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Revision 1350

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- Partition of mechanics of fly of skills kamael and other skills of this type
- Fix of use comman teletocl
- Processing of weddings system (realization in the form of an event with a ceremony)
- Full GeoEngine rework

- Transfer of a spawn in datapack:
  * Support of a spawn on zones and spawn on the set coordinates
  * Support banned zones
  * Correction of hellbound spawn under new mechanics
  * Correction of a spawn of some guards in forts (under geoengine)
  * Loading of a spawn in a database is left for an alternative
  * Support of a spawn of certain groups (spawn only by inquiries)
  * Change of a spawn in catacombs depending on a status of the press!
  * Spawn SOI in a normal look but not from the script

- Transfer of all npcs in datapack:
  * Reading of stats, drops, spoil, attributes, sociality
  * Indication of parameters for npcs (block of animation, walking, display of a name and other)
  * Support of a transform of mob is dying or the attacks (not to use scripts)
  * Chance of upgrades of SA at certain mob
  * Reading raid points from raid bosses
  * Viewing drop and a spoil for players (new)

- Rework of mechanics of AI for mob and other:
  * New calculation of chance of skills at mobs
  * Corrected problem with aggr social mob
  * Rework of AI for guards (now skills and calculation of a distance correctly work)
  * Support for l2p AI (only for mob)

- Processing of all scripts (AI under new mechanics)
- Restructuring of core
- Rework Freya instance zones
- Check and correction of quests and npcs connected with freya
- Fix to Shadow Step for Freya (that did not force down cast of skills)
- Realization of ignoring of skills of Freya when using core
- Work of debuffs of a frintezza is modified
- Fix of a spawn of mobs at increase or lowerings of the hellbound level (there was a glitch at lowering of the level and back, after removal of a mobs did not spawns)
- Correct work running npcs in AnomicFoundry
- Realization mini game in the monastery of silence
- Beginning of global processing of phantoms (is not ready)
- Fix of correct calculation of time heal skills (there were jumps in icons over time)
- Antaras script updating (did not see players under a shadow and other small bugs)
- Updating of Baium script
- Simplified system of calculation of pacifiers for summons without instruction in datapack
- Rework of delivery of a premium via the admin panel
- Fix of sociality of guards in fortress of dead
- Rewok skills Kabokula, Tapirawa, Shabonoba
- Fix errors there are no inquiries in a database to tables of which any more
- Fix of zeroing of scriptvalue at mobs at the respawn (it is necessary for work of some AI)
- Check and rework of events (spawn in datapack for convenience)
- Localization of the event pumpkins
- Dialogue localization to event chest of shadows
- Auto start for all event
- Fix of removal of flight transformation in air (current in certain zones!)
- Fix of the attack of the flying mob
- Realization of reuse of items of use for shotcut (the panel of skills)
- Realization of an event - Aerial Cleft (according to collected information from the Internet)

Added new voice commands:
- Exchange ancient adena .аа
- Status of progress of 7 bosses in Dragon Valley .7rb
- Viewing of stats .stats
- .dressme (save of visualization on an item even after a relog)
- .sellbuffs

New in community board:
- Service of increase level of clan
- Service of buy clan skills
- Service of increase in level
- Service of buy of recommendations
- Service of buy of clan reputation
- Service of buy of fame points
- Service of account unblock
- New service of the argumentation
- Possibility of add of enchanting skills in buffer
- Service of exchange of weapon
- Service of transfer of cloacks
- Donate Shop
- New service of enchanting and attributess
- Exchange of weapon on foundation weapons and armors
- Service of buy of enchanting Olf's T-shirt
- Service of addition and change of subclass (+certification)
- Auction with support of display of private store traders and offline traders

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