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Revision 1785

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- Add config for checking the validity of drop groups (can to disable and calc without standard parameters)
- Fix with attack mob clips
- Fix null errors for Primeval Island AIs
- Fix for correct spawn elpy (epidos room)
- Fix errors when beleth die
- Updating forts (add support of control room mechanisms)
- Fix attack himself for Kamael skills
- Rework restoration and updating of skills for char
- Toggle buffs are not disabled when using transformations
- Fix errors when trying to buff Pet (in its absence in community buffer)
- In ru dialogs edit the selection of a character or pet in accordance with the selected localization
- Rework calculation of random spawn points by zones for (Frintezza and SOD instances)
- Minor edits door packages
- Fix problem with StealBuffs effect
- Add param randomEffects for cancel effect
- Add new configs for Zaken (to check game time)
- Some changes for Frintezza (fix problem if Halisha die stage did not switch)
- Fix null erros for 455 quest and some others
- DeathPenalty not added on events
- Fix problem with reviveRequest
- Fix null errors for 508 510 and 144 quests
- Fix errors with restore summon buffs
- Add config for min hittime of cast! (now can be done mages cast without remain time)
- Fix eror when unset variables
- Add param for offline traders (to check for dualbox)
- Change part of sellbuffs design (other later)
- Fix error with target reconsider rapam in AI
- Check to use community buffer and teleport services
- Add all mobs to search pathfinder with geo (fixed problem in loa running mobs)
- Fix error with AirshipGuard ai
- Switching to a different database connection driver (leaving from c3p0-0.9.5-pre6)
- Fix error to inventory update to check energy agathions
- Fix to set setTarget if char dead
- Remove old itemaname in sys msg (for trial multilang support)
- Global reworking Cancel skills (principle of calculation)
- Manipulation of distance calculations to doors
- Remove calc instanceId from locations support
- If used soe or bsoe instance change to default!

- List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system:
   * _065_CertifiedSoulBreaker
   * _109_InSearchOfTheNest
   * _146_TheZeroHour
   * _457_LostAndFound
   * _628_HuntGoldenRam


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