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Revision 2368

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- Fixed correct check timestamp (if char unequip item when reuse approaching zero)
- CHARGEDAM skill have static damage (thx MTJ)
- Change ai configs format
- Rework gem dragon & drakos guardian minions support
- Fixed skills by reports
- Add check geo with WASD
- Block learn certification skills if at community not in donate mode
- Unsummon pets if cher use fly transform
- Summons cant attack hide players
- Correct calc spoil chance (was problem with high chance)
- block use acp if char invisible
- add support for rune items (now can use active skills)
     * <set name="activeRune" val="true" />
- Change pole attacks
- Add cb tele new support by order
- Some changes with check z coords when moving
- Ui support rework
- Fixed npe by reports
- Experimental java settings for optimization
- Check day zaken double spawn
- Added miss check for active reflection for char enter (party or cc members)
- Rework autofarm check active windows (now check from double session manager)
- Add option for increase farm time if char already buy time
- Rework check free farm time
- Block use fear to raid
- Check correct item skills if debuffs cant use for players
- Rework pole multiplier by request
- Correct mana consumption of talismans for use of skills
- Added mobs images for community (thx by customer)
- Fixed check schemes amount for create at community buffer
- Test rework validation char when falling (test rework!)
- Rework show droplist by groups with pages
- Fixed autoenchant when item broke (was wisual bug)
- Rework zones support for sell buffs & trade
- Top damager typo check
- No trade zones restore by request
- Npe with weapon skills by report
- Block unstuck if char fearing or silence
- Added new service for change main class from sub class (html support only for custom community)
- Update html info if autofarm end or disable
- Changed Backstab to calc chance not only when behind target (like l2off)
- Added party limit by config
- Miss param at packet for correct check AA hwid
- Added new bypass fot by premium [_bbspremiumOnlyBuy <ID>] by request
- Fixed miss backstab correct front chance 
- Regroup player tasks general tasks
- Check geo at water moving (test)
- Added valid to use potions at sellbuffs or craft mode
- Changed decode hwid format for AA
- Added support for limit learn skills for multiproff by order
- Rework check talismans at inventory for combinetalismans cmd
- Added suppot for kamalokas (if you solo type or solo-party type player can use dialogue with npcs)
- Fixed sticking nextattack actions after use skills (if you use little min hit time at configs)
- Custom inventory support by order
- Autofarm menu when char dead (only if farm was active)
- If char dead at instance was wrong time limit info
- Added param for event for block/not block buffs
- Config for use community at combat state
- Added invul effect for GM player
- Event buttons transfer to localization (by request)
- Fixed double items from Restoration effect
- Added more correct support for check item skills
- Enchant skills custom items support
- Typo check tw for oly config
- Add l2s geodata support for loader
- Reduce use memory with loaded geo
- Fixed unsummon problem (with re-summon & wrong pet window info)
- Next attack action after use skill (check target to auto attackable)
- Correct target type for skill (Sublime Self-Sacrifice)
- Calc step by step pathfinding for all mobs
- Added limit for crit damage modifier (by request)
- Fixed Newbie Guide bypasses by report
- Added event LoversJubilee (thx Projack)
- Fixed quest 024 by report
- Corpse mobs animations block
- Unstuck fixed to cancel
- Added around attacks (from all weapons) custom support
- Added effect handlers load from dp
- Block use skills to doors (if door not auto-attackable)
- If mob attacked player and player target null -> set auto target 
- 025 quest fixed dialogues
- Added skill time rate params BUFF_RATE("buffRate"), DEBUFF_RATE("debuffRate")
- 716 quest correct work
- Added support exp & sp for multisells
- Added custom redirect for npcs shift-click bypass
- Fixed 714 quest 
- Added check skills conditions for toggles
- Fixed check valid active skill for autofarm (if char do relog)
- Fixed correct work 708 quest
- Fixed skills 
     * Spirit of the Cat
     * Spirit of the Demon
     * Spirit of the Unicorn
- Fixed ban chat by config types
- Fixed some dialogues (thx Projack)
- Rework clan level up support to xml format
- Some buffer buttons transfer from core
- Added hide options for replace char info at all htmls (at community)


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