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Found 3 results

  1. - Invisible effect added block buffs/debuufs (cant be steal like l2OFF) - Block absorb if target invul - Some changes to reflect skill conditions - Add voice support for use default schemes at community buffer - Add _bbsCmdlang <lang> <cmd> - Fixed calc amount for champions (was calc only without premium) - Added configs for spawn delay for fakes (by request) - Fixed problem with fakes if use disarm to fake (now re-equip weapons) - Change calc for RestorationRandom (by report) - Add support for end fight events if players at event < 2 - Fixed afk time lower reward at events - Sandstorm rework AI by report - Added config for BookMarkLimit - Some rework cancel params - Print reward items at classmaster (by request) - Fixed return flag at capture flag event (if char leave from event) - 115 quest transfer to xml support (by request) - Working with pool release - Regroup tasks for raids (respawn, annouce & minions respawn) - Add hero time for events support - Fixed boats (was problem at linux) - Rework oly enchant limits - Fixed npe errors - Fixed auction images (for custom items) - Restoration random effect rounding total chance to greater value - Fixed auction images (for custom items) - Restoration random effect rounding total chance to greater value - Raids pre-announce wrong time (from previous update) - Fixed a problem with CPU consumption - Update some methods for correct work - Added param "isForceRandom" for items capsule - Block aggroPoints for mobs if used skill have damage - Reduce mobs AI processing load - Fixed select rnd opponents for oly - Fixed work runes if change sub - Add param "isSingleRandom" for extractable items (give one item from list) - Fixed work balancer for ALL option and monsters by damage - Fixed recalc world events time - Miss npe at balancer - Rework support for SOA buff zones (change status) - For correct work skill at hero weapon - Fixed problem with load server if SOD was at open status - Some rework AI for SelMahumChef for reduce load - Npe by reports - Add pages support for achivements category - Fixed visual bug with effect list (if use items like energy stones) by report - Correct calc char heading (was wrong sometimes) - Rework beleth (simplification) - Announce when GM (by request) - Fixed use heal kills for summons at autofarm - Add re-summon function at autofarm (for summon type farm) - Rework 619 quest to static reward - Effect CancelAll check effects to valide for remove - Correct choice of encoding for requests to voting site - Fixed attack doors by summons or by player with shift - Add param for heal effect "isStaticHeal" for block mAtk bonus (by order) - Fixed problem with processing mob AI at spawn - Update to 19 jdk - Update connector to mariaDb - Rework scripts compiler (now can compile files with jdk 16+ support) - Simplify database installer - Collect jars & cleanup - Cleanup apach pools support to jdk - Add support for block non-class skills at events * <parameter name="blockNoClassSkills" value="true" /> - Add autofarm logs by request - Fixed next auto attack after cast skills with ctrl - Fixed Bleeding Gash - Rework 237 quest - Fixed try sit to trade when char waking up - Add miss valakas skills - Fixed baylor spawn chests - Fixed wrong stats at some skills - Fixed hero skills when change subclass (for event hero status) - Fixed skilltype CHARGEDMG - Added new effects HealDamPercent and ManaDamPercent - Transfer strixguard to commons & some change server side without apache-dbpools - Fixed spawn diff z rage at primeval zone - Typo fix abnomrmal types - Rework "no carrier" system (now full restore char with all statuses after disconnect) - Added check summons to target condition for skills (actual for undead skills) - Forget miss htmls - Database query edits - State of objects (fucking atomicinteger bugs) - Fix event items(dual daggers were not removed and didt equip) - 134 & 135 quests rework to static system - Fixed query errors to db in monster race - Removed unuse configs - Added param for active subclass to 241-247 quests (by request) - Added upport like l2off bug with reflect - Fixed trigger skills (activate after damage) - Fixed use items without block at oly - Fixed zaken check enter time - Item skill debuffs add check conditions - Crit defence resists not add 100% resist (rework) - Added target type AURA_FRIENDLY_SUMMON (by order) - Limits of messages of applications to clan - Fixed queries to database by skills - Fixed check pvp for trigger effects - Fixed miss mobs at 643 quest - Fixed spawn Antharas minions - Service buy subclass (_bbsservice:subclass) - Fixed mana use for fake death - Advanced support for ecnhanting (by order) - Fixed search delay for mobs (if get effect target cancel) - Update geoengine full - Update moving - Fixed range for item 1307 (thx Wizzard)
  2. - fix null error in PcStatus by report - some change Baium AI - add configs for exchange's talismans - full check 25_19 spawn square - null errors by report for auto attack state after finish cast - rework demon prince and ranku instances - add new AI for SOI instances - full rework SOI instances - typo correct dialogues for BlackJudge - small parameter for dressme (for custom support) - correct check to take 422 quest - add params for hide beleth cameras - add penalty services - new config for block shift click mobs - full localization fight events engine - rework and update part instances by new support
  3. - Fix errors by calc raid points - Some change skills call by mobs AI - Baium work like l2OFF! - Add miss skills for Latana - Major heal not add aggropoints! - Fix bug with doors in valakas's lair (wrong doors opened) - Update chance for quest items in quest _136_MoreThanMeetsTheEye - Updated work and dialogues of quest _307_ControlDeviceOfTheGiants - Add config tasks from being delayed OnKill for mobs and NPCs (for quests and not only) - Add new system for balance skills system (can be regulate every skill individually to all classes) - Fix on opening private store with additional checks - Revision policy chance to use skills from mobs - Altered processing methods of mobs attack (added current damage lock) - Rework Valakas like L2OFF (new separate AI) - Fix check of valid buffs Pets at target (prohibition of using buffs on the owner type SELF) - Added teleport function for admin software npcId - Adjustment reward for chain quests 7 signs - Fix errors, of auction with accessories - Fix correct HTML output when trying to change sub class - Rework drop and spoil panels by pages for Admins - Rework drop and spoil panels by pages for players too (not to crit-error with large amount of drop) - Additional checks for vitamin pets on skills - Can't summon Pets in combat like l2OFF - Removed checks when spawned bosses by Gms - Minor edits for quests html support - Correction aggropoints for all debuff and heal skills - Rework some configs for multi-function zone (at customer's request) - Correct work Tiat instance - Add miss skill - Tiat Transformation - Fix work item - Dewdrop of Destruction - Add param for all scripts (to track the error path)