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Revision 1750

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- Add config for SellBuff service (ability to apply effects to pets)
- correct spawn of statistic objects by geo
- Implementing a proxy slider
- Correct display char amount at account on proxy servers (when selecting a server)
- Fix visibilities Nevit visual effect (transfer into special effects)
- Add support for special effects for Champions
- Fix problem with loading char varibles (load with a delay)
- Fix problems with setting flag in forts (disable check for geo)
- Fix teleport members of the command channel to the night zaken
- Fix zeroings instance after Baylor when teleporting on a quest
- Add disabling event Monster Attack if all players are dead
- Saving event statistics in database (restores when the server is rebooted)
- Add support for top killer reward for all non-team events
- Dimensional Merchant updated (added missed pets)
- Checking and adjusting height and radius of all agathions and vitamin pets
- Add skipped html for quest _611_AllianceWithVarkaSilenos
- When using teleportation service, community is closed
- Fixed problem with displaying custom server messages (not all tags were read from the string)
- Fix exit from instance for quest _198_SevenSignEmbryo
- Add new ai for mobs in Tiat instance (which spawn from traps)
- Displaying online in community with cheat from config


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