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Revision 1805

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- Fix old bypasses (for oly)
- Sellbuffs complete change design
- Change olympiad formate info (fix weekly calc update time)
- New olympiad info in admim panel
- Add config to check attacking char status for move
- Halisha change status if you instantly killed Halisha (custom param)
- Fix calc for dropMultiplier stats (was wrong)
- Add new param for spoil "spoilMultiplier"
- Сlose null check to Orfen
- Some change configs for premium accounts
- Add new params for augmentiton service (alternative operating system)
- Rework fake players (now no lags)
- Some changes with antibrute protection for login server
- Add missins skills for pets (thx Tangra)
- Remove double spawn minions for raid Akata
- Fix collision radius and height for some Raids by report!
- Add miss raids by report
- Fix critical error when spoil list at npc is empty
- Fix for raids spawn by report
- Check null inventory
- Reduced radius for minions
- Fix lowering skill level for multiproff mod
- Add config for tab limit when saving teleports (in community)
- Fix for correct list info bosses in community (not all displayed)
- Fix problem with doors (apply geo)
- Fix problem with Valakas change status after restart if status not 0
- Remove BossZone support for Valakas and Antharas
- Guards in GeoCollision can attack players and players can attack guards! (close geo problem to see target)
- If tutorial disabled players can see dialogues with start npcs
- Events support for new Antharas zone
- Add config for disable items from drop
- Mini edits with Antharas (problem if raid have status 1)
- Attach of players movements by geo (falls problems under geo at movement)
- Correct coords for community teleport for toi 10 floor
- Add changes for mobs for geo check
- Fix problem with recommendations reset
- Fix null error with slaves on hellbound
- Block movement of monsters if there is a very large z coords difference with target (clear aggro)
- Fix drop on the ground (lowered z coords)
- Add EpicBoss stats info in community (map info not working)
- Add config for certification (min level for use)
- Fix errors with quest _716_PathToBecomingALordRune
- Rework spawn for all mobs in 23_14 square
- Fix bridge for Darion (cant movement)
- Fix errors for 509 quest
- Add debug for spawn (print bugget spawn)
- Fixed global problem mobs in spawn
- Fixed lethal strikes (not give exp after kill mobs)
- Сhanges for freya mobs (problem with spawn when logging in instance)
- Fix errors with AnomicFoundry AI
- Null errors with Queen ANT ai
- Fix double remove items from resurrections scrolls
- Fix timer update in Nevit system
- Fix magic attack by doors
- Heal potions dont use buff slots
- Fix skill Day of Doom
- Add check valid class by commnuty class master

List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system
  * _636_TruthBeyond
  * _637_ThroughOnceMore


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