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Revision 1659

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- Restore check support for oly restriction
- Some core restructuring
- Sync all monsters and raid bosses stats to HF5 (like l2OFF)
- Change navigation for dressme
- Add custom config for catacombs and necropolis (to enter)
- Rework anti bot system (now with questions)
- Fixed valakas and other granbosses calc AI
- Fix antharas minions
- Rework auto potions system
- Fix for correct spawn tiat
- Fixed vote reward for L2TopZone and L2Network
- Check to null AreaCorpseMob
- Fix warsmith skill summon Golem Trader
- Correct bypass for pailaka
- Check to null error for passive effects
- Fixed for correct quest info _463_IMustBeaGenius
- Add Certification service for community
- Add new custom global chat (with limit number of messages)
- Сomplete multi auction system (can create auctions for certain items sale)
- New param for teleports
- Baium fixed (when wake up player was leaving the zone)
- Remove old rGuard support 
- Add Strix Guard support
- Fix community SA functions
- Miss dialogues for items
- Fix for working quest _464_Oath
- Restore work trap skills (miss when transferring to xml)
- Fix correct work Blink (thx Kate)


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