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Friends, this is very important!
We hasten to inform you that from February 2020, the cost of all tariffs will be higher by 30%. 

Why are prices going up?
We work hard to ensure that our product meets the quality that is expected of it. We can not keep the price level below the average for a long time, although we know how much our product is more valuable and better.

This measure is necessary, and we hope for your understanding.
Our team will continue to provide you with only high-quality services! 

Soon we will be developing mods and add ons for our build such as:

  • Bots, and not just bots, but rather developed and advanced artificial intelligence. Bot-related services will also be available, but more on that later. 
  • Mods will be developed for a separate sale from the build: multiproffs, rebirth and many other customs that are now in the trend and not everywhere.
  • There will be customization of our build available additions in the form of: hats, clothes, raincoats and other things and all this will be "out of box" at any rate. The classic patch will remain.

Thank you for your understanding and trust!
Stay with us and be pleasantly surprised.

With love, КATE. 

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