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Revision 281

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- Fixed some dialogues (thx Projack)
- Some buffer buttons transfer from core
- Added hide options for replace char info at all htmls
- Added debuffs limit by config
- Added abnormalType ID support for packets
- PartySpelled skills info fixed
- Fixed summon double info (if remove summon whyle casting)
- Hp status updating for all around mobs (when use mass attack)
- Friend update list when add new friend
- Crystallize add info pre-rewards
- Fixed autoshots at oly for 140 protocol
- CharmOfCourage icon update (was problem at salvation client)
- Added new stats for resists ABSORB_DAMAGE_DEFENCE("absorbDamDefence"), ABSORB_MANA_DAMAGE_DEFENCE("absorbManaDamDefence"), ABSORB_MAGIC_DAMAGE_DEFENCE("absorbMagicDamDefence")
- Some changes at pledge packets for update info
- Trade items update fixed (visual bug)
- Added beatyshop support
- Subclass change support at userinfo panel
- Attach daily rewards -> to bestiary button
- Miss subs update info if add or change sub at community
- Fixed correct work party marker
- Add dynamic respawn scale, configuraion and example
- Add buy olympiad points community board service
- Full sync with HF5 branch


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