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Revision 1447

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- Remove not used configs and clean up some methods
- Fix problems with fishing
- Add distance configs on which run mobs and raid bosses before telepot on spawn point
- Add support of distance parameter individually for each npcs from datapack
- Fix double spawns for raid bosses
- Fix height collision for Rudolph Agathion
- Fix appeal event Rudolph Agathion
- Delete configs on chance chaotic target for raid bosses transfer this parameter in datapack individually for the necessary raid bosses.
- Fix passing of skills:
   * Madness
   * Seal of Mirage
   * Discord

- Simplification system of server logging, expansion debug logs.

- Blood altars (full processing):
   * Status of altar pays off individually
   * Maintaining status altars at reset of the server
   * Possibility change of altars status with the admin panel
   * Correct distance of destruction bosses on which they can run off before teleportation on spawn point
   * Restore hpand mp if teleported on spawn point

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