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Revision 2294

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- full rework logs system & clean up
- trove support removed
- fixed problem with enable visual shield (with arrows)
- added confirm dialogue for buy olf shirt service at community
- add param for block buffer at fight events
- add miss AI for pagan mobs
- miss settings for enchant logs
- additional fake online modifier (by request)
- all augmentation settings transfer to xml (by order)
- add time zone support
- fixed jail time from seconds to minutes
- clean up methods & re-group global variables
- fixed problem with spoiled dead mobs for autofarm players (players stuck)
- full rework aggro system & calc new calc top damager (with check paty or cc damage)
- all 3th class quests transfer to static system
- some rework multisell support
- auction info rework like l2off (by report)
- fixed add karma if killer summon
- full rework multilang support (now server can use any langs)
- some change xml support for world events
- regroup autofarm settings 
- some clean up methods
- fixed problem with empty pers name (only was problem with new pets)
- fixed critical problem with boats!!! (can be crush server)
- rework manor support 
- WASD correct work
- new param for block skill learn items by types (by order)
- add pages support for individual buffs
- remove attach buff types from core (now can create any buttons with any types)
- full clean up & rework listener system
- fixed Olf's T-shirt add pDef when enchanting
- fixed skill Touch of Death
- add config for custom save Enchant(for block items by id)
- separate bonus from runes for raid bosses drop "raidDropMultiplier"
- add param for augment all items (by order)
- add some new listener methods
- rnd damage from skills transfer to config
- oly info by order
- add payment options for offline mod
- regroup global tasks
- correct calc chance Steal Divinity
- update daily reward service (need update script)
- add new listener support
- add new param "autoLoot" for skills support
- fixed account ban support
- added support SGUARD
- add task management managers (to reduce load)
- fixed correct restore hp mp cp (after load all skills & effects)
- removed minion instance type
- recalc check summon and pet skills without db
- block enchant items at community if item not enchantable
- block findparty service if player have ban chat
- fixed problem with autofarm (when char have Petrification effect)
- added white IP list for login server by request
- next npcs tasks optimization
- passive fakes tasks optimization
- cleaning of unnecessary tables
- rift change support to xml parse
- some change Sel Mahums AI
- remove check game & login protocol session (not important)
- fixed htmls at 2 and 33 queset by report
- some rework double session support
- 19 & 24 update by report
- add config for TW wards limit by order
- add config for disable illegal actions logs by request

- 63 quest transfer to static system
- 64 quest transfer to static system
- 254 quest transfer to static system


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