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Revision 1692

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- Fix errors by calc raid points
- Some change skills call by mobs AI
- Baium work like l2OFF!
- Add miss skills for Latana
- Major heal not add aggropoints!
- Fix bug with doors in valakas's lair (wrong doors opened)
- Update chance for quest items in quest _136_MoreThanMeetsTheEye
- Updated work and dialogues of quest _307_ControlDeviceOfTheGiants
- Add config tasks from being delayed OnKill for mobs and NPCs (for quests and not only)
- Add new system for balance skills system (can be regulate every skill individually to all classes)
- Fix on opening private store with additional checks
- Revision policy chance to use skills from mobs
- Altered processing methods of mobs attack (added current damage lock)
- Rework Valakas like L2OFF (new separate AI)
- Fix check of valid buffs Pets at target (prohibition of using buffs on the owner type SELF)
- Added teleport function for admin software npcId
- Adjustment reward for chain quests 7 signs
- Fix errors, of auction with accessories
- Fix correct HTML output when trying to change sub class
- Rework drop and spoil panels by pages for Admins
- Rework drop and spoil panels by pages for players too (not to crit-error with large amount of drop)
- Additional checks for vitamin pets on skills
- Can't summon Pets in combat like l2OFF
- Removed checks when spawned bosses by Gms
- Minor edits for quests html support
- Correction aggropoints for all debuff and heal skills
- Rework some configs for multi-function zone (at customer's request)
- Correct work Tiat instance
- Add miss skill - Tiat Transformation
- Fix work item - Dewdrop of Destruction
- Add param for all scripts (to track the error path)


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