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Revision 2000

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- Add check to clean up baium zone (problem if in zone event is running)
- Acp check to players dead status
- Miss event name for localization for fight event engine 
- Miss Freya spawn at solo instance
- Add config for fight events (enable confirm dialogue)
- Check to register sevensings (can players after 1 proffs)
- Rework 192 quest
- Move controller updates (checking path always, correct path in water zones at max z pos)
- Fixed errors by reports
- Reflection names with en support
- Some squares spawn groups (by Kate)
- Double npcs spawn fixed in castle
- Advanced options in admin panel to check online
- Correct walking for players by Darion Bridge (without stuck)
- Correct walking for players -> to ship <- from ship (without stuck)
- Hide Territory war announce if have war can't be started
- Check CS reg time if server will reload and registration is already over
- Naia Lock cant move
- Fixed save Song of Purification buff time (was stolen buff slot)
- If mobs cant run -> change intention to ACTIVE from MOVING (check by Knoriks clips)
- Add miss spawn for Tully 6 and 8 floor
- Add weekly trader service
- Correct enchant time for Soul Shock
- Fixed check kamael Trap with targetType -> One
- Temporary alignment option when players fall under geo
- Auto restart server with check by days
- Add delay 2 min when mob can try to spawn position (if cant will be tele)
- Kamael soul bottle don't stop running
- Add miss Newbie Guide id for use multisell
- Not deep zones with water dont slow down running and not enable breath
- If email with items is not accepted, items are returned to your inventory
- Check to null world region
- Fixed unlimit time for cubics
- Rework 726 & 727 quests to static reward & rework instances for them
- Rework 511 and 512 quests & instances
- Fixed fly skills correct valid location (was problem if use potions)
- Recommendations system full update to HF5
- Fixed skill Fatal Counter
- Change calculation and size for World regions
- Some change admin npc info
- Add calc rune exp and sp in party
- Simple bypass for community buffer for individual buffs (by order)
- Add option to switch movement by geo
- Rework support for Olympiad zones
- If char becomes noobless, he is immediately given 10 oly points
- Add miss htmls for doormen
- Fixed null error in checkDoCastConditions
- Some change Leprechaun event support
- Rework 195 quest to static reward
- Rework instance for 195 quest (add hide aggro support & check points & AI)
- Fixed auto attack for fly skill (check autoAttackable target status)
- Remove deadlock support
- Fixed errors by minions respawn by report
- Fixed crit if relog client at oly
- Fixed errors by LizardmanSummoner AI
- Fixed errors by TullyWorkshop null errors
- Fixed null errors for quest _716_PathToBecomingALordRune
- Auto add buffs to scheme if char create new scheme buffs
- Clean up unused code
- Hide some logs
- Add custom bypass for community buffer for pages
- Fixed print info for castle status in community ranking (Shuttgart was hidden)
- Add check to reg to fortress sieges in TW progress & check castles sieges
- Auto immediately save respawn time for all epics (if he's dead)
- Close login server error if connect was with bad decrypt info (close client connection)
- Check 3rd class to reg to olympiad (like L2Off)
- Party duel is instance battle
- Rework some instances
- Miss change instance support for 10292 quest
- Fix null error at PetFeedTask
- Recalc SOA drop
- Separating settings for loginserver
- Separate DatabaseFactory for loginserver
- Add & transfer some configs for loginserver
- Correct bypasses for 20 quest
- Add config to check IPv4Filter if need
- Disable getLevelMod calc stats for mobs
- Block invite msg to event if char dead (can be problem with ressurection)
- Block acp if char isCombatFlagEquipped
- If item block use by condition char does not have to stay on the run
- Add fightevents block items support in xml:
			<player isInFightEvent="true" />
- Dead altar guards cant attack pk players :)
- Add custom msg for global chat info for low level
- Fixed skill Requiem
- Fixed skill Dust Storm
- Fixed spawn static object for rune throne
- Fixed mid victory at siege (clans were losing auto-attackable status)
- Add config for beleth to enter without command channel 
- Add support to destroy instance if command channel remove
- Remove skill 8239 if char leave from instance
- Fixed problem with remove active transformation when char rebuff more skills
- Fixed check full inventory for stackable items and herbs
- Check auto generate territory wars battle time
- Punishment system group to one system (add attempts & individual logs for each char)
- Add new bypass _bbsurl:%link% by StrixGuard support
- Check stats for all pets (like L2OFF)
- Add new support for epics (attach respawn by days)
- Fixed gaps under geo with fly skills
- Rework VanHaler & pagan zone (like L2OFF)
- Check to cleanup sellbuffs (problem with dublicate skills)
- Add configs to community tp and buffer(free use by char level)
- Add service for cleanup instances reuse time (_bbsservice:reloadRef <id> <itemId> <itemAmount> <0 for all 1 for premium>)
- Add check to preview dressme delay (players can spam packet)
- Chamber of delusion instances rework & add chance to tp to boss room
- Check time for skill Discord
- Fixed wrong html link for quest 10277_MutatedKaneusDion
- If castle siege start check all clans on fort registering (if have reg to fort remove from reg list)
- 196 quest & instance rework
- Rework color services (add days support & config)
- Add rename clan service
- Check change nobless prepare duel
- Check lvlup service if exp off
- Add date/time info to punish logs


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