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Revision 84

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First chronology will be compressed, since most of the work was carried out in packages

* Server:
- All main server and client packages have been updated
- Multiprotocol support is implemented simultaneously for 273 and 140
- Added glow of armor sets when enchanted
- Synchronized skills enchanting
- Updated the design of game buttons in dialogs
- Adaptation of all services and community for Salvation
- Added party-marker (server+client interface)
- Added effects support KnockBack & PullBack
- Partial adaptation of auto-fishing system
- Full synchronization with 2239 HF5 rev.

* Client:
- Erthrea race selection is cut out
- Synthesis buttons and brooches in inventory are cut out
- Expanded amount of slots for enchanting skills from 6 to 9
- Correct display of icons when selecting routes when enchanting
- Added party-marker button
- Correct display of destruction bosses by version HF5
- Models of some teleporters in towns have been changed


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