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Revision 2262

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- Fixed correct check skills by "SkillsCheck" (was problem with enchant skills)
- Regroup & cleanup methods by death class
- Block reload scripts (can add only new not-load scripts) because java cant unload scripts from cache
- Check invul mobs for autofarm players
- Clean double sessions if char kick by enter game
- Transfer calc raids respawn to decay method (to reduce load on database)
- Some rework GemDragons AI
- Add miss check for offline traders double sessions (for voice)
- Small changes for clan section by report
- Community buffer set price transfer to xml
- Change calc effects chance limits ( now firts calc with min chance -> next use balancer value -> next calc with max limit )
- Fixed calc chance for debuff skills without skillType
- Add check for use skills if char at transformation
- Fixed doble use scroll of resurrections (at distance)
- Added custom time for sell buffs (by order)
- Fixed auto-announce correct read "-1" repeat param (at gm menu)
- Add check run speed limits at water
- Community buttons without sticking
- Added configs for marking regions
- Add new custom options for passive spoil
   * example support for skills <add order="0x10" stat="passiveSpoil" val="1" />

- Added miss premium shots support by report
- Added support for increase mobs and raids stats
- Added spawn and respawn multipliers (only for mobs)
- Some regroup check avaliable skill list for autofarm (need update script too!)
- Add delay for mobs calc defence chance
- Add drop limit per group for champions
- Fixed calc bonus for stats adenaMultiplier and etc...
- Fixed heal cubic (was non-stop summon heal)
- Fixed problem with Spoil enchant chances
- Correct link for quest reward by report
- Levels support change from byte to int (for custom support)
- Correct target update if target-char use transform or mount
- Fix problem with currect Hp for mobs (if mob was champion)
- Update java version to jdk 15
- Rework and check 652 quest by report
- Add resist support for champions (by request)
- Add custom support for armors augmentation (by request)
- Life stones support transfer to xml
- If enable config GuardAttackAggroMob npc check target not by all region!(reduced radius)
- If enable config AlwaysTeleportHome mobs will use teleport only if distance more 1000 from spawn location
- Block community teleport if char isInStoreMode
- Change some check for multisell augmentation (can use for jewerly & armor)
- some change regen support
- Remove rnd multiplier for magic damage
- Add custom param for skills (now can group custom skills for autofarm types)
   * example
        <set name="farmAttackType" val="true" />
        <set name="farmChanceType" val="true" />
        <set name="ffarmSelfType" val="true" />
        <set name="farmHealType" val="true" />

- Rework preview support for dressme (now can see items animation and add support for preview hairs)
- Add config for acssess level for new players(by request)
- Check null session key at login connect
- Add config for equip cloaks without sets
- Add npc AI configs
- Rework punishment support
- Group spawns cache in one group (from db & xml)
- Krateis cube full rework
- Added lock actions for active autofarm
- Fixed dead pets target for players
- Added confirm dialogue for augment service at community
- Add config for block community for flagget players (by request)
- If admin use ban by IP or hwid -> search other player with same hwid or IP

- 103 quest transfer to static system
- 228 quest transfer to static system
- 308 quest transfer to static system
- 360 quest transfer to static system


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