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About Eternity Team

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Eternity team is engaged in development of Lineage II High Five emulator on java platform.

Development of the emulator began in 2010 and continued till 2015 year. After that there was a pause and in 2018 development was resumed. The l2jserver code is the cornerstone of the emulator clean initial. But at present it is impossible to tell that the emulator l2j. The set of mechanisms was rewritten and now the emulator has with anything not a similar core.

Since September, 2018 we continue development of our source code of 2015 year. ( 977 revision ) The chronology of works on this revision did not remain.

We continue to improve work of our emulator. At present the main emphasis goes for completion of a package part of the emulator. But also we do not forget about game mechanisms and modifications :)

You can find the list of all last changes in the section updates

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