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Revision 2239

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- Check attack distance when char run by geopath to mobs
- Fixed siege clanhalls print register clans info (by report)
- New event types support like pvp zones (Solo & Team)
- Add hero status & skills support for event rewards
- Add hide char info support for events
- Fixed CPU loads by passive fake players
- Add miss icons for some skills by report
- Add config for give hero skills by donate
- Rework pvp color system by request
- Add support for auto backup db
- Add delay for fakes by request
- Group custom GM spawn config
- Fixed error for server list if use more 1 server
- Add new custom support for instances by request
- Re-group formulas configs & add resist and prof limits
- Added description for skills at xml (example support at clan community)
- Fixed items whitch have param "enchanted"
- Fixed problem with summons use skills (for autofarm)
- Add check for use self mp restore (like body to mind for autofarm)
- Fixed problem with change color name ot title by gm (by report)
- Some change calc chance for trigger skills
- Add new option for fight events (use custom item at events for balance)
- Added miss calc chance for balancer
- Correct print info by debug char status
- Rework magic fail formula
- Rework clan section for custom community
- Reverse config for vertical regions (to improve the connectivity of regions and reduce load)
- Add depth configs for neighboring regions
- Next extensions of layout of community clans section
- Some change shutdown for more fast
- Block ress for chars if leave from event (when timer run)
- Correct check cache for load images for community clan icons
- Correct Dragon Valley mobs skills (was miss some params)


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