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Revision 1720

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- Fix lack of drop from Cannibalistic Stakato Chief (new npc type)
- Correct spawn point for Queen Shyeed
- fix teleport to stakato nest (not teleport whole party)
- fix buying in private store (checking enchant items and attributes)
- Add server side for client interface (our partner)
- Fix working Venom like L2OFF
- Add parameter for common chests displayed in datapack (at the request of customer)
- Community recycling (removed region and memo support)
- Add localization quest _162_CurseOfFortress
- Add localization quest _240_ImTheOnlyOneYouCanTrust
- Add localization quest _295_DreamingOfTheSkies
- Add localization quest _310_OnlyWhatRemains
- Add configs to configure bypass community buttons for yourself
- Added config on double craft
- Minor fixes GEODATA with fall from heights
- Fix slowing zones on sieges (running speed not correctly calculated)
- Fix update multisells (when listing clothes for example)
- Fix autoloot
- Fix double messages toggle skills
- Fix switching target under cast aoe skills
- Fix sticking attacks Summons
- Fix jumps in water when character is swimming
- Fix Pailaka Devils Legacy (correct guards amount of Lematan)
- Fix use pailaka soe
- Fix of stats Luckpy Luckpy 
- Fix passing Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire (spawn raids with conds on quest)
- Fix working 33 Kamaloka (ai problem)
- Fix sale item, after exiting the instance zones
- Fix quest _112_WalkOfFate (took adena)


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