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Revision 1740

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- remove support L2HashMap and L2TIntObjectHashMap
- Delete vote system (Survey) not actual
- commons new version without javolution support
- correct skills remain in macro (problem reset remain when enchanting skills)
- Rework multifunctional zones (now can set parameters for each zone individually)
- Fix ai event mobs (erroneous target search)
- Increased amount of mobs in Anomic Foundry
- Correct spawn event Manager (dialog did not work because of broken z coordinates)
- Achievements can now be used via voice command (.ach or .acv)
- Beginning of work on fake players
- Add config for ability to set a zero price for sale of all items
- Removed auto equipment of weapons when buying in donate shop
- Correction move controller:
   * problems with hovering before the first monster attack
   * search for a path when clicking an attack if the target is not visible
   * fix problems with falling under the texture
   * fix problems with changing position when casting skills

- Add missed the dialogues warhouse on Fantasy Island
- Alternate switching of the certification service (for standart use books)

- List of quests adapted to the new statistical rating system:
   * _455_WingsOfSand
   * _456_DontKnowDontCare
   * _10277_MutatedKaneusDion
   * _10278_MutatedKaneusHeine
   * _10279_MutatedKaneusOren
   * _10280_MutatedKaneusSchuttgart
   * _10281_MutatedKaneusRune
   * _10282_ToTheSeedOfAnnihilation
   * _10283_RequestOfIceMerchant
   * _10284_AcquisitionOfDivineSword
   * _10285_MeetingSirra
   * _10286_ReunionWithSirra
   * _10287_StoryOfThoseLeft
   * _10288_SecretMission
   * _10289_FadeToBlack
   * _10290_LandDragonConqueror
   * _10291_FireDragonDestroyer
   * _10292_SevenSignsGirlofDoubt
   * _10293_SevenSignsForbiddenBook
   * _10294_SevenSignToTheMonastery


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