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Revision 2402

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- Added debuffs limit by config
- Rework xml support for dressme & visualme
- Fixed quests 118 & 123 (thx projact)
- 713 & 715 quests typo fix
- All pets skills by l2off (sync to part 5) thx projact
- Check move line at water (without sticking)
- Falling changes
- Kamaloka guards at towns cant be killed
- Update core for
- Fixed hairs preview at visual service
- Remove effects when char exit from zone (added for effect zones)
- Final fix for mobs (problem stuck to the walls)
- Some change QueenAntNurse AI
- Players can get trigger skills by summon hit (at reflect damage like l2off)
- Check event status for attack players (if event not in instance)
- Miss active skill at siege golem
- Added rift param for custom chance enter to boss room
- Community clan & teleport buttons transfer support to htmls
- Added new cmd -> _bbslang <lang> <html> for community
- Add Vervato with ressurection option
- Added clan variables support
- Added timestamp when use items at acp
- Added enchantadd & enchantmul (custom support for all stat params)
- Added new options for fun pvp zone
- Rework CompassZone support
- Rework premium bonus types at core
- Some changes at pledge packets for update info
- Fixed repead quests 164,217,219 by report
- Fixed remove karma (problem is in the sequence of actions)
- Skill Shoulder Charge effect fixed
- Skill Power Break fixed (only debuff use)
- Calc reward for quest Containing the Attribute Power
- Champions custom support for add skills & check valid npcId by list
- Add fake traders support
- Premium services without prem status (at custom community)
- Block check actions for autofarm if player run by geopath
- Added check ressurect siege condition for fort sieges
- Clan services can use clan members who have all privileges
- Small change for premium page replace info
- Block add new bonuses to old if char buy double premium
- 645 quest rework
- Check use toggle skills if char in anchor
- Add params for control levels & proffs for fight events register
- Add support for block all stats from excluded skills at fight events
- Add config for tele support for summon to owner
- Add mass extractable items with ctrl (only for ExtractableItems type)
- Correct sequence of sending packets during teleportation
- If mob in group party and clan buffs apply for all group
- Some change AI for check mobs buffs
- Check abnormal types for autofarm buffs
- Add config for pets recharge
- Add announce support for punishments
- Rework 334 quest to static reward by report
- Four sepulchers fixed spawn & small changes at mobs AI
- Add listener for check remove or not sertification skills when sub change at community
- Add supports for armor sets with more one chest
- Check zero position for drop items
- Small changes for walking mobs AI
- Change aggro support for freya AIs & block spawn mobs at instance if instance empty
- Correct drop info for custom drop at champion mobs
- Configs for correct chances of debuffs by npcs accounting statsMod
- Rework limits for players & summons (now can add all stats for like oly and any)
- Full regroup and increase options for reload gm system
- Fixed elcadia use skills
- Block check TW quests from any zones (not from sieges)
- Block sellbuffs at siege zones
- Null errors by reports
- Dynamic distribution of threads on all cores
- Add config for sellbuffs (use at peace zones by request)
- Added rebirth check for enter instances support
- Npcs remove Invul status -> change to Undying
- Fixed get vote rewards for uft8 name players
- Added support for mmotop votes count (by sms vote)
- Rework check dual dagger conditions (now check from 923 skill) NEED CLIENT SIDE for all races!
- Area skills check can-see target by geo from first target (like l2off)
- Simulation cast dont break skills (like l2off)
- Fixed problem with summons spawn position (now check by geo)
- Rework world events check status without db
- Added support for excluded Classes at fight events
- Add print rewards info at class master


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