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Revision 1765

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- Added configs for setting time of castle sieges
- Added config for setting time of territory was siege
- Added new effect for outposts (rework support)
- Rework mechanics of loading server scripts (Now all server scripts auto loading, server auto searches for all scripts in dp)
- Fixed dialog display (in DE village)
- Rework full community structure support, placed in a separate type of handlers (now can create community scripts in dp)
- Fixed commnuity bypasses to speed up queries
- Added xml support for binding community bypasses to NPCs
- Added char binding to IP and HWID (with kick delay support)
- Added limit configuration [CON,DEX,STR,INT,WIN,MEN] (required for pvp servers)
- Rework config for difference in level between attacker and mob (ability to block getting EXP and SP)
- Added icons for some skills for sell buffs (acc to report)
- Start rework for all instance zones (to new xml support):
  * Added channel limit for simultaneous entry to one zone
  * Added setting up entry levels
  * Added setting min and max amount of players for zone
  * Added support coordinates of entrance
  * Added support coordinates of exit
  * Added reenter time support
  * Added gradation of zones by type
  * Added support for reward
  * Added support for required items for entry (at party leader or cc or at all)
  * Added support for required quest for entry
  * Added support for spawn (by points and by zones) 
  * Added admin support to reload instance templates 

- Fixed null errors in AI mobs at Baylor
- Fixed null errors for 382 quest
- Attach doors spawn to geo (in instances too)
- Added checks to packages to avoid dupe attempts
- Added support for spawning doors at pvp events (auto opens all doors that will be added)
- Fixed double teleportation after the end of the event
- Corrected Artifact spawn in Rune Castle
- Simplify checks when trying to cast skill an artifact
- Fixed errors when attack of doors some skills
- Fixed errors at the end of clanhall sieges
- Added config for max amount of items to buy at a time via multisell
- Global rework of all kamalokas support:
  * Adapting to new instance support
  * Implementing kamalokas for PC points
  * Added drop support of kamaloka essence for premium players
  * Added teleporter spawn support after kill raid
  * Added config of entrance to Rim kamaloka (not only for premium)
  * Added config of kamaloka essence drop (not only for premium)
  * Added support for Extra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka items (for all kamaloka types, like L2OFF)

- Other instance zones adapted to new xml support:
  * Tiat Instance
  * All Zaken instances
  * Frintezza instance
  * All Freya instances

- List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system:
  * _10295_SevenSignsSolinasTomb
  * _10296_SevenSignsPoweroftheSeal
  * _904_DragonTrophyAntharas
  * _907_DragonTrophyValakas


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