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  1. - Fix old bypasses (for oly) - Sellbuffs complete change design - Change olympiad formate info (fix weekly calc update time) - New olympiad info in admim panel - Add config to check attacking char status for move - Halisha change status if you instantly killed Halisha (custom param) - Fix calc for dropMultiplier stats (was wrong) - Add new param for spoil "spoilMultiplier" - Сlose null check to Orfen - Some change configs for premium accounts - Add new params for augmentiton service (alternative operating system) - Rework fake players (now no lags) - Some changes with antibrute protection for login server - Add missins skills for pets (thx Tangra) - Remove double spawn minions for raid Akata - Fix collision radius and height for some Raids by report! - Add miss raids by report - Fix critical error when spoil list at npc is empty - Fix for raids spawn by report - Check null inventory - Reduced radius for minions - Fix lowering skill level for multiproff mod - Add config for tab limit when saving teleports (in community) - Fix for correct list info bosses in community (not all displayed) - Fix problem with doors (apply geo) - Fix problem with Valakas change status after restart if status not 0 - Remove BossZone support for Valakas and Antharas - Guards in GeoCollision can attack players and players can attack guards! (close geo problem to see target) - If tutorial disabled players can see dialogues with start npcs - Events support for new Antharas zone - Add config for disable items from drop - Mini edits with Antharas (problem if raid have status 1) - Attach of players movements by geo (falls problems under geo at movement) - Correct coords for community teleport for toi 10 floor - Add changes for mobs for geo check - Fix problem with recommendations reset - Fix null error with slaves on hellbound - Block movement of monsters if there is a very large z coords difference with target (clear aggro) - Fix drop on the ground (lowered z coords) - Add EpicBoss stats info in community (map info not working) - Add config for certification (min level for use) - Fix errors with quest _716_PathToBecomingALordRune - Rework spawn for all mobs in 23_14 square - Fix bridge for Darion (cant movement) - Fix errors for 509 quest - Add debug for spawn (print bugget spawn) - Fixed global problem mobs in spawn - Fixed lethal strikes (not give exp after kill mobs) - Сhanges for freya mobs (problem with spawn when logging in instance) - Fix errors with AnomicFoundry AI - Null errors with Queen ANT ai - Fix double remove items from resurrections scrolls - Fix timer update in Nevit system - Fix magic attack by doors - Heal potions dont use buff slots - Fix skill Day of Doom - Add check valid class by commnuty class master List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system * _636_TruthBeyond * _637_ThroughOnceMore
  2. - Add config for checking the validity of drop groups (can to disable and calc without standard parameters) - Fix with attack mob clips - Fix null errors for Primeval Island AIs - Fix for correct spawn elpy (epidos room) - Fix errors when beleth die - Updating forts (add support of control room mechanisms) - Fix attack himself for Kamael skills - Rework restoration and updating of skills for char - Toggle buffs are not disabled when using transformations - Fix errors when trying to buff Pet (in its absence in community buffer) - In ru dialogs edit the selection of a character or pet in accordance with the selected localization - Rework calculation of random spawn points by zones for (Frintezza and SOD instances) - Minor edits door packages - Fix problem with StealBuffs effect - Add param randomEffects for cancel effect - Add new configs for Zaken (to check game time) - Some changes for Frintezza (fix problem if Halisha die stage did not switch) - Fix null erros for 455 quest and some others - DeathPenalty not added on events - Fix problem with reviveRequest - Fix null errors for 508 510 and 144 quests - Fix errors with restore summon buffs - Add config for min hittime of cast! (now can be done mages cast without remain time) - Fix eror when unset variables - Add param for offline traders (to check for dualbox) - Change part of sellbuffs design (other later) - Fix error with target reconsider rapam in AI - Check to use community buffer and teleport services - Add all mobs to search pathfinder with geo (fixed problem in loa running mobs) - Fix error with AirshipGuard ai - Switching to a different database connection driver (leaving from c3p0-0.9.5-pre6) - Fix error to inventory update to check energy agathions - Fix to set setTarget if char dead - Remove old itemaname in sys msg (for trial multilang support) - Global reworking Cancel skills (principle of calculation) - Manipulation of distance calculations to doors - Remove calc instanceId from locations support - If used soe or bsoe instance change to default! - List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system: * _065_CertifiedSoulBreaker * _109_InSearchOfTheNest * _146_TheZeroHour * _457_LostAndFound * _628_HuntGoldenRam
  3. - Added configs for setting time of castle sieges - Added config for setting time of territory was siege - Added new effect for outposts (rework support) - Rework mechanics of loading server scripts (Now all server scripts auto loading, server auto searches for all scripts in dp) - Fixed dialog display (in DE village) - Rework full community structure support, placed in a separate type of handlers (now can create community scripts in dp) - Fixed commnuity bypasses to speed up queries - Added xml support for binding community bypasses to NPCs - Added char binding to IP and HWID (with kick delay support) - Added limit configuration [CON,DEX,STR,INT,WIN,MEN] (required for pvp servers) - Rework config for difference in level between attacker and mob (ability to block getting EXP and SP) - Added icons for some skills for sell buffs (acc to report) - Start rework for all instance zones (to new xml support): * Added channel limit for simultaneous entry to one zone * Added setting up entry levels * Added setting min and max amount of players for zone * Added support coordinates of entrance * Added support coordinates of exit * Added reenter time support * Added gradation of zones by type * Added support for reward * Added support for required items for entry (at party leader or cc or at all) * Added support for required quest for entry * Added support for spawn (by points and by zones) * Added admin support to reload instance templates - Fixed null errors in AI mobs at Baylor - Fixed null errors for 382 quest - Attach doors spawn to geo (in instances too) - Added checks to packages to avoid dupe attempts - Added support for spawning doors at pvp events (auto opens all doors that will be added) - Fixed double teleportation after the end of the event - Corrected Artifact spawn in Rune Castle - Simplify checks when trying to cast skill an artifact - Fixed errors when attack of doors some skills - Fixed errors at the end of clanhall sieges - Added config for max amount of items to buy at a time via multisell - Global rework of all kamalokas support: * Adapting to new instance support * Implementing kamalokas for PC points * Added drop support of kamaloka essence for premium players * Added teleporter spawn support after kill raid * Added config of entrance to Rim kamaloka (not only for premium) * Added config of kamaloka essence drop (not only for premium) * Added support for Extra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka items (for all kamaloka types, like L2OFF) - Other instance zones adapted to new xml support: * Tiat Instance * All Zaken instances * Frintezza instance * All Freya instances - List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system: * _10295_SevenSignsSolinasTomb * _10296_SevenSignsPoweroftheSeal * _904_DragonTrophyAntharas * _907_DragonTrophyValakas
  4. According to our announcements, all prices for tariff plans will change from February 1! We have globally revised the concept of the server and simplified process of loading scripts for convenience of our clients. Now you don't need to specify the path to your script, server automatically listens for the datapack and searches for scripts in it. In the near future all the functionality of community and much more will be transfer into scripts! This will allow our customers to fully customize or edit everything for their needs on the latest tariff. As of today it is possible to buy the emulator in an automated mode through our forum. Once a month the current revision will be updated in the files section! Price is slightly inflated due to taxes, purchase through the developer remains according to the tariff plan. The mods section will expand when you purchase any of the mods, just unpack the archive to your server, after reading the instructions and start server. You will not need to make any changes to the server core! Follow our changes and news
  5. Version 1.0.0

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    30.00 EUR

  6. Version 1.0.0


    Description of mod - click

    30.00 EUR

  7. Version 1785


    Latest current compiled version of l2jeternity emulator. Revision 1785 (Link to the geodata download page is attached inside the archive)

    100.00 EUR

  8. - Add config for SellBuff service (ability to apply effects to pets) - correct spawn of statistic objects by geo - Implementing a proxy slider - Correct display char amount at account on proxy servers (when selecting a server) - Fix visibilities Nevit visual effect (transfer into special effects) - Add support for special effects for Champions - Fix problem with loading char varibles (load with a delay) - Fix problems with setting flag in forts (disable check for geo) - Fix teleport members of the command channel to the night zaken - Fix zeroings instance after Baylor when teleporting on a quest - Add disabling event Monster Attack if all players are dead - Saving event statistics in database (restores when the server is rebooted) - Add support for top killer reward for all non-team events - Dimensional Merchant updated (added missed pets) - Checking and adjusting height and radius of all agathions and vitamin pets - Add skipped html for quest _611_AllianceWithVarkaSilenos - When using teleportation service, community is closed - Fixed problem with displaying custom server messages (not all tags were read from the string) - Fix exit from instance for quest _198_SevenSignEmbryo - Add new ai for mobs in Tiat instance (which spawn from traps) - Displaying online in community with cheat from config
  9. - remove support L2HashMap and L2TIntObjectHashMap - Delete vote system (Survey) not actual - commons new version without javolution support - correct skills remain in macro (problem reset remain when enchanting skills) - Rework multifunctional zones (now can set parameters for each zone individually) - Fix ai event mobs (erroneous target search) - Increased amount of mobs in Anomic Foundry - Correct spawn event Manager (dialog did not work because of broken z coordinates) - Achievements can now be used via voice command (.ach or .acv) - Beginning of work on fake players - Add config for ability to set a zero price for sale of all items - Removed auto equipment of weapons when buying in donate shop - Correction move controller: * problems with hovering before the first monster attack * search for a path when clicking an attack if the target is not visible * fix problems with falling under the texture * fix problems with changing position when casting skills - Add missed the dialogues warhouse on Fantasy Island - Alternate switching of the certification service (for standart use books) - List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system: * _455_WingsOfSand * _456_DontKnowDontCare * _10277_MutatedKaneusDion * _10278_MutatedKaneusHeine * _10279_MutatedKaneusOren * _10280_MutatedKaneusSchuttgart * _10281_MutatedKaneusRune * _10282_ToTheSeedOfAnnihilation * _10283_RequestOfIceMerchant * _10284_AcquisitionOfDivineSword * _10285_MeetingSirra * _10286_ReunionWithSirra * _10287_StoryOfThoseLeft * _10288_SecretMission * _10289_FadeToBlack * _10290_LandDragonConqueror * _10291_FireDragonDestroyer * _10292_SevenSignsGirlofDoubt * _10293_SevenSignsForbiddenBook * _10294_SevenSignToTheMonastery
  10. Dear friends, customers! You can also consider writing add-ons or mods for your builds! We work with any source code, create any complexity! We offer quality services at reasonable prices! Without any problems, we will prompt, help or explain if there are questions 1. Writing scripts: 11 $ / hour. Writing scripts from scratch ; Edit an existing one, adapt it to your source code. 2. Writing mods / add-ons / events : 16 $ / hour. ( individual price is possible ) Writing mods on Java of any complexity; Adaptation of mods or extras for your sources. 3. Working with your sources : 8$ / hour. ( individual price is possible ) Code error edits; Bug fixes; Working with datapack. You can contact in ICQ - 397086629 or in Skype
  11. - Add config to disable message of cancellation effects at death (at customer's request) - Fix friezes with death (if there were a lot of buffs) - Fix double spawn Rooney in FOG - Fix work symbols under geo - Fix correct working item_skills in items - Correct loading of ships for scripts - Add chect is port free before server launches - L2FastList and L2FastMap remove all support in core - Fix characters follow (correct update position) - some change params calc in KnownList - Fix error when RainbowSpringsSiege start (if no registrations) - Added a new statistical system for quests: * All support in xml format * Ability to control drop rate in quest (individually for every npc in quest) * Ability to control reward rate in quest (individually for every item) List of quests adapted to the new system: * Letters of Love * What Women Want * Will the Seal be Broken * Long live the Pa'agrio Lord * Miner's Favor * Step into the Future * A Trip Begins * An Adventure Begins * Into the City of Humans * Into the World * Secret Meeting With Ketra Orcs * Secret Meeting With Varka Silenos * Parcel Delivery * Whereabouts of the Archaeologist * Sweet Whispers * The Coming Darkness * Light and Darkness * Meeting with the Golden Ram * Go to the Pastureland * Bring Up With Love * Hidden Truth * Tragedy in von Hellmann Forest * Lidia's Heart * Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead * Hiding Behind the Truth * Tired of Waiting * Chest caught with a bait of wind * Chest caught with a bait of icy air * Chest caught with a bait of earth * Chest caught with a bait of fire * Secret Buried in the Swamp * An Obvious Lie * Make a Pair of Dress Shoes * In Search of Cloth * Find Glittering Jewelry * Make a Sewing Kit * Make Formal Wear * Dragon Fangs * Red-Eyed Invaders * A Special Order * Help the Uncle * Help the Sister * Help the Son * To Talking Island * Once More In the Arms of the Mother Tree * Into the Dark Forest * To the Immortal Plateau * The Road Home * Lanosco's Special Bait * O'Fulle's Special Bait * Willie's Special Bait * Linnaeus' Special Bait * Good Work's Reward * Law Enforcement * Path of the Trooper * Sword of Solidarity * Sea of Spores Fever * Only What Remains * Journey to Gracia * To the Seed of Infinity * To the Seed of Destruction * Birth of the Seed * The Enveloping Darkness * Light Fragment * Good Day to Fly * Collecting in the Air * Containing the Attribute Power * Mutated Kaneus - Gludio
  12. Main problem all servers, that cannot be with precision align selectively quest under the right rates and if you increase rates for all quests some quests are not rateable. We decided to solve this problem once and for all! As well as simplify the setup and make it as refined as possible for our customers. We decided to make the rate setting static for all quests. There are a lot of quests and process of transition to the new system will take some time, but already now (in last update) part of quests has support for statistical settings! Now quests are listen by global configs as well as not modifying global configs you can change rates for individual quests for drops or rewards. For customers made manual on editing and configuring quests under themselves click Also, we are ready to listen to offers, which quests need to be adapted to new mechanism in the first place. You can place your offer in this section click
  13. Since system is still in development topic will be updated! In the most recent update of emulator there is an opportunity to more accurately adjust rates for quests (all quests require processing). Transition to the new mechanics will be gradual! All basic data rewards and drop quests now stored in datapack in xml format, and every customer can fix or edit how he needs. 1. Expirience Section: If quest is reward exp or sp you can set or change the data of these parameters. Available option: - rewardExp (sets exp reward) - rewardSp (sets sp reward) - rateable (if true binds parameter to multiplier config) - rate (if line have this param and rateable=false value does not obey config and multiplier by rate) Example, reward exp and sp working by this value * RATE_QUEST_REWARD_XP or RATE_QUEST_REWARD_SP: <expirience> <rewardExp val="5672" rateable="true" /> <rewardSp val="446" rateable="true" /> </expirience> Next example reward exp and sp with out support by configs (bind by xml rate): <expirience> <rewardExp rate="2" val="5672" rateable="false" /> <rewardSp rate="1" val="446" rateable="false" /> </expirience> 2. Droplist Section: If in quest need kill monsters, xml have support for this too! Available option: - npc id (check bind npcId) - item id (bing itemId to npcId) - rate (if line have this param and rateable=false value does not obey config and multiplier by rate) - min (default items amount for monster) - max (if line have this param enabling random option to calc amount) - chance (default chance for item drop) - rateable (if true binds parameter to multiplier config) Example using in quest: <npc id="22617"> <item id="14880" min="1" chance="64" rateable="true" /> <!--Dirty Bead--> </npc> 3. Rewardlist Section: Section where deposited reward for quest. Available option: - item id (item id reward) - rate (if line have this param and rateable=false value does not obey config and multiplier by rate) - min (default items amount for reward) - max (if line have this param enabling random option to calc amount) - rateable (if true binds parameter to multiplier config) - variant (can do multiple reward options) Example standart reward option: <rewardlist> <item id="14832" min="1" rateable="false" /> <!--Growth Accelerator--> <item id="14835" min="1" rateable="false" /> <!--Multi-colored Jewel--> </rewardlist> Example multiple reward options: <variant id="1"> <item id="57" min="1500" rateable="true" /> <!--Adena--> <item id="1123" min="1" rateable="false" /> <!--Blue Buckskin Boots--> </variant> <variant id="2"> <item id="57" min="5200" rateable="true" /> <!--Adena--> <item id="45" min="1" rateable="false" /> <!--Bone Helmet--> </variant> <variant id="3"> <item id="57" min="1500" rateable="true" /> <!--Adena--> <item id="1125" min="1" rateable="false" /> <!--Assault Boots--> </variant> Descriptions is not complete! will be supplemented.
  14. - Fix lack of drop from Cannibalistic Stakato Chief (new npc type) - Correct spawn point for Queen Shyeed - fix teleport to stakato nest (not teleport whole party) - fix buying in private store (checking enchant items and attributes) - Add server side for client interface (our partner) - Fix working Venom like L2OFF - Add parameter for common chests displayed in datapack (at the request of customer) - Community recycling (removed region and memo support) - Add localization quest _162_CurseOfFortress - Add localization quest _240_ImTheOnlyOneYouCanTrust - Add localization quest _295_DreamingOfTheSkies - Add localization quest _310_OnlyWhatRemains - Add configs to configure bypass community buttons for yourself - Added config on double craft - Minor fixes GEODATA with fall from heights - Fix slowing zones on sieges (running speed not correctly calculated) - Fix update multisells (when listing clothes for example) - Fix autoloot - Fix double messages toggle skills - Fix switching target under cast aoe skills - Fix sticking attacks Summons - Fix jumps in water when character is swimming - Fix Pailaka Devils Legacy (correct guards amount of Lematan) - Fix use pailaka soe - Fix of stats Luckpy Luckpy - Fix passing Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire (spawn raids with conds on quest) - Fix working 33 Kamaloka (ai problem) - Fix sale item, after exiting the instance zones - Fix quest _112_WalkOfFate (took adena)
  15. - Rework calculation of attack speed in nanoseconds - Bows are also removed from processing tickets - Add parameter heal block for certain targets - New AI for npcs in 726 and 727 quests in instances - Fixed displaying of drop in community with RB and mobs - Now mobs run given radius of target and not run up to the target loc - Check null for Baium - Package fix RecipeShopManageList (like L2OFF) - Implementation of quests "Path To Becoming A Lord" 708-716 ids - Add support for give status of Lord of territoty in admin panel - Displaying clan icon on the territory npcs if Lord is proclaimed! (config remained) - Sales of seeds and crops in castle increase by 10% if the Lord is proclaimed! (like L2OFF)