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Revision 1410

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- Passed augmentationId for ShortCuts
- Duplicate community packet //dell

- Support packages:
    * ExBlockUpSetList
    * ExBlockUpSetState
- ExCubeGame packets remove! as passed everything into a normal look

- Study of packages item-mall
- Review parsing of items from item-mall
- To-realization of all parameters for item-mall
- Added parameters of reading from items (with packet support):
   * daysOfWeek
   * stock
   * maxStock

- Support package ExColosseumFenceInfo
- Possibility of parsing of fences from a datapack and spawn from admin panel

- Support package RequestSurrenderPersonally
- Updating system messages during removal of friends
- Editing of work of a lottery under russian html + localization
- ItemIcons delete support (not used)
- Expanded petitions manager in the course of development:
   * Support packages:
        * ExResponseShowStepOne
        * ExResponseShowStepTwo
        * RequestShowNewUserPetition
        * RequestExShowStepTwo
        * RequestExShowStepThree
   * Parsing petition sections

- Clean up dp
- Expanded settings of .menu command:
   * Add block buffs function
   * Add hide traders function
   * Add block buffs animation function
   * Add refusal traders function
   * Add refusal party invites function
   * Add refusal ffriend invites function

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