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Revision 2032

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- Correct target size for skill Focus Attack
- Fixed problem with craft if chance was more 100%
- Add check to Antharas enter (check portal stone at all party or cc members)
- Check summon attacks if oly round end
- Rework community teleport save points system (attach by id not by coords)
- Some change for beleth (was errors)
- Add param for clan lvl default if create
- Some change pagan zone AIs
- Add params for community buffer and tp
- Add delay remove flag for char if leave from fun pvp zone
- Requiem not need select target for cast
- Fixed freeze mage classes when raid die and char was in casting status
- Fixed miss hp bonus from enchanting belts
- Add param for pvp flag delay in fun zones
- Add param for block save tp at sieges (by order)
- HotSpring correct z coords for fish zones
- Fixed null errors in 102 and 716 quests
- General tp from npcs block only to town if town castle in siege (not all territory)
- Rework treasure chests spawn (like l2off & rnd spawn zones)
- Add new param for epaulette drop (only for reg attackers at sieges)
- Fix bypasses for 511 quest
- Add new param for epic drops
- Fixed correct request equip if chat in attacking status
- Check beleth to double spawn
- Check tp status to rune town (chars can use tp in rune Temple and from primeval island if rune siege is active)
- 423 quest change chance for spawn quest npc
- Knoriks add miss debuffs (add to AI too)
- Re-calc chance for debuffs & add soe configs to correct
- Final changes for calc debuff chances (block all if resist >=100%)
- Some changes for check client z positions sync
- Fixed correct work for skill Lure
- Add miss warden spawn
- Correct Hex enchant params
- Fixed effect HpByLevel (was blocked)
- Add expand inventory service
- Add expand warehouse service
- Add expand store buy service
- Add expand store sell service
- Add expand dwarf craft book service
- Add expand common craft book sell service
- Check skillId 6827
- Custom param for block transformations at siege
- Effects info by shift+click for players (only to mobs or raids)
- Check conditions for use with ctrl for some skills
- Add new configs for npcLvlmod and for aggro-hate modifiers
- Backstab recalc
- Add min skills support for Cancel and Steal skills (without min param at skill -> calc min=0 & max support)
- Add protection for respawn at fight events
- Add lethal immunity support at xml & check all npcs like L2OFF
- Add block skills support for funpvp zones
- Fixed kamael subs to add wrong classes
- Fixed limit multisells (transfer to long max value)
- Add time limit hero support (for items):
		<set name="handler" val="TempHero" />
		<set name="timeLimit" val="120" />
- Fixed sometimes there are problems with stun
- Furnace can be targetable
- Correct overlay of effects that are attached to weapon
- Fixed print party info for clan info (for rank)
- Default new clan member have 6 grade rank (main clan)
- Correct move info for pets (if pet hungry) 
- Add new block broadcast filter if it finds a forbidden words
- Add logs for community services
- Fixed disable trigger effects if use CancelBySlot or CancelProbability effects
- Rework Stun effect
- Add param for offline trade(not kick offline char and can play with any char at account)
- Add param for lvl mod for summons
- Add auto announce for raids and epics by config list
- Rework events rewards support
- Some changes for offline traders (remove login session)
- Add lvl diff for mobs for world events drop items
- Fixed miss calc drop chance for world events drop items
- Fixed to block negative lvl if lvlup by addExp
- Override conditions locatization by order
- Cancel must remove max effects size by skill params (separation with Steal Divinity formula)
- Add personal settings support(see more info in personal.ini)
- Rework SquashEvent (calc Squash types like L2Off)
- Add save location and return players to his prev loc after events
- Add announce for restart server at 90 60 and 30 min
- Fixed fake death (player was not standup after hits)
- Dead players cant take drops in party
- Add disconect correct time support in menu
- Wrong target area in Spoil Bomb trigger skill
- Fixed null error for canRevive funPvp zones
- Rework 128 quest & instance support
- Rework pailakas instances & quests
- Correct print info for heroes and nobless count at community clan info
- Old Dwarven Ghost double spawn check and check to remove if Tully spawn
- Fixed check for auto restart (was problem at sunday -> system add + 1 week for next restart)
- Change week and weeks oly period (now end at sunday)
- Fixed refresh oly info in gm menu
- Add support for a few days in epic fixed respawn configs
- Add new configs for rates (block sweep by itemId, fixed adena rate and drop by valid list)
- Add quest _693_DefeatingDragonkinRemnants
- Add support Seed of Destruction (Chamblain's Mounted Troop) instance
- Add support Seed of Destruction (Soldier's Mounted Troop) instance
- Add support Seed of Destruction (Warrior's Mounted Troop) instance
- Add support Seed of Destruction (Great Warrior's Mounted Troop) instance
- Add new AI for Gem Dragon


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