - Rework calculation of random spawn points by zones for (Frintezza and SOD instances) - Minor edits door packages - Fix problem with StealBuffs effect - Add param randomEffects for cancel effect - Add new configs for Zaken (to check game time) - Some changes for Frintezza (fix problem if Halisha die stage did not switch) - Fix null erros for 455 quest and some others - DeathPenalty not added on events - Fix problem with reviveRequest - Fix null errors for 508 510 and 144 quests - Fix errors with restore summon buffs - Add config for min hittime of cast! (now can be done mages cast without remain time) - Fix eror when unset variables - Add param for offline traders (to check for dualbox) - Change part of sellbuffs design (other later) - Fix error with target reconsider rapam in AI - Check to use community buffer and teleport services - Add all mobs to search pathfinder with geo (fixed problem in loa running mobs) - Fix error with AirshipGuard ai - Switching to a different database connection driver (leaving from c3p0-0.9.5-pre6) - Fix error to inventory update to check energy agathions - Fix to set setTarget if char dead - Remove old itemaname in sys msg (for trial multilang support) - Global reworking Cancel skills (principle of calculation) - Manipulation of distance calculations to doors - Remove calc instanceId from locations support - If used soe or bsoe instance change to default! - List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system: * _065_CertifiedSoulBreaker * _109_InSearchOfTheNest * _146_TheZeroHour * _457_LostAndFound * _628_HuntGoldenRam
  8. - Added configs for setting time of castle sieges - Added config for setting time of territory was siege - Added new effect for outposts (rework support) - Rework mechanics of loading server scripts (Now all server scripts auto loading, server auto searches for all scripts in dp) - Fixed dialog display (in DE village) - Rework full community structure support, placed in a separate type of handlers (now can create community scripts in dp) - Fixed commnuity bypasses to speed up queries - Added xml support for binding community bypasses to NPCs - Added char binding to IP and HWID (with kick delay support) - Added limit configuration [CON,DEX,STR,INT,WIN,MEN] (required for pvp servers) - Rework config for difference in level between attacker and mob (ability to block getting EXP and SP) - Added icons for some skills for sell buffs (acc to report) - Start rework for all instance zones (to new xml support): * Added channel limit for simultaneous entry to one zone * Added setting up entry levels * Added setting min and max amount of players for zone * Added support coordinates of entrance * Added support coordinates of exit * Added reenter time support * Added gradation of zones by type * Added support for reward * Added support for required items for entry (at party leader or cc or at all) * Added support for required quest for entry * Added support for spawn (by points and by zones) * Added admin support to reload instance templates - Fixed null errors in AI mobs at Baylor - Fixed null errors for 382 quest - Attach doors spawn to geo (in instances too) - Added checks to packages to avoid dupe attempts - Added support for spawning doors at pvp events (auto opens all doors that will be added) - Fixed double teleportation after the end of the event - Corrected Artifact spawn in Rune Castle - Simplify checks when trying to cast skill an artifact - Fixed errors when attack of doors some skills - Fixed errors at the end of clanhall sieges - Added config for max amount of items to buy at a time via multisell - Global rework of all kamalokas support: * Adapting to new instance support * Implementing kamalokas for PC points * Added drop support of kamaloka essence for premium players * Added teleporter spawn support after kill raid * Added config of entrance to Rim kamaloka (not only for premium) * Added config of kamaloka essence drop (not only for premium) * Added support for Extra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka items (for all kamaloka types, like L2OFF) - Other instance zones adapted to new xml support: * Tiat Instance * All Zaken instances * Frintezza instance * All Freya instances - List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system: * _10295_SevenSignsSolinasTomb * _10296_SevenSignsPoweroftheSeal * _904_DragonTrophyAntharas * _907_DragonTrophyValakas
  9. - Add config for SellBuff service (ability to apply effects to pets) - correct spawn of statistic objects by geo - Implementing a proxy slider - Correct display char amount at account on proxy servers (when selecting a server) - Fix visibilities Nevit visual effect (transfer into special effects) - Add support for special effects for Champions - Fix problem with loading char varibles (load with a delay) - Fix problems with setting flag in forts (disable check for geo) - Fix teleport members of the command channel to the night zaken - Fix zeroings instance after Baylor when teleporting on a quest - Add disabling event Monster Attack if all players are dead - Saving event statistics in database (restores when the server is rebooted) - Add support for top killer reward for all non-team events - Dimensional Merchant updated (added missed pets) - Checking and adjusting height and radius of all agathions and vitamin pets - Add skipped html for quest _611_AllianceWithVarkaSilenos - When using teleportation service, community is closed - Fixed problem with displaying custom server messages (not all tags were read from the string) - Fix exit from instance for quest _198_SevenSignEmbryo - Add new ai for mobs in Tiat instance (which spawn from traps) - Displaying online in community with cheat from config
  10. - remove support L2HashMap and L2TIntObjectHashMap - Delete vote system (Survey) not actual - commons new version without javolution support - correct skills remain in macro (problem reset remain when enchanting skills) - Rework multifunctional zones (now can set parameters for each zone individually) - Fix ai event mobs (erroneous target search) - Increased amount of mobs in Anomic Foundry - Correct spawn event Manager (dialog did not work because of broken z coordinates) - Achievements can now be used via voice command (.ach or .acv) - Beginning of work on fake players - Add config for ability to set a zero price for sale of all items - Removed auto equipment of weapons when buying in donate shop - Correction move controller: * problems with hovering before the first monster attack * search for a path when clicking an attack if the target is not visible * fix problems with falling under the texture * fix problems with changing position when casting skills - Add missed the dialogues warhouse on Fantasy Island - Alternate switching of the certification service (for standart use books) - List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system: * _455_WingsOfSand * _456_DontKnowDontCare * _10277_MutatedKaneusDion * _10278_MutatedKaneusHeine * _10279_MutatedKaneusOren * _10280_MutatedKaneusSchuttgart * _10281_MutatedKaneusRune * _10282_ToTheSeedOfAnnihilation * _10283_RequestOfIceMerchant * _10284_AcquisitionOfDivineSword * _10285_MeetingSirra * _10286_ReunionWithSirra * _10287_StoryOfThoseLeft * _10288_SecretMission * _10289_FadeToBlack * _10290_LandDragonConqueror * _10291_FireDragonDestroyer * _10292_SevenSignsGirlofDoubt * _10293_SevenSignsForbiddenBook * _10294_SevenSignToTheMonastery
  11. - Add config to disable message of cancellation effects at death (at customer's request) - Fix friezes with death (if there were a lot of buffs) - Fix double spawn Rooney in FOG - Fix work symbols under geo - Fix correct working item_skills in items - Correct loading of ships for scripts - Add chect is port free before server launches - L2FastList and L2FastMap remove all support in core - Fix characters follow (correct update position) - some change params calc in KnownList - Fix error when RainbowSpringsSiege start (if no registrations) - Added a new statistical system for quests: * All support in xml format * Ability to control drop rate in quest (individually for every npc in quest) * Ability to control reward rate in quest (individually for every item) List of quests adapted to the new system: * Letters of Love * What Women Want * Will the Seal be Broken * Long live the Pa'agrio Lord * Miner's Favor * Step into the Future * A Trip Begins * An Adventure Begins * Into the City of Humans * Into the World * Secret Meeting With Ketra Orcs * Secret Meeting With Varka Silenos * Parcel Delivery * Whereabouts of the Archaeologist * Sweet Whispers * The Coming Darkness * Light and Darkness * Meeting with the Golden Ram * Go to the Pastureland * Bring Up With Love * Hidden Truth * Tragedy in von Hellmann Forest * Lidia's Heart * Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead * Hiding Behind the Truth * Tired of Waiting * Chest caught with a bait of wind * Chest caught with a bait of icy air * Chest caught with a bait of earth * Chest caught with a bait of fire * Secret Buried in the Swamp * An Obvious Lie * Make a Pair of Dress Shoes * In Search of Cloth * Find Glittering Jewelry * Make a Sewing Kit * Make Formal Wear * Dragon Fangs * Red-Eyed Invaders * A Special Order * Help the Uncle * Help the Sister * Help the Son * To Talking Island * Once More In the Arms of the Mother Tree * Into the Dark Forest * To the Immortal Plateau * The Road Home * Lanosco's Special Bait * O'Fulle's Special Bait * Willie's Special Bait * Linnaeus' Special Bait * Good Work's Reward * Law Enforcement * Path of the Trooper * Sword of Solidarity * Sea of Spores Fever * Only What Remains * Journey to Gracia * To the Seed of Infinity * To the Seed of Destruction * Birth of the Seed * The Enveloping Darkness * Light Fragment * Good Day to Fly * Collecting in the Air * Containing the Attribute Power * Mutated Kaneus - Gludio
  12. - Fix lack of drop from Cannibalistic Stakato Chief (new npc type) - Correct spawn point for Queen Shyeed - fix teleport to stakato nest (not teleport whole party) - fix buying in private store (checking enchant items and attributes) - Add server side for client interface (our partner) - Fix working Venom like L2OFF - Add parameter for common chests displayed in datapack (at the request of customer) - Community recycling (removed region and memo support) - Add localization quest _162_CurseOfFortress - Add localization quest _240_ImTheOnlyOneYouCanTrust - Add localization quest _295_DreamingOfTheSkies - Add localization quest _310_OnlyWhatRemains - Add configs to configure bypass community buttons for yourself - Added config on double craft - Minor fixes GEODATA with fall from heights - Fix slowing zones on sieges (running speed not correctly calculated) - Fix update multisells (when listing clothes for example) - Fix autoloot - Fix double messages toggle skills - Fix switching target under cast aoe skills - Fix sticking attacks Summons - Fix jumps in water when character is swimming - Fix Pailaka Devils Legacy (correct guards amount of Lematan) - Fix use pailaka soe - Fix of stats Luckpy Luckpy - Fix passing Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire (spawn raids with conds on quest) - Fix working 33 Kamaloka (ai problem) - Fix sale item, after exiting the instance zones - Fix quest _112_WalkOfFate (took adena)
  13. - Rework calculation of attack speed in nanoseconds - Bows are also removed from processing tickets - Add parameter heal block for certain targets - New AI for npcs in 726 and 727 quests in instances - Fixed displaying of drop in community with RB and mobs - Now mobs run given radius of target and not run up to the target loc - Check null for Baium - Package fix RecipeShopManageList (like L2OFF) - Implementation of quests "Path To Becoming A Lord" 708-716 ids - Add support for give status of Lord of territoty in admin panel - Displaying clan icon on the territory npcs if Lord is proclaimed! (config remained) - Sales of seeds and crops in castle increase by 10% if the Lord is proclaimed! (like L2OFF)
  14. - Restore check support for oly restriction - Some core restructuring - Sync all monsters and raid bosses stats to HF5 (like l2OFF) - Change navigation for dressme - Add custom config for catacombs and necropolis (to enter) - Rework anti bot system (now with questions) - Fixed valakas and other granbosses calc AI - Fix antharas minions - Rework auto potions system - Fix for correct spawn tiat - Fixed vote reward for L2TopZone and L2Network - Check to null AreaCorpseMob - Fix warsmith skill summon Golem Trader - Correct bypass for pailaka - Check to null error for passive effects - Fixed for correct quest info _463_IMustBeaGenius - Add Certification service for community - Add new custom global chat (with limit number of messages) - Сomplete multi auction system (can create auctions for certain items sale) - New param for teleports - Baium fixed (when wake up player was leaving the zone) - Remove old rGuard support - Add Strix Guard support - Fix community SA functions - Miss dialogues for items - Fix for working quest _464_Oath - Restore work trap skills (miss when transferring to xml) - Fix correct work Blink (thx Kate)
  15. - Fix checks target mobs when applying clan buffs - Fix for buy premium account in the community is not properly charged the cost - fix problem with add items for campion mobs - Fix L2Topzone for correct parse from vote site - Few adjustments in positioning to reduce coordinate divergence - Fix reccomendation error if count > 255 - Typo fix errors in gm panel for siege halls - Clen up unused htmls - Fix color service - correct buy color - Add roboto fake players engine - Rework calc objects position in world (now more correct) - Fixed autoloot and autolootherbs commands in menu and in configs - Start update gm menu to new design - Remove all events from server - Remove custom npcbuffer (not used) - Implementation of new engine for events (Fight Events Engine) * Now all events work from one engine * Add support in gm panel for enable/disable events * Add support for registration in community * Add support for registration from npc * Add statistic support for every event * xml support for individual customization every event * Add support for event maps from xml * Manager Spawnlist in xml support - List of all now support new events engine * Last Hero * Team vs Team * Lucky Creatures * Capture The Flag * Treasure Hunt * Korean Style * Team vs Team Round * Capture The Base * Death Match * Monster Attack
  16. - Optimize server startup - Community restructuring: * Improved RB statistics for community * Realization of drop calculator for mobs * Reworked statistics in the community under the new format * Reworked premium service in community * Fix display donate items in community (not all showed) * Reworked friends page in community * Fix sales through the community (for ordinary players) * Fix community warhouse (for ordinary players) * Support for displaying images of mobs in drop calculator of community * Full localization of community! - Support event scrolls for weapons and armor - Heal players before the round on Oly - Removed support leaderboards - Added debug html paths and zones for GMs - Correct ways for html for NPCs trainers - Fix path validation to htm log admin - Black Marketeer of Mammon not priest... (type adjustment) - Added support for skipped skills Agation Juju - Fix script npcs for drop calculator + Hellbound npcs - Rework Nevit system - Fix work item Nevit's Voice - Rework RecoBonus system - Fixed problems with some skills under geo (was crits) - Chests are displayed in separate instance - Added config to disable spawn chests - Fixed buges chest (was critobal GS by geo) - Processing mechanics drop on radius + correct attach drop to geo - Fixed stuck with raising drop by geo - Rewritten AI for all running mobs in LOA and DV - Fixed skill summon friend (incorrect work with geo) - Fixed a stuck after using the skill warp - Fix using skill mobs (they beat each other) - Fixed attack radius Tanta Lizardman Magician and Priest Guard - Fixed a bug attack mobs with poles and other mass weapons (inflicts damage each other) - Fix checks for mobs attack in some AI - Fix spawn Plague Golem (was critobal by geo) - Fix default configuration menu (was auto enabled by default) - Fix custom days rates (not correctly calculatevalue for simple accounts) - Fixed error when send items by mail - New voting system with support: * HopZone * L2TopZone * L2Network * L2Top * MmoTop * MmoVote - Correct stat for mob Gem Dragon - Expanded configs for event Master Of Enchanting (+ setting rewards on level of enchating through xml) - Added configs on pvp points with active TVT and TVT round - Rework SOD Manager - Spawn of seed only when you SOD open - Rework skills for seed collection (removed crutches worked on separate scripts) - Updated quest _692_HowtoOpposeEvil - Ability to load images in .jpg and .bmp format other than .png - Removed support for phantoms (only extra load on the server) - Full rework mode of Champion mobs (now customizable templates and you can do several types of champions) - Added config on limiting entry in Cruma Tower by level - On localization: * Edit ru dialogues Olympiads Manager * Localization Seyo * Localization Mercenary Managers in casltes * Localization Wyvern Manager * Localization Sumiel * Localization trainers * Support localization skills * Support localization items * Support localization npcs (names and titles) * Support localization for clan halls
  17. - Remove not used configs and clean up some methods - Fix problems with fishing - Add distance configs on which run mobs and raid bosses before telepot on spawn point - Add support of distance parameter individually for each npcs from datapack - Fix double spawns for raid bosses - Fix height collision for Rudolph Agathion - Fix appeal event Rudolph Agathion - Delete configs on chance chaotic target for raid bosses transfer this parameter in datapack individually for the necessary raid bosses. - Fix passing of skills: * Madness * Seal of Mirage * Discord - Simplification system of server logging, expansion debug logs. - Blood altars (full processing): * Status of altar pays off individually * Maintaining status altars at reset of the server * Possibility change of altars status with the admin panel * Correct distance of destruction bosses on which they can run off before teleportation on spawn point * Restore hpand mp if teleported on spawn point
  18. - Passed augmentationId for ShortCuts - Duplicate community packet //dell - Support packages: * ExBlockUpSetList * ExBlockUpSetState - ExCubeGame packets remove! as passed everything into a normal look - Study of packages item-mall - Review parsing of items from item-mall - To-realization of all parameters for item-mall - Added parameters of reading from items (with packet support): * daysOfWeek * stock * maxStock - Support package ExColosseumFenceInfo - Possibility of parsing of fences from a datapack and spawn from admin panel - Support package RequestSurrenderPersonally - Updating system messages during removal of friends - Editing of work of a lottery under russian html + localization - ItemIcons delete support (not used) - Expanded petitions manager in the course of development: * Support packages: * ExResponseShowStepOne * ExResponseShowStepTwo * RequestShowNewUserPetition * RequestExShowStepTwo * RequestExShowStepThree * Parsing petition sections - Clean up dp - Expanded settings of .menu command: * Add block buffs function * Add hide traders function * Add block buffs animation function * Add refusal traders function * Add refusal party invites function * Add refusal ffriend invites function
  19. - Add support of an ExGMViewQuestItemList package - Add support of MiniGame Scores +package - Rework mechanics of Party Matching Room - Add support of Command Channel Matching Room - Add voice command of .ping - Fix to creation new character(add NewCharacterFail package support) - Add passed package AcquireSkillDone - Added support of a PledgeReceiveUpdatePower package - Fix of inventory updating at a trade (add TradeUpdate package) - Fix problem with some npcs in cities (spawned on roofs of buildings) - Added support packages: * SetOustPartyMember * SetDismissParty * FriendAddRequestResult * RequestBrLectureMark * RequestSkillCoolTime - Fix bug walk through doors in clan halls in the cities by target - Realization energy agations: (support of energy consume) * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Gnosian - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Orodriel - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Penalty Kick - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Gnosian - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Orodriel - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Penalty Kick - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Gnosian - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Orodriel - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Agathion Seal Bracelet - Penalty Kick - Soccer Ball of Cheers, Buff of Cheers * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Iken * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Lana * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Gnosian * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Orodriel * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Lakinos * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Mortia * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Heintz * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Meruril * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Taman Zu Rapatui * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Kaurin * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Ahertbein * Soul Avatar Seal Bracelet - Naonin - Realization of all accompanying skills to agathions taking into account energy consume - Realization items for restoration agathions energy: * Thirst of Victory Quenching Drink * Small Placid * Medium Placid - Updating of libraries: * c3p0-0.9.5-pre8 * mail-1.5.2 * mchange-commons-java-0.2.7 * mysql-connector-java-5.1.31-bin - Removed jython support, all the same we do not use - Updating server under Java 8
  20. - Partition of mechanics of fly of skills kamael and other skills of this type - Fix of use comman teletocl - Processing of weddings system (realization in the form of an event with a ceremony) - Full GeoEngine rework - Transfer of a spawn in datapack: * Support of a spawn on zones and spawn on the set coordinates * Support banned zones * Correction of hellbound spawn under new mechanics * Correction of a spawn of some guards in forts (under geoengine) * Loading of a spawn in a database is left for an alternative * Support of a spawn of certain groups (spawn only by inquiries) * Change of a spawn in catacombs depending on a status of the press! * Spawn SOI in a normal look but not from the script - Transfer of all npcs in datapack: * Reading of stats, drops, spoil, attributes, sociality * Indication of parameters for npcs (block of animation, walking, display of a name and other) * Support of a transform of mob is dying or the attacks (not to use scripts) * Chance of upgrades of SA at certain mob * Reading raid points from raid bosses * Viewing drop and a spoil for players (new) - Rework of mechanics of AI for mob and other: * New calculation of chance of skills at mobs * Corrected problem with aggr social mob * Rework of AI for guards (now skills and calculation of a distance correctly work) * Support for l2p AI (only for mob) - Processing of all scripts (AI under new mechanics) - Restructuring of core - Rework Freya instance zones - Check and correction of quests and npcs connected with freya - Fix to Shadow Step for Freya (that did not force down cast of skills) - Realization of ignoring of skills of Freya when using core - Work of debuffs of a frintezza is modified - Fix of a spawn of mobs at increase or lowerings of the hellbound level (there was a glitch at lowering of the level and back, after removal of a mobs did not spawns) - Correct work running npcs in AnomicFoundry - Realization mini game in the monastery of silence - Beginning of global processing of phantoms (is not ready) - Fix of correct calculation of time heal skills (there were jumps in icons over time) - Antaras script updating (did not see players under a shadow and other small bugs) - Updating of Baium script - Simplified system of calculation of pacifiers for summons without instruction in datapack - Rework of delivery of a premium via the admin panel - Fix of sociality of guards in fortress of dead - Rewok skills Kabokula, Tapirawa, Shabonoba - Fix errors there are no inquiries in a database to tables of which any more - Fix of zeroing of scriptvalue at mobs at the respawn (it is necessary for work of some AI) - Check and rework of events (spawn in datapack for convenience) - Localization of the event pumpkins - Dialogue localization to event chest of shadows - Auto start for all event - Fix of removal of flight transformation in air (current in certain zones!) - Fix of the attack of the flying mob - Realization of reuse of items of use for shotcut (the panel of skills) - Realization of an event - Aerial Cleft (according to collected information from the Internet) Added new voice commands: - Exchange ancient adena .аа - Status of progress of 7 bosses in Dragon Valley .7rb - Viewing of stats .stats - .dressme (save of visualization on an item even after a relog) - .sellbuffs New in community board: - Service of increase level of clan - Service of buy clan skills - Service of increase in level - Service of buy of recommendations - Service of buy of clan reputation - Service of buy of fame points - Service of account unblock - New service of the argumentation - Possibility of add of enchanting skills in buffer - Service of exchange of weapon - Service of transfer of cloacks - Donate Shop - New service of enchanting and attributess - Exchange of weapon on foundation weapons and armors - Service of buy of enchanting Olf's T-shirt - Service of addition and change of subclass (+certification) - Auction with support of display of private store traders and offline traders