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Revision 2114

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- rec bonus time enabled even if the bonus is 0 (like l2off)
- login thread must not stop (problems with ddos)
- packets substitution problem with item-mall
- check correct info for NevitSystem for new players!
- upgrade nevit points when you lower your vitality level
- correct reuse agathion buff skills
- added individual template for char names (at cb rename service)
- fixed pvp status with pole attack (if flagged player was hit)
- added range check for some quests with cc or party reward
- check skills range (for skills with Signet effects)
- added miss params for chance cc leader (if deader was disconnect)
- fixed correct transfer att form item to item (at rare service)
- add support for premium acc from items:
    <set name="handler" val="Premium" />
    <set name="premiumId" val="1" /> <!-- premiumId from xml -->
- some changes for premium gift (by report)
- typo changes by order (hide info)
- add IllegalPlayerAction for wrong actions (at transforms)
- add configs for fake enchanters
- complete reworking of drop formula calculation!!!
- add support for skillId 2914 Equipment Set Pack
- skills Checking System rework for correct work (only class skills are checked)
- world events transfer to cron format date calc
- fixed print item name info at promo codes
- added lvl check for use promo codes
- add Illegal Action for use wrong pet skills
- add open url support for Smart Guard
- fixed calc drop amount chance if item have 100% chance at x1 rates
- added configs for Infinite Beast Shot
- oly battles in cron format by order
- fixed minions dissapier by report if leader die
- check 20_10 square & miss spawn
- getRandomDamageMultiplier only for hits (not for skills)
- servitor share remove if player trasformed
- rework 113 quest by report
- update tradelist for stackable items (by report)
- players remove fakedeath only by offensive skills
- reflect damage cant add if player is invul
- reconfiguration of bypass switching on/off in community
- remove reg for player at fight event (if event failed to start)
- added //admin_teleport support
- if player have premium status -> summon will have premium status too (need for calc buffs time or drop calc)
- fixed updates items in manufacture shop
- more correct check distance for pole attacks
- add drop reload support
- rework show drop & spoil info for gm (can use without target)
- _230_TestOfSummoner rework & update by report
- add forbiddenList for custom drop support
- add ultimate defence for mobs support (like l2off)
- 902 quest fixed by report
- correct collision for some raids
- fixed buff at Fantasy Isle (Fantasy Isle Magic)
- add new param for skill ignoreInvincible (can allow skills if char is invul state)
   * <set name="ignoreInvincible" val="true" />
- fixed chain heal (add caster to list)
- fixed kamael change class and grand masters (by report)
- add miss spawn 
- rework minions spawn for  SOA (add rnd spawn in xml)
- fixed null errors by reports


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