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Revision 2201

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- Add new online rewards mod
- Add new params for drop items from one group (add spoil and raids)
- Add params for drop items from one group for premium templates
- Fixed bug with drop rewards from treasure chects (if low player apply damage)
- Add params for dressme (for block enchant and augment effect -> need for hero weapons for safe hero effects)
- Clenup code for charcter effectlist
- Add new param for custom char (for check request item) + localization support
- Check null for olympiad zones
- Fixed double bypasses for some quests
- Sellbuff title restore after server restart
- Add remove premium support for gm
- Skills level changed for more correct
- Add itemConsumeCount for items support
- Last Lesser Giant Olkuth have no minions
- Null error for close connections
- Disable restore traders for gm kick cmd
- Add miss Latana skills
- Miss power for Wrath skill
- Correc info for 113 quest lvl diff
- Reco bonus system settings in configs (by order)
- cal char online time (in real time)
- Fixed problem hide name for chars with cursed weapons
- Traders not check by disconnect settings & configs
- SagaOfTheDominator change coords for spawn quest npcs (was wrong)
- Add Konoriks mass debuff
- Academy service fixed double mails
- Premium parse amounts change to long format
- Premium pets add check to valid casts
- Added miss check for zones (can be null)
- Fixed noble info at char shift_click (by report)
- _10295_SevenSignsSolinasTomb correct re-enter in instance with check all statuses (by report)
- Rework pets heal skills support (transfer percents to xml)
- Check sync pet level if player change subclass
- onDeath support rework
- New corrects config for rates
- Correct calculation of winner by damage at oly
- Fixed cast task if player cancel target
- Fixed Hide remove by AOE skills
- Fixed autofarm stick if mob remove at attack
- Pets task error by report
- quest Id 7 & 8 fixed for correct work
- Correct Sailren work
- Add reload support for epics (like GM reload scripts) was problem with dublicate bosses
- Problem with geodata junction (by report)
- Gate Chant cant use in combat status
- Target Cancel effect try break cast (dont abort cast!)
- Rework & group classmaster for community and general to xml format
- Add pcPoints, fame and reputation for promocode support
- Add enchant, augment, elementals & durability for initialEquipment support
- Fixed problem with banned race at regions restart points support
- Added miss RelationChanged for summons at sieges
- Acp blocking if char is in heal block or stun
- Reflect damage at last hit before target dead not active 
- Fixed Silpeed's Wing & Silpeed's Blessing print reuse time
- Some changes for rnd calc drop items
- Add miss skills for summon premium pets (Super the Cats)
- Fixed ZombieGatekeeper AI null error (by report)
- at BeastFarm can be tamed max 7 animals (like L2OFF)
- Turek orcs AI rework
- Added modifiers for noble stones (by order)
- Added config for save enchant skills if char delevel (by order)
- Correct Bleed enchant type with restore hp 
- Change logining format
- Rework to xml and add miss for skills support character expPercentlost system
- Rework double session system
- Transfer pvp reward to xml
- Add level limit support for pvp reward (at fun zones)
- Add miss support for block potions at fight events
- Fixed problem with respawn at FunPvp zones(now it teleports to nearest town)
- Add party reward support for pvp
- Fixed problem with pawn beleth clones after beleth death
- Added debug for multisell check price
- Drop protection from raids 5 min
- add Active Anti-Cheat support for server
- Correct spoil chances for Parasitic Leech
- Fixed reflection reduce for premium players
- Regroup Confirm Dialog support
- Add Confirm Dialog for offline system
- Fixed block max enchanting (was bug - took the item)
- SOA spawn random minions every respawn (like l2OFF)
- Correct drop for event MonsterAttack (and for other too -> by kill reward)
- Some rework certification support in community (add block skills support)
- Check to learn skills with overloaded inventory
- Add scheme voice support buff (.buff <shemeName>)
- Block maxAmountPerGroup configs for equip items for mobs (will standart max amount -> 1)
- Add miss save status for some world events
- Fixed problem with reset reuse skills at Korean Style event
- Changed drop amounts support (before update on life server, check your values locally)

- Rework to static system:
  * _112_WalkOfFate
  * _122_OminousNews
  * _174_SupplyCheck
  * _281_HeadForTheHills
  * _333_BlackLionHunt
  * _642_APowerfulPrimevalCreature
  * _643_RiseandFalloftheElrokiTribe
  * _663_SeductiveWhispers


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