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Revision 2134

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- Add config for block drop modifier (by order)
- Add support for new autofarm v2.0
- Fixed quest _224_TestOfSagittarius
- Add premium buff time support for community buffer
- Balancer update interface && simplified settings
- Block give exp in command channel (only calc in party)
- Block calc drop modifiers for noRate items
- Fix auction correct table by report
- Custom drop fix correct types support by report
- GM hide rework & small changes for regions
- Fixed Over-hit skill
- Check decay system
- Fixed attack after sleep end
- Underground colliseum added full support (like l2off)
- Some changes with switch status of regions (now with delay)
- Check invul status for KoreanStyle event
- Players can write pm to fake players (by order)
- Add gm function give item for all players with check (hwid/ip)
- Add players limit support for fun zones (hwid/ip)
- Block party invite for fakes
- Check for correct work CrystalCaverns (by report)
- Add check pvp by hwids
- Add search academy mod for community
- Add kamael race for balancer & some changes by order
- Add config AutoLearnSkillsMaxLevel (by order)
- Add configs for nevit sytem (by order)
- Add config for ItemAuction Announce (by order)
- Fixed skill Switch by report
- Spawn mammon with check heading (thx Rediska)
- Moster race update by report (now full settings work)
- Update support for emu interface
- Fixed problem with some running npcs (by report)
- Add configs for mail expiration (by order)
- Add config for min player level who can use the offline trade (by order)
- Fixed skill Power Break (enchant time)
- Add timeLimit support for multisells
- Rework 288 and 423 quests to static system
- Add check for reward at funpvp zones (check party and hwids)
- Fixed work servitor skills with type AREA_SUMMON
- Attach fakes move to geo & autofarm
- Check correct Geo positions with geoIndex
- Add passive fakes support
- Add hwid ban section to gm panel
- Fix for create rnd level fakes by level limit zones
- 639 quest rework by statis system (by report)
- Sieges by cron wrong calc extra 7 days (by report)
- Was problem with premium pets (try cast buffs if pet die) fixed!
- Skills with target type PARTY_NOTME and CORPSE_CLAN not need target for use
- Change oly calc period to cron format


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