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- Add miss spawn warpgate for Anakim and Lilith teleport
- Add miss spawn for catacombs
- Add miss html dialogues for some npcs
- Add param for fight events check by lvl (now can participation all classes)
- Add param for transfrom skill for Race event (by order)
- Fix Warp and Shadow Step can be used while movement disable
- Check for calc max exp and sp at party (exclude negative value)
- Check for npc skills (skills all mobs like L2Off)
- Some rework instances core support
- Start working with group spawns by squares
- Update stats for all npcs and guards likw l2Off (not for mobs!for mobs was parsed earlier)
- Full rework knownlist support for world regions (global update)
- Add miss chance calc for rewardlist at world events
- New AI for Bloody Karik & hide params
- Add miss time for Shiny Lit Platform skill
- Add param for mobs in SOA (can see hide players)
- Fix wards cant move
- Add teleport support for Aerial Cleft from Kecerius Base (like l2Off)
- full rework spawn for Spawn of Screams [full rework 22_16 square] (group spawn & check z coords)
- Correct save and reset info for itemId 13021 (title color)
- Check dressme sets info not only when equip sets (was not correct)
- Check correct time for Fear enchant lvl
- Check null error for DragonValley zone
- Fix html links for quests _458_PerfectForm & _691_MatrasSuspiciousRequest
- Fix errors by attackable status by report
- Some changes for fly skills
- Add check validation winner for olympiad
- Add balancer rate for calc skills chance (miss)
- Fix dressme (can use for no-grade items & add check valid for kamael equip)
- Add param for GiftOfVitality reset time
- Cleanup broadcastInfo methods
- Add param for drop item list (if drop disable by config)
- Check announce distance for npcs messages (need add distance after region update)
- Add lakfi rewards xml support
- Acp rework to extended format (individual % setting & choice potions)
- Add soul potions support for Kamael in acp panel
- Correct drop from Chests (thx l2idle)
- Fix itemConsume for itemId 17018
- Expanding functionality for sellbuffs & fix problem with client crit error (choice currency)
- Add hairs support for dressme & can group with acessories shields and cloaks in armor types
- Add param for min char lvl for shout (by order)

List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system:
  * _287_FiguringItOut
  * _694_BreakThroughTheHallOfSuffering
  * _695_DefendTheHallOfSuffering
  * _696_ConquertheHallofErosion
  * _697_DefendtheHallofErosion


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