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- Add config for command channel (forgives requirements)
- New custom community (
- Some changes for event Leprechaun (can use Monster template for event npc)
- cmd teletocl (block tp at epic zones and instances)
- Add new admin cmd for auto create spawn npc point in txt (in /data/stats/npcs/spawns/dumps/)
- Add Clan Damage Info for epic bosses
- Add  Static XP & SP rate by levels
- Check add miss skills in 23200-23299.xml
- Add twitch auto reward system!
- Add teleports to raid bosses service (in community)
- Auto restart login if it cant connect to game server
- Add facebook system (need test)
- Fix quest for frintezza cloak
- Remove unhave items from dressme mod
- Merge page navigation for all services where it is used
- Logs of incorrect bypasses are hidden (available only for admin)
- Division requests for restore info to be provided
- Mmocore reworking
- Unification StatsSet
- char variables remove old support (duplicate)
- Add config for SecondAuth system (to make it easier to create passwords)
- Transfer all Elpy event settings to dp (in xml formate)
- Fix clips of when summons action is canceled
- Salvation not replace by Noobless Bless
- Full reworking server packets opcodes (reading opcodes from a list)
- Correct links for ban char buttons
- Complete changes with minions (had problems with fast respawn)
- Add interval task for CharInfo and UserInfo packets
- Full remove javolution support from source
- Rework clan & ally crests cache support
- Fix aggro to add debuff if skill enchanted
- Add params support for instances (transfer freya & zaken configs to this system)
- Fix all errors by reports

List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system
  * _603_DaimontheWhiteEyedPart1
  * _604_DaimonTheWhiteEyedPart2
  * _609_MagicalPowerOfWaterPart1
  * _610_MagicalPowerOfWaterPart2
  * _615_MagicalPowerOfFirePart1
  * _616_MagicalPowerOfFirePart2


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