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Revision 1827

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- Minor changes in Four Goblets
- Unification drop and spoil for community and shift info
- Add param to check players lvl when try to get vote reward
- Add some support for capsule items (thx Kate)
- Add param to disable check geo for skills (transfer from core support)
- Fix Oly reg info in html (miss calc in core)
- Minor changes in 337 quest
- Fix bad link to html in 726 quest
- Correct icons for raid hats
- Fix htm for some npcs
- Fix double login sessions to enter into game
- Add new gm cmd for recall all players (//recall_players)
- Fix link htmls for 421 quest
- Fix spawn Latana
- New voice FindParty system
- Add miss skills icons for multiproff mod
- Changes for 7 sign quests (transform problem and guards in instance)
- Rework calc Pole attack targets
- Add custom hwid system for quests
- Antharas quest typo fix
- Rework offline trader system (now data is saved as soon as player has become offline trader)
- Sellbuffs offline system reworked same way
- Typo fix htmls (thx GrandV)
- Add price modifier for sale items
- Remove Client packet queue tuning support
- Add param for Epidos spores amount
- Add config for Attribute chance rate
- Attach community multisells
- Premium Pets full check (add miss skills for some pets)
- Check time limit for pets items
- Fake death 70% chance like L2OFF (thx GrandV)
- Check to correct work quest _10295_SevenSignsSolinasTomb
- Add custom item broker (search and print info private stores)
- Add custom param for magic skill damage (magicSkillPower)
- Add alternative community teleport support by id from xml
- Full rework premium system:
  * xml template support for premiums
  * regular premiums and online type premiums
  * premium gifts
  * exp bonuses
  * sp bonuses
  * siegeGuard bonuses
  * adena bonuses
  * drop bonuses
  * raids drop bonuses
  * quest reward bonuses
  * quests drop bonuses
  * fishing bonuses
  * elemental stones bonuses
  * spoil bonuses
  * weight limit bonuses
  * craft bonuses
  * masterWork craft bonuses
  * echant scrolls + echant att bonuses
  * fame bonuses
  * instances reduce bonuses

- Fix for correct working Fear skills type
- Fix preblem with doors at Oly (promlem with calc geoIndex)
- Fix print info for chanhall payments
- Change instance grouping (new type SOLO_PARTY)
- Typo fix Achievements by report

List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system
  * _10501_ZakenEmbroideredSoulCloak
  * _10502_FreyaEmbroideredSoulCloak
  * _10503_FrintezzaEmbroideredSoulCloak
  * _627_HeartInSearchOfPower
  * _634_InSearchOfFragmentsOfDimension


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