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Revision 2083

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- Refresh points when oly set new period
- Add telemode 2 for gm without check geo
- Add config to valid end cast if cant see target (like as scryde)
- Add param for pvp points at funpvp zones
- Correct goddard siege zones (some of zones fell into town)
- Extension of protection from pk (by order)
- Blocked confirm dlg for levelup service (if part of service disabled)
- Check decrease enchant skills (if enable DecreaseSkill -> check by magicLevel)
- Fixed door attacks by magic skills at tw
- Fixed print info for freya hard timer (if use custom settings)
- Wondrous Cubics reuse every day at 6:30 (like l2off)
- Add miss support for itemId 21106-21107
- Block check bot questions if char at autofarming
- Typo changes for instances which use custom params
- Update pledgeClass for char if become nobless or hero (not need relog!)
- Check offline or sellbuff status if use ban for char!
- If possible players can heal team without ctrl at fight events
- Add promocodes services
- Fixed teleport bookmarks (by report must use skill 2588)
- Skill Poison of Death (4082) rework like L2off (with increased damage after an hour)
- Type fixed 101 quest
- Add custom hero aura support for skills
    * can add <add order="0x10" stat="heroAura" val="1" /> <!-- will enable hero aura -->

- Fixed region for kamael village
- Add miss quest item params
- Fix start quest _641_AttackSailren
- Fix problem with the display of statistics for the Oly (for soulhoods)
- Fixed _281_HeadForTheHills quest by report
- Check update datas for oly when start next period (was problem with db request)
- Fixed flying clan air ship at Gracia (promlem with moving)
- Add param to lose buffs at events
- If enable DropEpauletteForRegisterPlayers now will check summons by owner too
- Fixed summons max and currect hp & mp if remove buffs


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