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Revision 2223

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- Song of Silence fixed for block phys skills
- Added config for block community at pvp zones (by request)
- Fixed from with exit from chamber of delusion
- Fixed wrogn ticks count calc with resists if resist more 100
- Fixed null errors by TW
- Remove wrong spawn Lucky Pigs
- Fixed correct work for skill Bleeding Gash (ID 6777)
- Block use acp when cast signet skills
- Full rework punishment support (remove old punishment handlers)
- Fixed problem with Harvesting (was pproblem with inventory update)
- Fixed problem with mobs auto-attack stance
- Add configs for limit players at siege (by order)
- Correct loading configs fot hwids siege
- Fixed problem with update char info after remove augmentation (by report)
- Fixed update visual info when equip talismans
- Fixed effect time in some skills by report
- Full rework abnormal effects support & group
- Added delay for some packets
- Added miss support tor "DEATH" traits
- Fixed excludedSkills for Korean Style
- Added custom param for online rewards
- Fixed block print TW msg info if player play at event
- Fixed correct work macro with items if use nextAction
- Work custom shortcuts at 11 and 12 pages (by report for custom interface)
- Correct enchant jewels at donate shop by report
- Added 3 class visual at npcs for config AltGameSkillLearn
- Fixed problem with teleport when oly battle end
- Add config for check debuff time with resists
- Add rewards support for online rewards for all items id ( < 0 unclude)
- Some changes in gm nemu
- Fixed problem with debuff time < 0
- if item noRate -> his dropGroup will noRate too
- Added config for buy  max skill level at clan service
- Added config static price for levelup service
- Added config for no-rate groups (by order)
- Quest 606 & 612 transfer to static sytem
- Pre announce raids support (by order)
- Added configs for clan members limit
- Added config for clan levelup service
- Added config for oly pause battles at sieges
- Auto clean servification variables if subclass remove by community service
- Added vote npc support (can create new npc with type -> VoteManager)
- Added pts geo loader support
- Effect TargetCancel now full work like L2Off
- Block running by keyboard if char have fear
- Next target action correct work at oly
- Fixed freeze delay when kill raids
- Block update hatelist if mob invul
- Added check for fakes name use (when char create)
- Added resurrect function for autofarm
- Increased skills amount for autofarm
- Correct check for double sessions (by report)
- Added miss item for self player res & rework support for any items (group with xml support)
- Transfer correction vote delay to xml
- Check stats for skills and items by report
- New options for autofarm (decription at our forum)


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