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Revision 1860

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- Add configs for freya guards by order
- Add Level Limit zones support (Ant Queen for example)
- Add auto enchanting service
- Fix bow and crossbow distance attacks
- TonZone auto reward update to new api
- Fix correct working skill Letter Collector's Gift
- Fix errors with RecoBonus effects
- Auto-learn skills some change
- Fix auto resurrection at events if char leave event zone
- Add check to block use tp service in instances
- Add check limit for basestats calc
- Add new param for items isEventRestricted for check on active events
- Add custom rate for Seal Stones and for premium too
- Fix correct working rune items (problem with char stats)
- Add new custom param for full dress items (costume)
- check event restricted items before start events
- Add miss npcId at newbie npc multisell
- Correct calc damage for Curse Death Link
- Fantasy Isle miss dialogues for some npcs
- Underground Coliseum Helper add html support
- Fix pvp info check at killer in tvt event
- Fix problem with double pAtk stats
- Add check for spawn summons (if auto restore)
- Check to remove minions mobs
- Rework Lakfi-Lakfi system
- Correct check player level for open chests
- Add diff levels to active lethal skills 
- Add personal premium type (only for one character not for all account)
- Check buffs type without line register
- Drop info with check champions (correct print info)
- Fix for events if cant attack player not freeze
- Add aggro info for all
- Fix skill Corpse Life Drain
- Move controller (search pathfinder distance transfer to configs)
- Correct skills for Batur mobs (thx Kate)
- Correct re-add debuffs & add config to change system (like L2OFF)
- Change totems time (thx Grand)
- Fix visual problem at manage selllist (not remove from inventory)
- Some reworking pailaka 73
- Fix some null errors in scripts
- TW teleport fix for flag
- Fix errors with DeadLockDetector (sync remove effects with owner summon)
- Check all Pole weapons add miss attack params
- Fix auto get holy pomanders (now not need re-login)
- If at event summon do kill, point add to his owner
- Correct fly ai for Pterosaur
- Final change for pets now correct to check attack and skills
- Party recall and param to menu to block auto recall
- Add voice cmd to check premium in party
- Change decay system & configs
- Fix to change siege time for tw (in admin panel)
- Check Mucrokian drops
- Fix error for search mob info in community (problem with search chest)
- Fix problem with Freya trigger skill
- Fix use Outpost Demolition to base
- Calc damage and aggro without AIRegister (calc by core not by script)
- Fix visual bug when changing kamael weapons (simplification skill work)
- Add chance for Lavasaurus spawn in FOG (was 100%)
- Fix problem with pets looting in party
- Reduce chance of spawn for npc 32759
- Fix htmls at 625 quest
- Add support for premiums in community teleport
- Add static respawn for all epics (attach to time hours)
- Add miss packet when char created (auto selected)
- Dragon valley Partrollers some changed
- Add images for epics
- Reworking community buffer:
   * Reworking interface for schemes
   * Add config to block buffer outside peace zones
   * Add config to use buffer outside peace zones for premium players
   * Can set level of buffs separately for premium players

- Reworking spawn in LOA
- Add config (limit time buffs) for premium players
- Add config (buffs amount) for premium players

List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system
  * _187_NikolasHeart
  * _238_SuccesFailureOfBusiness
  * _251_NoSecrets
  * _290_ThreatRemoval
  * _362_BardsMandolin
  * _617_GatherTheFlames
  * _624_TheFinestIngredientsPart1
  * _625_TheFinestIngredientsPart2
  * _688_DefeatTheElrokianRaiders
  * _902_ReclaimOurEra


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